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The etheric body

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The etheric body Empty The etheric body

Post by Dronfieldman Sun Oct 09, 2022 6:21 pm

Various people within Spiritualism suggest that the etheric body is always perfect and so, when we pass on, we are free of any physical infirmities. However, we are told that when George Chapman carried out psychic surgery, he lifted the patient's body out of his physical body, operated on it to fix it and then pushed it back down into the physical body, the idea being that the correction to the etheric body would be replicated in the physical body. The latter scenario implies that the etheric body does have infirmities. So which is correct? If the former idea is correct, does it not invalidate Chapman's psychic surgery?


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The etheric body Empty Re: The etheric body

Post by Admin Sun Oct 16, 2022 1:00 am

To be completely honest Dronfield Man, having worked as a Spiritualist Healer (and a medium) for many years, I have never really looked at the Etheric Body. I have found that we have many opinions written about it but I have none. I really believe people in Spirit are beings of energy or light ( I have a healing guide that chooses when to work with me and can only be seen in that way and I really have no onfluence upon how they work just that the energy is difficult to handle). From doing private readings the closest approximation to what I can see of life after death is the picture of the Houses of healing that was one of the series of Spirit Paintings drawn by  Ethel Le Rossignol [url=A Goodly Company]A Goodly Company[/url] (Rossignol did 42 drawings just after returning from working as a nurse in WW1 and then stopped, to my mind they are teh most impressive works of inspired art)

My view is that the etheric body just as the etheric latyer of the aura, a grey band that surrounds us ( if you believe inthe aura, my view is it is more a magnetic layer complementin a level of our electical/ atomic or cellular  structure; Spiritualism never originally included aura's and Cchakras they inherited from Hinduism via Theosophy) is really of no great issue, it is whatever that is our spirit (misleadingl called many things).

Whilst I am aware of the great standing Chapman is held in and the outcomes surrounding his successes it is most unusual for healing to have a permanent outcome on health problems beyond those which may have a psychosomatic cause. I have seen a cancer patient, written off by medicine, get 5 years decent life through healing and sdopting there own meditative practices and I have seen it work in combination with traditional medicine to assist in cures but not the cure of a fracture or removal of appendix albeit healing speads recovery.

Therefore, given that I do not have a particular commitment to the etheric body, as opposed to any other explanation and I am aware that we several man made versions I do not have a particlar view because I do not see it as the core spiritiual element of our being.


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