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Synchronicity Spirit OF PN and News of the SNU same day

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Synchronicity Spirit OF PN and News of the SNU same day - Page 2 Empty Re: Synchronicity Spirit OF PN and News of the SNU same day

Post by jock Thu Nov 18, 2010 12:01 pm

Recently a number of the Students and Tutor G Hewitt attended Norwich Church for their Open Day and were able to demonstrate via one to one sittings work work via the platform and the Church wish’s to say thank you and has invited students back to attend our next open day event, well done.

October 14th
Tutor Mrs E Brame CSNU

October 21st
Healing Mediumship
Tutor Mrs E Brame CSNU

October 28th
G Hewitt

November 4th
G Hewitt

November 11th
G Hewitt

November 18th
Tutor Mrs E Brame CSNU

November 25th
Mental Mediumship
G Hewitt

December 2nd
Tutors G Hewitt & S Hewitt

December 9th
Demostration by ALL Resident Tutors
Also by some of the Students from all groups

Are you prepared to attend regularly to achieve your objectives

Our main Tutors are Mr Graham Hewitt LLB, Mrs Elaine Brame, along with Invited Tutors Mrs S Wilkinson Mrs S Hagger Mrs L Hale And Specialist guest tutors from the College.
The following 2010 course’s are being held at
Cambridge Spiritualist Church. (Myers Hall, 662 Newmarket Road, Cambridge CB5 8RS)

FOSH Cambridge Fellowship Circle Group

This is held on Monday evenings at 7-30pm Open to all.

Intermediate and Advanced sessions of Mediumship Training with our core tutor Mr Graham Hewitt LLB and guest tutors
We run through the year till mid december
The programme may be amended at any time subject to the tutors discretion.

FOSH Workshops at Cambridge 2010

16th OCTOBER (10am - 5pm).

With Mark Webb, Sally Barnes, and Graham Hewitt
This is a day of experimentation in order to deepen the trance states and experiment into Physical mediumship.
A full practical day and deepen your understanding of attempting Physical Mediumship (Limited to 30 places).

Demonstration of Trance by Mark in the evening (6pm).

Telephone 01 362 858256 or 01780 444341
for reservations

e-mail your details to be advised of forthcoming specials etc.

Application for Workshops Please use telephone numbers ONLY

Friends of Stansted Hall acknowledge the support from the

‘Winifred Gandine-Stanton Trust During 2009 ‘

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