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Healing and Motive

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Healing and Motive Empty Healing and Motive

Post by prv8t123 Fri Nov 27, 2009 11:52 am

I would like to ask people of their experiences and successes with healing and gauge whether their mindset had any impact as to the success of the healing. What do you consider to be a successful healing session??


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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

Post by mac Sat Nov 28, 2009 12:55 pm

great questions - I'd like to learn too...


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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

Post by Zandorf Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:33 pm

"Peoples success with healing." That surely depends on how you judge success? What one person might consider success might be another's failure.

However, I do not consider myself any great healer, but do to some degree consider that I have had some "success" in the healing that I have given, and it isn't much I can assure you, only when called on.

As some of you might know from the SCR, I gave up healing for some time because I was feeling like the "Grim Reeper". People dying after the healing, not immediately of course, but not long after. And I suppose this is where you think about the success element.

I have given healing, where over a short time I have seen a cancerous swelling on a man's chest disipate. I have given healing to a man who suffered with MS, unable to speak coherently or even operate his electric wheelchair. Immediately after the healing he could speak as clearly as any other person, he could also operate his wheelchair quite normally. This would often last for upto a week. And there are others, but, soon after, or during the healing, (not literally), they passed to the spirit world.

I was quite upset about it, distraught even. Then I spoke to a medium friend of mine, and I feel that he put it into context for me, explaining that what I was infact doing was re-alining people, their souls, ready for their transition. I have to admit that they all passed peacfully. So was it a success or a failure. Myself, I now consider that is was a success, I believe that I helped those people to make a peaceful transition.

How much is to do with mindset? None of it, except your own doubts. I, like many others who take up spiritual healing are just the vessels of a great force that takes over and directs the healing of whatever the engery is that is used, and to where it is needed most.

I hope this is helpful

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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

Post by hiorta Sat Nov 28, 2009 3:46 pm

Every sincere Healing attempt is successful.
The outcome may not be that which was/ is desired, but this is an entirely different question.
Generally, there is a beneficial outcome for Healer and Recipient in some tangible way - even if it was felt to fall a bit short of what was possible.
As far as the Healer is concerned, the attunement, request and delivery will seem fairly routine after a while, although each occasion is 'alive' to available possibility.
Like all things, Healing is subject to Natural Law - as are Healer and recipient - which automatically bring their own energies.
This is a vast and complex area and I'd prefer to leave it at that.
As in all things, though, practice improves the outcome.

Wondered at this thread being in the 'Spoofs and Satires' Section. Coincidence?

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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

Post by Skye Sat Nov 28, 2009 5:16 pm

When someone goes for healing, the healing that is received doesn't come from the physical healer, unless it's magnetic healing. It's the people in the spirit world who do the actual sending of healing. The healer, willingly allowing spirit to channel the healing energy through them.

A healer puts them self to one side, whilst healing is carried out, so it seems mindset has nothing to do with the healing. Although when they begin to attune their vibrations to the spirit world it is preferable for them to be in a postive frame of mind.

As far as successful healing sessions go, according to what i've read in the Silver Birch books, he says, "Healing is a soul process, not a physical one. When the soul is ready the healing will take place."
I wonder, if this is why some people make a complete recovery whilst others are relieved of their physical symptoms for a short while only, needing to attend quite a number of healing sessions!

I consider all healing to be 'successful' as with each session the person in need of healing receives benefit of some kind.

When my husband started healing, some of the people who came to him, found themselves in emergency, either at the night or within a few days.
Needless to say he stopped for a time because he thought he was doing something wrong, or he was in league with the devil.


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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

Post by Lis Sat Nov 28, 2009 10:19 pm

I rather think that the original question posed here was a prelude to a rather different issue than what it might first appear to be.

Of course placing the question under the Spiritual Spoofs and Satires thread might give people an indication of where the original poster intended to take the matter.

The information shared and questions raised by other posters are of course genuine contributions to an interesting topic. Perhaps we could take the discussion to the correct thread.


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Healing and Motive Empty Re: Healing and Motive

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