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Post by Admin Sat May 03, 2008 8:54 am

Enjoy this area to put up your thoughts and ideas on many topics.

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Post by zerdini Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:58 pm

Have a look at this:




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Post by hiorta Wed May 11, 2011 11:08 am

About a year or so ago I began to get images of also being in another sort of parallel life during sleep, but so far these have not returned, at least not in a detectable way. I haven't forgotten and should further developments occur...

What was incoming however were thoughts/ information on the differences between intellectal thinking and spontaneous receipts of the intuitive mind.

The Intellectual MInd is under our own control to a great extent, depending as it does, on the attributes present at birth and how they grow during learning and the educational years. The input never ceases but levels out as we reach physical capacity through aging.
The type of thoughts can be very inflexible, programmed perhaps, by those who would steer us into paths and for purposes approved by them.
Approved at the time, that is, by religious, political industrial etc. gurus whose purposes are often not in your best interests at all, but merely using you to serve or perpetuate some interest/s considered apprpriate by the mores of that time.
Attitudes to various ideas are installed wherever possible, making an automatic response from you very likely.

Education is for the individual to grow to their fullest potential, or conditioning to suit current society? An old debate.

The idea was to try to show that the basis for many of our values has been instilled and are not dependent on the quality of our thinking per se, but reflect the imposed values of others.
The intellectual Mind seems to be extremely limited as to any ability to colour or enhance the spiritual qualities of thinking, but remains operational along its own inculcated, repetitive paths.

The intuitive Mind on the other hand, is free to 'go where it will' observing, gleaning whatever it finds of interest while depositing fewer of its treasures in the memory than its intellectual partner.
The Intuitive Mind is enhanced or restricted by the individual's spiritual standing, it seems, which automatically regulates the quality and scope of expression in a way entirely consistent with the level of soul growth of its host.
This would appear to be a limiting factor and possibly might point to the complete lack of attention given to this aspect of being by formal education. The intuitive mind is not biddable or willing to be marshalled by those who instruct, rather does it weigh and reject their attempted input as though protecting its 'owner' from matters that are irrelevant or mistimed in the optimum sequence of and for the individual's benefit.

'One size does not fit all' as would be expected in a truly infinite universe.

Is there conflict between the way both 'Minds' serve and what is the effect on both of the Meditative Mind?

A week later: 'Mind is the conduit between the Worlds'

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Post by Quiet Wed May 02, 2012 10:10 pm

I've just seen this post which spans some very complex issues.

Is Mind the conduit between the two worlds? I've heard good people say that that part of us which is Spirit is actually our mind. Have wondered about this. If this is so then I can see how mind could be seen as the conduit between both worlds.

There seem to parallels between your concept of Intellectual Mind/Intuitive Mind and Left Brain/Right Brain functionality.

Both functions seem to be necessary for human wellbeing in this life but each of us would have different levels of development and skill in each area. I wonder how much the functions can actually be separated as well. Is a fully integrated person one who can easily blend both functions ?

And what about Thought itself? I think of the old Rosicrucian maxim "Words are things and thoughts have wings"

I would think that both parts of our brain can produce Thought. Thought is energy which can project well beyond our immediate control, reach others, rebound on us and perhaps deeply influence our reality in this life.

And I am not sure what you mean by the 'meditative mind'. Is meditating simply an action undertaken by the Mind, in either or both domains?

Interesting Smile


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