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Reincarnation and Cosmic Mind

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Reincarnation and Cosmic Mind Empty Reincarnation and Cosmic Mind

Post by Admin Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:14 pm

I have seen several publishings of this article and wondered about Posting it. The writer is heavily involved with the Urantia Book a work I have little interest in, however I believe that the entire piece is worth a look and think about. The point about Spiritualists accepting reincarnation is essentially wrong, individuals within it may the formal movement does not.

Reincarnation and Cosmic Mind by Sheila Keene-Lund

Reincarnation is popularly defined as the rebirth of the soul in a new human body. This idea formed around the ancient theory of transmigration which postulates the cyclical rebirth of the soul in a physical vehicle whether human, animal, or inanimate. The concept of reincarnation is a basic tenet in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It is an essential part of the mystic teachings of Theosophy, the New Age movement, the Society for Krishna Consciousness (commonly known as Hare Krishna), the Unity School of Christianity, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Spiritualism. And many of the Eastern practices of yoga and mental techniques base their quest for higher consciousness on the reincarnation theory.

In the West, many people who accept reincarnation ground their belief on the phenomenon of past-life recall, the accessing of memories from alleged past lives. These experiences are usually evoked through hypnosis though also reported by children who spontaneously remember details of someone else's life.

Are these experiences persuasive evidence for reincarnation? Below are three plausible explanations for this mind phenomenon:

1. Because scientific study of DNA function has just begun, it is too soon to know whether DNA may carry and transmit ancestor experience. But stories of people who have received donated organs and report memories that are verified to be from the life of the organ donor point to a strong possibility of DNA memory transfer.

2. Conscious or unconscious transference can occur, especially during hypnotic regressions, where there can be suggestive give-and-take between mediator and subject.

3. Dormant memories could be stored via personal experience or media exposure of any sort.

The most convincing and comprehensive explanation of these types of memories, however, are found in The Urantia Book, a book of epochal significance that presents the concepts of the human mind's encircuitment in the cosmic mind, and the indwelling presence of a fragment of divinity.

While the scientific exploration of consciousness is in its early stages, humanity has long been aware of mind activities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, and remote viewing. These activities are not fully scientifically understood, but when we accept that the human mind is connected to the cosmic mind—a repository of infinite thought and experience—unusual memory phenomena and paranormal affinities between personalities are no longer mysterious. According to epochal revelation, '[t]he fact of the cosmic mind explains the kinship of various types of human and superhuman minds. Not only are kindred spirits attracted to each other, but kindred minds are also very fraternal and inclined toward cooperation the one with the other. Human minds are sometimes observed to be running in channels of astonishing similarity and inexplicable agreement.'

The human mind's superconscious contact with the cosmic mind also explains the dreams that sometimes carry us beyond real life experiences, those fleeting glimpses into higher realities that affirm mind transcendence over the merely material.

Given the relation between the human and cosmic mind, the memory phenomenon of past-life recall should be considered a mind experience, even an unexplainable phenomenon of supermind capture, rather than a confirmation of previous physical incarnation.

Such intriguing recollections may also have another cosmic explanation. Since humans are indwelt by a fragment of God, human recall may be boundless in the efforts of this indwelling spirit to spiritualize the mind.

Access to an unlimited "memory bank" of experiences has been historically misunderstood, though the concept of Akashic Records bears witness to cosmic mind—the 'living libraries' that are in fact angelic recorders and part of the celestial family.

The value of any spiritual experience lies in whether or not our souls are evolving through our expanded capacity to worship God and love one another. Regardless of the interpretation of the "recall" experience, there is value if it motivates the individual to develop a selfless and loving attitude. However, the ability to objectively utilize information for social progress depends on attaining a broad perspective and a balanced personality. How convenient it is to procrastinate and avoid taking responsibility for our decisions and actions! We seek answers to rationalize our shortcomings without a proportionate effort to improve. We venerate the indefinable realm of memory to explain our progress (or lack thereof) and excuse our irresponsible behavior; we empower mediums and hypnotists as intermediaries between ourselves and our divine potential. All this focus on regression hinders personal and collective progression.

As we engage in developing a well-balanced, God-knowing personality and attaining a cosmic perspective illuminated by epochal revelation, we discover a higher value in the life we are now living. As we grow in our knowledge of the workings of the human mind and better understand cosmic relations, reincarnation will be recognized as a philosophical argument which emerged as a result of fear and confusion about the afterlife.


Sheila Keene-Lund is a long-time student of The Urantia Book and author of Heaven Is Not the Last Stop, a book which promises to have a major impact on religious understanding and spiritual living in the 21st century. She holds workshops nationally and globally. To purchase her book or bring this lively and informative speaker to your community, visit http://www.heavenisnotthelaststop.com or email her at skl@sheilakeenelund.com.

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