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The implications of 'self-judgement'.

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The implications of 'self-judgement'. Empty The implications of 'self-judgement'.

Post by hiorta Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:20 am

I am reminded to put finger to keyboard on the initially strange idea that we are not judged by a god at death, as in religious teaching, but in fact we must judge ourselves. Indeed this is a 'work-in-progess' as the Natural Laws operate for us in accordance with our everyday thoughts and decisions.
At surface level though, this strange idea seems very welcome as it suggests that we can simply gloss over any painful situations that would arise, should another examine our life and compare the actual with the possible.
So, we're off the hook, so to speak?

Well, not exactly.

As we progress through our physical span, gathering a huge variety of experiences on the way, it is inevitable - indeed it would seem to be Life's purpose - to find ourselves in constant judgement of others as they interact with us. We have our likes and dislikes for this or that reason, even no reason at all. We are constantly being groomed to hold views that we might not fully share - religious, political, judicial, racial and so on.
We can usually evaluate such with a little experience and put them in some order of personal importance.
It is those dark orchestrated assessments of others that are likely to ultimately cause us the most grief.

Constant dwelling on the imaginary shortcomings of others, in whatever field of humanity, must diminish our own overall clarity of vision and actually determine our 'thinking default position' which must be used by us in our eventual self-judgement of ourselves. If we harbour hatred, then we must 'see' and assess ourselves through the prism of our hatred. The option of choice and the ability to 'change our mind' ceases once we leave here.
We are all that we have created and must now try to proceed in light of this.
Is this the wisdom behind the Spiritual admonition to 'judge not......'?

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The implications of 'self-judgement'. Empty Re: The implications of 'self-judgement'.

Post by Admin Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:13 am

Wonderful thoughts Hiorta thank you

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The implications of 'self-judgement'. Empty Re: The implications of 'self-judgement'.

Post by zerdini Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:44 pm

Excellent thoughts for discussion, hiorta.

As I understand it, we automatically judge ourselves as we go through earthly life so that when we arrive in the Spirit World we see the effect of our life on ourself and others.

I do not believe in eventual self-judgement rather I accept that the Law is in operation throughtout our earthly life.

I agree there is no-one sitting in judgemnt on us for we are seen as we really are.

To me this is perfect justice and is what I would expect from Divine Law.


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The implications of 'self-judgement'. Empty Re: The implications of 'self-judgement'.

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