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The Blue Room

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The Blue Room Empty The Blue Room

Post by alanc Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:17 am

I've just finished rereading The Blue Room (courtesy of Zerdini, see the Leslie Flint post), a book which I first came across in the Invercargill library(NZ) way back in the sixties, but which itself had been written much earlier by Clive Chapman, a resident of Dunedin who through the mediumship of his niece Pearl Judd, witnessed some amazing direct voice phenomena.

Interestingly the book has rekindled an interest here in NZ which has inspired an art exhibition which has been touring the country. I quote from the Hastings(NZ) event finder:
"This exhibition presents work by 13 artists who were invited to respond to the idea of the ʻBlue Roomʼ and the psychic activity that took place there. Through their individual reflections, the artists also offer a wider view on perceptions of the paranormal in the contemporary world. Some of the artists have approached the topic as believers and some as sceptics."

The book appears to be genuine and if everything did in fact happen as is claimed it truly is remarkable. One has to remain sceptical of course especially as the writer and medium have now passed on. However, given the fact that they never made money out of their work or appeared to have any ulterior motive you are left wondering.

One thing which was interesting was the mention of "'great machines" which were apparently used by those doing rescue work to venture into darker spheres. I wonder if anyone has ever heard mention of this before?


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The Blue Room Empty Re: The Blue Room

Post by Admin Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:03 am

Thank you for that post Alan I had not realised you are a near neighbour (that is by down under standards).

A very interesting boook and story. There are a number of very interesting and quite rare tit bits published from our region. I notice that Spiritualism in NZ benefitted from its association with a number of leading poilticians ( I have been working around that history steadily researching it in some detail) and here in Australia the Victorian Spiritualist Union is the continualtion of yje oldest surviving Spiritalist Association in eth world.



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