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Mind - the creative regulator.

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Mind - the creative regulator. Empty Mind - the creative regulator.

Post by hiorta Sat May 26, 2012 6:30 am

It seems to be feasible to regard matter as energy in essence, and which chimes within a particular range of expression, according to Mind quality at the same level.
If so, then is there a 'beginning'?

From experiences of seeking 'beyond', it appears that all space is populated by intelligent Life, temporarily positioned by prior exertions and can 'advance' (or retract) when harmonised. (retraction may account for 'gifted', but demoted individuals)

In turn, this idea suggests that this may account for the larger 'missing' parts of the Universe as postulated by science. It is not 'missing' - merely undetectable by we who are still outside those higher vibrational ranges.

It further suggests that there are lower areas than our current one, brutal and bestial in nature, due to the more basic Mind expressed within their range.

So, what we regard as being a solid universe, is temporarily 'solid' to those in the same segments while being simultaneously fluid and seemingly ephemeral to others.

It is very interesting to be a part of a time of rapidly expanding Mind and to observe the tumultuous changes taking place that protracted war could not bring about - like the demise of religious thinking - yet these seeming immovable structures just vanish like winter snow in spring, as Mind quality increases.

Could not such be harnessed? Or taught?
Why not?

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Mind - the creative regulator. Empty Re: Mind - the creative regulator.

Post by skfarblum Sat May 26, 2012 8:51 am

Dear hiorta,
An interesting post.I feel I partly understand you.
Have you developed an over all metaphysical idea of how you
visualize creation?For example
are you monistic or dualistic in your thinking ?
I am just curious about how you are reaching your conclusions.

Please feel easy about any reply you care to give.
Personal philosophies are exactly that, and I don't want to put any
pressure on you what so ever.
In my eyes you don't owe me or anyone an explanation of your ideas .
I personally enjoy your posts immensely as they are.
And admire your courage to post these ideas on an open forum like this.


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Mind - the creative regulator. Empty Re: Mind - the creative regulator.

Post by Left Behind Sat May 26, 2012 4:40 pm

I likewise only partially understand what you're saying, Hiorta. But it is fascinating to speculate that a perhaps unlimited number of dimensions could be occupying the same "space": all of them just vibrating at different rates.

Physics is just starting to catch up with Spiritualism. Smile


Left Behind

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Mind - the creative regulator. Empty Re: Mind - the creative regulator.

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