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Why is it difficult to trust people?

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Why is it difficult to trust people? Empty Why is it difficult to trust people?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:43 am

Why do we find it so difficult to trust someone? Why do we doubt? When we look at somebody, we are not able to trust them immediately. Have you ever wondered why?

It is because we look at a person as a body-mind, and we feel that this body-mind will not be true, may not behave with honesty and integrity. We have no confidence that they will conform to what is right. We think: What if they deceive us? What if they do things the wrong way? What if they are not trustworthy? We must stop for a moment and change our paradigm. Don’t look at that person as a body-mind. Think of that person as the Divine Soul, the Energy, the same Soul that is in you. Think of that person as an extension of the Power that gives you life – if you think in such a way, will you doubt; will you mistrust? Chances are no. The moment we think of people as a soul, we will automatically start to trust them, love them, make them a part of our belief system, and with this understanding, life will change.

Wouldn’t it be so beautiful if we trusted everybody, if we believed in everybody?  However, the question that will follow this would be ‘Oh! What if I believed in everybody and trusted everybody and then I was cheated?’ How could you be cheated? You are not the body-mind. You yourself are the Soul. Everything that is happening here is nothing but a cosmic drama, a drama that is unfolding as per the Divine will of the Creator. But do we see it that way? Till we don’t see it that way, we will live with doubt and mistrust, and we will miss the true bliss of life.



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Why is it difficult to trust people? Empty Re: Why is it difficult to trust people?

Post by Left Behind Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:07 am

It would be wonderful to be able to trust people. Unfortunately, there are more than a few unsavory and dishonest characters in this world, so we are forced to be cautious.

Left Behind

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