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We are not this Body

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We are not this Body Empty We are not this Body

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Fri Sep 18, 2015 8:26 am

Of course, it seems to us that we are this body, but the reality is that this body is just a vehicle of ours. We are not the body; we are the divine spirit, the soul, the atman and the body is a vehicle that is meant to be used to achieve the purpose of this human life. Unfortunately, instead of using this body as a vehicle to arrive at the meaning of life, we think we are the body and start living as the body, the mind, the intellect, the ego. The ego takes over the command of the soul which we truly are. The ego starts commanding the soul, making the soul irrelevant, though in reality, the soul is everything. The soul is part of God, part of the over soul and instead of being the real identity of the soul, we unfortunately, become the false identity - the myth of the ego, the mind, the body, the intellect. Because we are confused and we believe that we are the body, we don’t live and achieve the main purpose of life, which is to realize God. We live thinking that the goal of life is to be happy because the body wants happiness, the body wants joy, it wants sense pleasures and we are so busy trying to pursue these pleasures that we forget who we truly are. We forget our true identity; we forget we are not the body. It’s time for us to stop and think: are we this body? Isn’t this body just made of five elements? Do we not occupy this body when we are born and then we die, leaving the body behind? If not, what happens at death? The only logical conclusion when the body is burnt or buried is that it was just the composition of the five natural elements. It was not us. We entered the body and we left the body. But we are not the body; we are the divine spirit.



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We are not this Body Empty Re: We are not this Body

Post by Admin Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:39 am

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