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out of body experiences

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out of body experiences Empty out of body experiences

Post by jacki333 Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:19 pm

hi my names jacki & i was hoping someone could set me straight on a few things. i've had what seemed 2 be out of body experiences. the 1st couple of times this happend on its own accord. then a while later i was awakend to the spiritual side of things and started buying all the spiritualist magazines & books & read an article on it & thats when i realised what had actually been happening 2 me as i hadnt a clue before. this of course made me fall even more in love with this whole new world that was opening up 2 me. anyway i read that u could learn 2 do this on command & go anywhere u wanted, like go visit the great pyramids in egypt, or u & a friend could arrange 2 do it at the same time & meet up, or even be a little naughty & sneak in ur friends homes & spy on them, though i dont think this would create a good karma for urself. however though ive managed 2 do it on command ive never managed 2 control wich direction im going in, plus i cant see a thing, its like floating through a really thick atmosphere & its blacker than black & all i can see are lots of little different coloured light, red, blue, green & yellow. is this normal? or am i doing something wrong? or is this some kind of spiritual place u can go when you have an obe? & if so then where & what is it? why do i go here as soon as i leave my body? how can i control it & for instance just float up through the ceiling & up stairs & check on my kids sleeping? or is this not a normal obe & somethings wrong with me. if anyone can answer any of my questions then please do reply. xxxx love & light jacki xxxx out of body experiences 911164


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out of body experiences Empty Re: out of body experiences

Post by Wes Tue Oct 19, 2010 9:31 pm

Hi Jacki, being safe and grounded is very important when doing the things you talk about, and also to ask yourself if the things you want to do (like spying on other people) are in the best interests of your spiritual development.

Also be aware that there can be a very fine line between what is real and what is imagined, and that to go into any activity with definite expectations about what will happen can result in the imagination trying to fulfill those wishes.

So being solidly grounded and working with someone trustworthy who has experience with such things, can help to filter out what is real and what isn't, while keeping you protected and safe.


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out of body experiences Empty Re: out of body experiences

Post by mac Tue Oct 19, 2010 10:49 pm

Sadly for jacki, her questions are more about make-believe than obe's.

I'd also hesitate in considering that it's a natural part of Spiritualism although it might be said it can be considered part of some development group's brief for improving psychic awareness.


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out of body experiences Empty Re: out of body experiences

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