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Psychic News Is it Possible?

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Psychic  News Is it Possible? Empty Psychic News Is it Possible?

Post by Admin Sun Jul 18, 2010 11:57 am

If Psychic News (or the owner Psychic Press) is in liquidation. Is it possible that it is an action to sever Psychic Press from the SNU without anyone arguing. Psychic Press would have no value with its losses as would Psychic News. In liquidation a new owner would gain possesion not owing anything. Had the SNU told people, its members, the outrage would have precluded such a change of ownership. Could it happen?

However, the fall out from liquidation, damage to the loyal PN staff etc.etc makes this a bloody inhumane action which should be censored by the SNU members even if like the phoenix PN suddenly arises again from the ashes.

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