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Problems with Psychic News Subscriptions

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Problems with Psychic News Subscriptions Empty Problems with Psychic News Subscriptions

Post by Lis Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:30 am

Is any one else (besides Jim and I) who purchased a 12 month internet subscription to Psychic News been told this week that their subscription has lapsed as if it was only a half year subscription?

We got a notice and can no longer access the PN website despite clearly paying for 12 months.

I fear we are not the only ones to have been wrongly denied access to our internet subscription. If you have received notification that your current subscription whether the internet version or the paper version has lapsed do check it out if you believed you paid for a year. If you did, get in touch straight away to get them to correct the error.


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Problems with Psychic News Subscriptions Empty Re: Problems with Psychic News Subscriptions

Post by mac Sun Aug 12, 2012 6:31 am

It looks like there's an ongoing computer system problem, Lis. I have an annual subscription for the printed magazine but last week I emailed PN offices to ask about also getting an online one.

I was emailed later by the webmaster who said they were upgrading their system and that he'd finish my subscription details when everything was completed. I'm still waiting and from what you've said it appears things haven't gone smoothly.


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