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The JV Trust

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The JV Trust Empty The JV Trust

Post by Admin Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:25 am

Given the JV Trust is also featured in the Psychic News closure by the SNU I have copied this post about the trust which Zerdini put on the story realted to the re- release of the extended book about Alec Harris http://spiritualismlink.forumotion.com/physical-mediumship-f5/new-book-on-alec-harris-t593.htm?highlight=jv+trust

The JV Trust
by zerdini on Thu 1 Oct 2009 - 23:56

The JV Trust was created by Roy and Christine Wandless whom I knew very well and had many conversations with them at Stansted Hall when they regularly attended weeks run by Gordon Higginson. They were one of the few couples I met who had known Arthur Findlay.

They often discussed their intention to set up a trust named after two of their children who had preceded them to the Spirit World. In fact all their children suffered from the same condition which took them all to the Spirit World before their parents.

The JV Trust was endowed with at least £8,000,000 (eight million pounds) and is managed by four trustees and a solicitor.

The income from investments and bank accounts is used to finance significant activities including the annual JV Trust Weeks' held at the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted Hall, Stansted Mountfitchett, Essex, the centre of the Spiritualist National Union.

These events include a number of healing sessions in the programme and lectures directed to widen the knowledge and the influence of Spiritualists.

It is known that financial assistance is available to persons of limited means.

In addition, contributions are made to the Bursary Fund of the Ministers Administration Committee, to assist the training and advancement of potential Ministers and Officiants. Training programmes are wide-ranging and include `Basic Media Training'.

At its regular quarterly meetings and at ad hoc meetings in-between, the trustees consider a large number of wide-ranging requests from churches within the Spiritualists National Union and this has been especially important over recent years to assist churches with their compliance with the new disability legislation in relation to access to buildings and facilities therein.

Applications for financial assistance from individuals are also considered on a regular basis.

The trustees and the trust solicitor are always available by letter and /or telephone to give information and advice.

Churches are informed that in order for any request for financial help to be considered, they must supply accounts for the last three years audited or signed off, together with competitive estimates for the works proposed.

The trustees' consideration of all requests is carried out on a stringent basis and if appropriate, requests are refused, particularly if it is clear that other resources are available.

The trustees feel that regard must properly be given at all times to the most urgent requests.

The cost of the 'JV Weeks' is met by the trust but, in addition, 'Reunion Weeks' are also organised for people who have previously attended and wish to do so again.

These are self-funding, but the J V Trust sponsors the cost of the tutors.

The trustees see their role as `Encouragers' and work with the President and other Officers of the Spiritualists National Union.

The trustees in the year ended 5 April 2006 gave financial assistance to churches and individuals totalling £28,162. In addition £305,354 was donated to the Arthur Findlay College itself, primarily for the maintenance and refurbishment of the fabric of the Hall, it being the place very close to the hearts of the late Mr & Mrs Wandless, who were regular visitors and participants in activities there.

Particular projects at the Hall to date financed by the trust have been a new roof a substantial donation to a new main drive, replacement of the many windows, construction of the new boundary wall and the establishment and ongoing support of a market garden project on the site, including the payment of the wages of the workers employed there.

Substantial grants have been given, over the years, to the Arthur Findlay College for maintaining the fabric of the building

The latest published accounts show that the total income for 2007 and 2008 totalled £644,264.00 and expenditure in the same period totalled £252,696.00.


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