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The Magician Ingmar Bergman

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The Magician Ingmar Bergman Empty The Magician Ingmar Bergman

Post by Admin Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:28 pm

I found an interesting write up about this film. A 1959 Ney York times review says of it

"The Magician (1958)
August 28, 1959
Screen: 'The Magician'; Ingmar Bergman Film Deals With Illusion
Published: August 28, 1959

DON'T knock the spell of illusion. That's what Sweden's Ingmar Bergman says in the latest of his highly esoteric and techically exquisite films, "The Magician" ("Ansiktet"). It opened at the Fifth Avenue Cinema yesterday.

More than in either of his pictures exhibited hereabouts recently ("The Seventh Seal" and "Wild Strawberries"), Mr. Bergman is offering in this a mystical contemplation that could well have wide popular appeal. For he is dealing with magic, spiritual manifestation, spells and "animal magnetism," which are more exciting when they're not fully understood.

And it's a safe bet that very few viewers are going to understand everything that Mr. Bergman here levitates and puts forth in his bewitchingly imagistic style. That drunken and dying actor who is found in a haunted woods by a vagrant troupe of medicine-show performers—what does he symbolize What is the esoteric meaning of his seeming to die and then come back to life? And who is that weird old woman who tags along with the troupe?"

Background to the film can be found here http://www.ingmarbergman.se/page.asp?guid=A86D37C9-3CD6-49E3-817B-CDE2580C79A1&LanCD=EN

Now anyone with a penchant for Black and White Films with subtitles can find part 1 here


It may be some form of antidote for bad seasonal TV

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