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Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway

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Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway Empty Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway

Post by zerdini Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:40 pm

As reported by Marion Dampier-Jeans:

March the 24th and 25th.
Organized by Monica Haugen, Line Osen and Marion Dampier-Jeans.

First a lecture in mediumship, and the history of the former mediums in the Nordic countries, and the research in to the way they worked, were given.

At both demonstrations 30 people were present, including the two physical Norwegian circles “Morgendemningen” and “Solveig Circle”.

Because the demonstration took place in total darkness I have to relay on the observations of the sitters and what they felt.

The guide Yellow Feather was the main speaker of Warren’s spiritual team.

Tom manipulated the ectoplasm and Luther was helping out in general.

At previous demonstrations with Warren in Denmark, Luther has been very loud and happy to frighten the sitters and his language has not always been spotless, but this time he was more modest and a lot calmer, and he stayed closer to the cabinet than we have seen earlier.

Yellow Feather took charge of most of the demonstration. His language was also a lot calmer and he hardly uttered one swear word.

Both of the guides and Tom were a lot calmer than previously and never far from the cabinet.
I have been involved in demonstrating physical mediumship for nearly 36 years and for me it was very interesting to see the shift in the approach of the guides.

The illuminated board also stayed very close to the cabinet showing first small fingers from a child and then a grown up hand. Unfortunately the sitters in the back of the circle couldn’t see this.

During one of Warren’s demonstrations in Denmark last month Louis Armstrong came through and he then said to me that if I could get hold of a trumpet for this demonstration he would materialize and play it for me. Louis Armstrong did not appear, but Yellow Feather played the trumpet to the best of his abilities.

At the same demonstration Winston Churchill promised me a signed Ration book from the 2nd World war. Mr. Churchill appeared and told me he had left the book in the circle but it couldn’t be found when the lights came back on… (maybe it will appear in another place one day?).

Monica Haugen and her chair was moved by Luther into the middle of the room and then the chair was tipped backwards and forwards as if it was a rocking chair. Monica almost fell off the chair. She found the experiment very interesting as the first push came from behind while she was sitting with her back to the wall.

The spirit of a lady named Helen also appeared in a mild and calm voice. During the lecture earlier on a woman had asked why it was mostly men acting as guides and speaking out during séances. Helen had listened in at that time and she now told us that this was not true. She also told us that it was very important to get the demonstrations in to the light and that she would help out…
Helen went over to Monica, who sad next to the cabinet, and stroked her head and hands. Monica said that her hands felt small and her touch was very gentle and full of love and compassion.

Luther asked if we would like to see a dematerialization of the medium.

He then brought the chair out of the cabinet and placed it in front of Kjersti Rendum and Roar Kristiansen. They were then asked to feel if the medium was sitting in the chair – they both acknowledged that he was sitting in the chair with the cable ties around his arms and rope around his feet.

Then the chair made a noise and shook and Kjerstri and Roar had to check if the medium was there. The answer was NO. The cable ties were still on the chair but the rope had gone. Then the chair shook again and the medium was back in the chair with cable ties around his arms - but the rope had disappeared.

During the demonstration few of the sitters were touched, felt cold winds and different smells.

When Helen came in to the room the sitters sitting close to the cabinet smelled a sweet perfume.

The séance lasted for about 3 hours.

/Marion Dampier-Jeans


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Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway Empty Re: Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway

Post by zerdini Sun Apr 01, 2012 6:41 pm

Marion's report certainly stirred up a hornet's nest on PM4U!

60 comments so far and still rising.

Apparently Warren has taken exception to some of the comments and stormed off the site in a huff.


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Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway Empty Re: Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway

Post by KatyKing Sun Apr 01, 2012 9:09 pm

Warren Caylor fraud
returned 27,300 hits.

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Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway Empty Re: Warren Caylor in Trondheim, Norway

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