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Red Cloud on Direct Voice

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by zerdini Thu Nov 12, 2009 12:20 pm

I think this was the article that Z removed may be wrong

By Maurice Barbanell

“I want to talk to my wife. I am William Reane . . .”

“Don’t you know me,Nellie darling? It is Mowbray . . .”

“I want to speak to my husband. I am Mary Sharpe . . .”

“I want to talk to my husband, Florence Eyles speaking . . .”

“Father, it is Jack Waddington speaking .. .”

“I am Arthur Wilcox . . .”

THESE were the opening statements made by the spirit voices when they spoke at a Red Cloud Direct Voice circle. The medium was Estelle Roberts.

The evidence that came through proved that life goes on, and, where suitable instruments can be found, the “dead” return to speak to those whom theyknew here.

The seance began with Jackie, who generally is the first to speak after Red Cloud has announced his presence. He was followed by a voice which said, “I want to talk to my wife. I amWilliam Reane.”

“Darling, is that really you speaking?” he was asked.

“Listen,” the spirit voice replied. Do you remember we said that, if I could get back, I should tell you about the daisy chains. You filled my hands with daisies in the coffin.”

“Yes, I did,” confirmed the sitter. “Oh! how wonderful.”

“Thank Dorothy for all she has done for me,” asked the voice. “I am happy that you published my poems.”

“I am so glad you know about them,” exclaimed his wife.

Then the spirit voice of the husband gave her another piece of evidence. “Tell me about Chloe,” he said.

“Do you mean our dog?” asked the sitter, in amazement.

“Yes, of course,” was the reply.

“I want you to know,” the voice went on, “that I am quite happy. You said if I could only give you the symbol of the daisy chain.”

“I put daisies in his hands in his coffin,” volunteered the sitter. “How wonderful he should remember.”

The next communication was full of evidence. There was present in the séance room a woman whose son had returned at an earlier seance to thank Lady Segravefor some help she had given his mother. When he spoke this time, he gave his mother scores of proofs of his survival.Every time she referred to his death, he pulled her up. She corrected herself by saying, “I beg your pardon. I mean since you left me.”

Just before he went, she said, “Goodbye”but he insisted that it was only to be “Au revoir.”

“Nellie,” called the next voice. “Don’t you know me, darling? It is Mowbray. I have May here with me - my sister.”

“I know,” was the answer. “Give her my love.”

“It is wonderful to hear your voice again, after all these years,” the spirit voice continued.

Then he gave more evidence. “Do you remember we were only together ten days, and then - death?”

“Yes,” was the answer. “On our honeymoon.”

The voice of the spirit husband comforted her, but she assured him that she was “happier than I have been for years and years.”

“Do you know who else is here with me?” her “dead” husband asked “Wait a minute while I go out and let him speak to you. Don’t be unhappy, he added. “You have been my bride all your life.” The sound of kisses was heard coming through the trumpet.

“It has been simply wonderful to see you, darling,” the sitter told him.

“God bless you, my darling bride,” was his answer.

Then, as often happens, Red Cloud volunteered further evidence. Addressing the wife, he said, “He tells me he died of typhoid fever.”

“Yes, quite right,” was the sitter’s reply.

The next voice announced itself as “Father, father William.” He was very excited, and dropped the trumpet for a few minutes. There seemed to be some confusion.

Soon he spoke again. “I want my daughter. Just a moment, and I will make myself known. My wife’s name is Louisa Teresa. My brother’s name is Henry. My sister is Amelia. My other sister is Connie, and the other one is Emily.”

“Now,” he asked, “have I made myself clear’?”

“Yes, wonderfully clear,” was the answer.

“It is many years since I spoke to you,” the spirit voice went on. “I have not come for long, but I wanted make it clear who I was.”

The next spirit voice announced himelf as “Bert,” and asked for his wife.

He toldher of the spirits who were with him, giving their names as Gladys, my dear little girl,” and added that “Charlie and Tim are here with me.”

He asked for his love to be given to someone named Evie, and promised to comee back and talk again some day.

“I want to speak to my husband,” said the next spirit communicator. “I amMary Sharpe. I am
trying to speak to you, dear, but it is not easy.”

"Come and try,” said her husband. ‘I am trying. . . . You know why I wanted to speak so badly today.”

“I would like to hear you say why,” sitter said.

“Because it is my daughter’s birthday,” the reply came, clearly and distinctly.

“Yes, that is good,” acknowledged sitter.

“That is very clever of you to hit on that, because no one knew about it here. . . . I wanted you to bring something like that, that no one knew only ourselves.”

“Yes,” the spirit wife replied, “I told you who I am.”

“Yes, but I am going to be very strict with you. You told me to insist upon proof.”

So she gave him some more proofs.

“You know, dear, I was only twenty-eight when I died,” she said. “I died with appendicitis and peritonitis.”

“That is quite right.”

“Have I got to prove any more’?” asked the spirit voice.

“No,” was the reply. “I think you have given splendid proof.” In spite of that, she told him, “I have been here about twenty years.”

“Your daughter is a young woman now,”her husband said. “I suppose you are as proud of her as I am.”

“As proud as I am of you,” was the spirit’s reply. “I love you always. I tried hard, as I did not want you to go awaydisappointed.”

“I should have been disappointed,” husband told her, “but I should have known that there was no fault on your side.”

Then there came a voice which said, “I want to speak to my husband. I am Florence Eyles speaking.”

“Do you recognize me, Flo’?” she was asked.

“Of course I do,” came the reply. “That is my husband. . . Tell me, how is Tornmy?” she asked. Then she enquired after Pat, Gladys, Maurice, and said, “Those are my children.”

She gave her husband some advice about her daughters, and told him that she heard his prayers every night.

“Don’t you worry about me,” she insisted. “I am happy, as long as you are. I will stick it out if you do.”

Before the spirit wife left, she told her husband, “Don’t you worry about Pat. I will look after her and guide her.”

“That is what I ask you to do every night,” her husband said.

“I know you do,” was the reply. “It is no easy task to leave a man with two boys and two girls.”

The spirit voice that followed spoke to a clergyman, who was seated next to me.

“Father,” the spirit voice said. “It is Jack Waddington speaking.”

“It is wonderful to hear you, my boy.”

“Is it not wonderful to hear them all, Father’?” his son asked. “Give my love to mother....I was with you on your birthday, a few days ago. . . . I want you to know that I am helping you.”

The father was overjoyed at his son’s return. There was another surprise in store for him, for the spirit son told him, “I have a friend here who wishes to speak to you, Father. Just hold on a moment.”

Then we heard, “Most difficult, and yet I am making a big effort tonight.”

“Is that my friend’?” asked the clergyman.

The spirit then gave his name, “The Rev. Alexander White. I have come here tonight to make myself known to you, because I am inspiring you in your work for God and humanity.”

“Were you at Edinburgh’?” asked the clergyman.

“I was,” came the reply. “I have also been described to you by a medium.”

“Where was it you were described to me’?” he was asked.

“ Somewhere near the sea,” came the answer. “I want you to know that I am with you when you read my book, and I shall help you in all your work. Do not be afraid of truth.”

“I loved your writings and sermons,” the sitter volunteered.

“I am happy to have this great privilege of speaking to you,” the spirit answered. “God will watch over you and yours, if you will do your work for God and Man.”

Before he went, he pronounced his benediction, “May the great God keep you within his presence.”

“It is the great Alexander White,” the clergyman told me. “One of Scotland’s finest preachers.”

“I am Arthur Wilcox speaking,” announced the next spirit voice.

“Hullo, Lil,” he added, attracting the attention of the sitter to whom he was speaking. “Do you know who is here with me tonight’? . . . I have had a deuce of a job to keep him quiet - my brother Tom.”

He made several enquiries after friends, named George and Alice, and volunteered the information that “I was with you when you had the operation. I was quite close all the time.”

“I know,” he was told. “I could not have got through without that knowledge.”

He sent his love to his “two kiddies.”

“You know,” he added, “I had to be a soldier. I had to fight.. . .I thought I was doing the right thing.”

When he had gone we were told that it was the first time he had spoken, and that he had passed over eighteen years ago.

The spirit voice that followed confirmed that he had appeared on a spirit photograph which had been taken recently. He sent a message to someone named Margaret, whom he wanted to thank for allowing him to speak through her.

The next voice addressed a woman seated close to me, whom I learned was an old Spiritualist. He gave her a symbol and encouraged her in a new venture she had recently undertaken.

He was immediately followed by a spirit voice who announced that she was this woman’s sister-in-law. She cleared up some difficulties connected with a will, which she explained had troubled her.

“I want to speak to Bill -------, said the next spirit voice, asking for a friend of mine who had only recently become interested in Spiritualism. The voice gave its nickname as “Digger,” and was delighted because of her success in coming through.

“Go back and tell my daughters I have spoken,” she said. “Please be sure and tell Ethel I am not part of her subconscious mind. Tell Daisy I am very much alive, and want to get into contact with her.”

She indicated that she knew all that was happening around him, and even suggested that he might name a new boat after her.

She had tried to speak at a previous seance, but had failed to get through, and was very proud of her achievement on this occasion.

Used as I am to the high standard of evidence obtained in Red Cloud’s circle, I was astonished at the amount of proof which was received by those present.

Words are inadequate to describe the drama in some of the conversations, the humour, the pathos, in fact, the humanness of it all.

For nearly two hours, death had been defeated, and the voices of the living “dead” had spoken to their loved ones and friends.

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Thu Nov 12, 2009 3:32 pm


I haven't read this account before. What became of the experiment, though?

It must be decades since this was written but has anything else of significance been done during the intervening time?


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by zerdini Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:29 pm

mac wrote:

I haven't read this account before. What became of the experiment, though?

It must be decades since this was written but has anything else of significance been done during the intervening time?

There have been other direct voice mediums since but none that I know of whose sitters questioned the guides regarding the manner of coomunication.

Dennis Bradley who also developed the direct voice in his own home circle once said to Hannen Swaffer, who attended all these séances, “Do you realise that you and I know more about the direct voice than anybody living today?”

Swaffer replied, “I don’t know what you know, but all I know is that I sit on a chair in the dark and we hear voices.”

I thought it was interesting to compare the explanation given to Arthur Findlay versus the one given to the Barbanells by Red Cloud regarding the Estelle Roberts voice seances.


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by obiwan Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:02 pm

I am sure I heard in the Leslie Flint seances that communication by thought was quite common but here RC seems to be saying that it only happens after people have been there for some considerable time. Did I misunderstand?


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by hiorta Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:25 pm

Thought exchange - telepathy - is indeed very common and quite accurate.

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Admin Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:11 pm

Great post Z with all the other excitement going on I missed it

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Wes Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:18 am

In The Seed of Truth, Silver Birch says that their language is the language of thought and can be learnt once earthly habits have been outgrown. I'd hope that if we pass over with an awareness that such things are possible and desire to learn them, then the process will be a lot easier than otherwise.

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by zerdini Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:57 am

I have never read anywhere that Red Cloud claimed to be 'knowledgeable' and 'advanced'. Like Silver Birch he used the astral body of a Red Indian to communicate his teachings. He was quite consistent in his teachings.

"By their fruits ye shall know them".

While it may be true that "their language is the language of thought", in the initial stages this may not necessarily apply. In the Direct Voice circles run by Red Cloud the majority of communicators had been killed in the war and had little fore-knowledge of life in the Spirit World. This still applies today to the majority of people passing over every second of every day all over the world.


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by obiwan Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:04 pm

zerdini wrote:I have never read anywhere that Red Cloud claimed to be 'knowledgeable' and 'advanced'. Like Silver Birch he used the astral body of a Red Indian to communicate his teachings. He was quite consistent in his teachings.
I agree SB appears to me to have been consistent - from what I have read. I haven't read anything of RC apart from the excerpts quoted above. Who was Red Cloud supposed to be and what was his purpose?


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Admin Fri Nov 13, 2009 10:50 pm

In Her book Fifty Years A Medium Estelle Roberts writes this chapter on Red Cloud.

"In setting down some of the experiences of my fourscore years, I
have done so at Red Cloud's request in order to "leave behind for
incoming generations a great reality to comfort the mourner." The
reality to which he refers is, of course, eternal, that we cannot die
because our spirits are immortal. For that reason the greater part
of this book is devoted to examples of evidence of survival, for
without acceptance of this central fact the whole edifice of religious
faith must fall down.
The teaching of Jesus, Buddha and of all the world's religious
leaders, is meaningless if this concept is not upheld. Without it,
the only philosophy open to us is "Eat, drink and be merry, for
tomorrow we die," which is surely the outlook of grim despair. By
contrast the truth of survival floods the mind with light and
warmth. It opens up an endless vista of glorious life, a perpetual
expansion of the consciousness, each advance bringing enhanced
love and happiness as we travel along the road to Perfection. We no
longer mourn for the dear ones who have left us, for we know that
they live and we shall meet again. We no longer fear death and
disease for ourselves, for we know these are but temporary
conditions and that we shall re-awaken to a new life in a perfect
Many people fear the actual moment of the death of their bodies.
Yet they have no need to do so. I have many times seen death
occur, and know it to be no more than falling asleep. I sat beside
my mother's bed when she lay dying. In her last moments she was
in a semi-conscious state, and I knew she had something to say.
Summoning up the last of her strength, she spoke and, in
Fifty Years a Medium 185
speaking died. Whether she realized it or not I do not know, but
she completed in death what she had begun to say in life and I
heard her last words by clairaudience.
Again, ten years ago, I was in the presence of death when my
husband, Charles, died in my arms. Steadfast in the knowledge of
his own survival, he had no fear of death and his last words to me
were of gentle reassurance. A few days later his body was
cremated. As the coffin slowly withdrew into the inner chamber of
the crematorium, I saw him and his cousin, Dr. Charles Gordon-
Moore, standing arm-in-arm, smiling at me. The truths of
Spiritualism, which I have always striven to pass on to others who
mourned, now brought me comfort in my turn. During Charles'
long illness I had given up my public work in order to be with him,
for he so hated me to be away from his side. Inevitably his passing
left a great void in my life, but fortified by the knowledge that he
lived beyond death I returned to the practice of my mediumship
following an interval of only two weeks. After three years absence, I
returned to the public platform, eager again to demonstrate to all
who would learn the truth of life after death.
This book contains a great many instances of survival. Had there
been the need, it would have been simple to increase their number
by a hundred, or a thousand other cases. But, in the event, it is
necessary to prove only one case in order to prove all. I have
chosen the episodes quoted in this book because of the evidence
they offered, and the absolute integrity of the people who were
present to vouch for them.
I have worked with Red Cloud for nearly fifteen years, and during
that time he has toiled unceasingly to demonstrate eternal spirit
truth. He has never told us who he was on earth. When asked, he
has always answered: "Know me by my works." We know that he
passed this way before us, when he probably dwelt in Egypt. We
believe, too, that he was either in this world, or very near to it, in
the days of Jesus of Nazareth. Once or twice he has tantalized us
into believing ourselves to be on the verge of discovering only to
find the answer has again been denied us.
We know that his identity as a Red Indian is a cloak which is
assumed in order to make receptive by us the very high vibrations
that are naturally his because of his advanced spiritual
attainment. He says he long ago reached the point in his evolution
from which, had he gone on, there would have been no returning
to this world. The choice was his - to go on, or to remain as a guide
and teacher to mankind, bringing peace of mind and
Fifty Years a Medium 186
understanding of divine truths. He chose the latter course,
explaining to us: "As your elder brother, which I am, your sorrows
are my sorrows, your joys are my joys. When you fall back, I fall
back with you. When you go forward, I go forward, too."
Always Red Cloud is loving and kind. I have never known him to
condemn harshly any living person, though he will frequently
gently point out our errors. He is ever ready to answer our
questions, though not always as directly as some sitters could have
wished. He is never dogmatic. In discussion and argument, he is
tolerant, never laying down the law, and forever reminding his
hearers that the final decision is theirs to make. God has given
man a will of his own, he says, and man alone must exercise it.
In the many years that he has been my guide he has delivered
score of lectures, both in public and private sittings. Some of them,
particularly those having a scientific basis, have been too obtrusive
for the comprehension of the average circle-member, though great
scientists, such as Sir Oliver Lodge, read many of them with
respect and understanding. His philosophical teachings, follow
closely those of Jesus of Nazareth, whom he invariably calls "The
Nazarene" God, tells us, is perfect mind, which is love, wisdom and
power. God is not a being but a force of good which permeates the
universe and is infinite. Evil is not force, but an error in thought
which has arisen in the world because of the misuse of free will. It
is finite and can be overcome by concentration on good and on
As God dwells within each one of us, every individual is part of
the Whole which is God. And because we are all part of the Infinite
Spirit of God, we cannot die.
The gradual unfolding of the consciousness of the Mind of God
within us is the process of evolution of our souls. In order to find
God we must be "born again" into the realization that we are
spiritual beings, and into the acceptance of our personal
responsibility for every action we commit. Thus the extent of our
evolution depends entirely upon ourselves. As we desire, so we
shall receive.
The universe is ordered by divine law. If we follow this law, it will
lead to perfect harmony; if we go against it, the result is chaos. The
first law is that of love. Love is the ability to see only latent
perfection in our fellowmen. Love is the attribute of the Divine
mind, whereas fear stems from the material mind. Love and fear
are the two incompatible opposites, the one forever striving to cast
Fifty Years a Medium 187
out the other. Love is the complete negation of self; self-interest is
the father of fear. The natural expression of love is service to
others, not so much in the performance of great works as in doing
that which lies nearest to hand.
To dwell within the kingdom of heaven is to dwell within the
Mind of God which lies within ourselves. All must first seek this
kingdom from which, once found, all else will flow. Prayer for
ourselves is purposeless, for we already have all we can ever need.
The only true prayer is the unceasing communion with the divine
spirit within us. Never must we forget that God is within us, not
outside us, that we are all individual parts of God, which is the
It is not to be expected that we can achieve perfection within the
span of one lifetime. After death we go to the astral plane, in which
there are many worlds of consciousness. After a period we
incarnate once again on this earth, or some other inter-penetrating
world, for the further progress of our souls. Eventually, and who
can say how long this may take, we reach a state of evolution at
which further reincarnation is no longer necessary and we pass on
to higher realms of spiritual existence.
In all his addresses Red Cloud quotes freely from the Bible,
sometimes changes the words of an accepted version to bring to
them a different and more illuminating meaning. The words, "Lead
us not into temptations," as they occur in the Lord's Prayer, for
instance, Red Cloud will never accept. The significance of these
words has many times been debated by theologians, but Red Cloud
is unhesitating in his judgement. "How can that which is Perfection
lead into temptation?" he asks. "God does not lead you there, for
that part of you which is God does not know temptation. Only the
carnal mind knows temptation and, too often, submits to it.
Therefore, when you pray to God, say rather: "Leave us not when
in temptation."
The power of love to cast out hatred has been a recurring theme
in Red Cloud's trance addresses. To overcome hatred in ourselves
we must try to see in others only that part of them which is God or
good. An when our enemies seem to destroy us we must stand firm
in the knowledge that good in the end must triumph over evil.
"God is there for all who have the eyes to see Him." These are the
words with which Red Cloud began one of his inspirational
lectures, and I don’t think I can do better than to quote the words
with which this lecture ended:
Fifty Years a Medium 188
"You know, my children, in this day of life, the greatest aspect
that you find within the jewel of your being is to see with far-seeing
eyes the beauty of God's kingdom. See it in the simple flower, its
folding petals, its colors rare. In the heart of that small blossom,
seeking peace, God will be found.
"Stand upon the hilltop and watch the setting sun, and in your
heart be calm. Watch the blending of the colors as they fall behind
the hills, and in that quiet stillness, God will be. Stand among the
yellow of the buttercups in the open fields when the dew lies upon
the grass. Watch the bird rise with a flutter of wings, its throat
trembling in the beauty of its note. It is there God will be found. In
the laughter of a child when it runs to its mother's side; there, too,
will God be found.
"May I always find within your world the beauty of God and the
wisdom of His kingdom expressed in the one simple word - Love."

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by zerdini Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:59 am

His teachings can be found in a book called "Red Cloud Speaks".


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mark1 Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:18 am

thankyou for sharing that


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Sat Nov 14, 2009 8:35 am

zerdini wrote:His teachings can be found in a book called "Red Cloud Speaks".

I thought these words seemed familiar - this book is one of several I lent out to members of my development group years ago, my name and address on the cover but only one was ever returned....

People, eh? No Good thing it didn't leave me cynical...Wink


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by tmmw Sat Nov 14, 2009 5:51 pm

“There are some things I can tell you,” he said, “but some are impossible. Let me put it like this. When a scientist is in his laboratory, and he is testing the various elements, he is very secluded and does not let others into his laboratory. Well, in this new group we have formed we are experimenting still. We are experimenting along lines of electricity and ether, that we may be able to accomplish the direct voice later on without a material body, because it causes a certain amount of interference and waste. Under those conditions, in the first instance, we must be careful in our experiments."

This truly is very interesting and hopefully there is more information available about this in the book "Red Cloud Speaks". Also Z when you mentioned that Red Cloud used the astral body of a Red Indian to communicate his teachings, did you mean that the Red Indian was currently living on this earth, or was he currently living in the spirit realm acting somewhat like the medium there to allow the personality of Red Cloud to communicate?



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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:28 pm

Going slightly off-topic but does anyone know of a Silver Cloud? I asked if my correspondent meant Red Cloud but he said he definitely means Silver Cloud, harking back to around the 50s

Any thoughts, guys?


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by obiwan Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:00 pm

Yeah he is Red Birch's brother. Wink


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:01 am

obiwan wrote:Yeah he is Red Birch's brother. Wink

Laughing Laughing Laughing


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Admin Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:13 am

I am speechless about that I thought he must be related to Red Cloud because every Cloud has a Silver Lining Very Happy

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Sun Nov 15, 2009 7:20 am

you guys....! Razz Laughing


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by obiwan Sun Nov 15, 2009 4:51 pm

Admin wrote:I am speechless about that I thought he must be related to Red Cloud because every Cloud has a Silver Lining Very Happy


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Admin Fri Nov 20, 2009 4:48 am

From the booklet My Mission by Red Cloud

As in the case of the first booklet published in November last, entitled The Teachings of Red Cloud, this is written primarily for the strangers in our midst.
If its message can bring comfort to even one soul it will be doing Red Cloud's work, which is to bring to those who are sorrowing the light of understanding " blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted"; to heal the sick -"even as ye do it unto one of these ye do it unto Me"; and to teach the Word of the Universal God - "go ye unto every living creature." This knowledge called Spiritualism, which Red Cloud prefers to call natural law, embraces all religions and all people. It has no dogmas or creeds, it teaches that a man can retain his belief in his own religion, if that helps him, and find God in his own particular way.
And above all, it shows us how to make the best of our lives. Fatalism has no foothold in Red Cloud's philosophy; despair is swept away, and hope revivified; for he Proves survival after death; and having got thus far we are ready to believe the words of Jesus, "what a man sows a man reaps." If then we reap in the hereafter what we have sown now our puny efforts are not in vain.
In bringing before you the hopes and desires of Red Cloud - only one of many messengers bending towards this Earth today, presenting to you their difficulties and sometimes almost their despair in contending against the materialistic mind of Man – it is hoped the reader will be inspired to make their task an easier one, and the world a better place, by inclining his or her thoughts towards spiritual teaching.
Only thus shall we attain that condition of which Jesus told us when: " there shall be a new heaven and a new earth, and there shall be no more suffering, no more sorrow, and no more tears, for the former things shall have passed away."

STRANGERS often Come to me saying: "Red Cloud, you say you have come back to help us as a messenger of God, then what has God been doing all these years? Why has He not sent someone back in the same manner before?"
Your Christian teacher, Jesus, said unto you: "I will never leave you comfortless," for He knew that God would never forsake Man; and through the ages God has allowed His messengers to return to the Earth, but Man has known them not; he has destroyed those who came to help him, and thus the knowledge of communing with God has gradually become dimmer, and to the majority of people on the earth the law of mediumship seems as unnatural law.
Man's natural state is in God, it is only because man has turned away from God in seeking physical instead of spiritual power that these wondrous things are lost to him.
Sometimes when I hear complaints of poor mediumship my sympathies are with the Medium; for she is in most cases doing her best; and after all she is not alone to blame when it is found difficult to contact the spirit world. In the Middle Ages you destroyed all your Mediums as "Witches," you cut off our only means of communication with your world; and now that you find it difficult to comprehend you only too willingly blame the Medium.
Communication is carried on in obedience to the laws of God, but you cannot regain your lost powers until you have first learned the a b c. That is why we are here; that is our mission.
I will now tell you the story how I came to return to the earth.

SEVEN years before your Great War of 1914 we in the World of Spirit realised that the earth was heading for disaster; and the Masters of the Spheres seeing the gathering war clouds sent out messengers to the four corners of the heavenly spheres seeking volunteers for the earth.
I, with many others, hearing the Voice in the spheres, volunteered to come back, and there are at the present moment many working on or close to this earth who returned with me at that time.
It is not an easy matter however for a soul to return to the earth after it has risen to the higher spheres, and I can only explain the process to you in your earthly terms by likening it unto a balloon which is to go up into space. First of all you load up your balloon with ballast but when you wish to go higher you throw out the ballast. Advancing through the spheres we had discarded our ballast of earthly desires, hopes and senses, and in coming back we had to reverse the process. But, having once advanced on the ladder of evolution and discarded these things, it is not possible to again take them on. This difficulty is, however, overcome by gradually cloaking ourselves, or as it were gradually dimming our light, as we got nearer to earth. This process took seven years. So it was that about the year 1914 we arrived back in this state of existence called Earth.
Now many of you think we have come back here to teach you that you survive death; but although we endeavour to help you by proving to you that your dear ones live after death we only do so to make you realise your God, and to draw your attention to the immortality of your souls, to the reality of the laws in existence, and to make you understand more fully the words of your Teacher - Jesus of Nazareth.

When I left the spheres a Voice spoke unto me saying:
"Go ye as a servant of the living God unto the earth existence.
"For every soul that falls I will mourn with thee.
"For every soul that thou bringest unto the gates of knowledge I will rejoice with thee.
"Your sufferings will be my sufferings. Your joys my joys."
Those were the last words I heard before I left the spheres, and I realised not then, as I do now, how necessary it was for us to return and bring light and understanding in your midst, that ye live not ignoring the laws of existence.
Many of my friends on earth have said to me, "Why did not God prevent the War?" God has given unto man free will and personal responsibility; then is God to dangle men like puppets on a string, putting them first here and then there? No, my children, you are each small threads in the tapestry of life and if you run amok the pattern will be spoilt, and you alone will be to blame.
Sometimes when you read your Bible you think that God hearkened unto Moses, Abraham, the Nazarene and all the saints of old, but heeds not the cry of humanity to-day. It is because you are blindly walking this earth without understanding your God or yourselves, that you realise not that the laws of God are immutable. God is the same to-day as He was yesterday and will be for evermore, man changes but God is always there, always desiring to help His children.
And God was with you in 1914, but ye heeded Him not. Ye heeded not the teaching of His messenger, Jesus of Nazareth, that "upon love hangs the whole law of the Universe." If you had listened to that teaching alone there would have been no war; for can men tear each other limb from limb if there is love in their hearts? And so because men had not love in their hearts - love which governs the whole law of the Universe, those laws were disorganised, the world of earth was, and still is, in a terrible state of chaos. You are bankrupt both physically and spiritually; starvation and ruin are only too common. It is while you are thus passing through the vale of shadows that we hope to make you hearken while there is yet time. Before you once again plunge into warfare we hope to make you stop and think of His teaching - "love ye one another."

The teachings from our world to-day contain nothing new. I am an Indian, but I can only teach you the same laws as taught by your Christian Master, the Nazarene, for the laws of God will always remain the same, although His messengers will come and go.
The messengers on the earth to-day are here to make you realise that you must once again readjust yourselves to the laws of God. To awaken your souls to the reality of that immortal life which you have yet to earn; for although within each soul there is the seed of immortal life, yet that seed must be nurtured and fed with the food of the soul before it can germinate.

IF you believe that you live after death, and that God is just in all things, how do you reconcile the lot of the man blessed with this world's goods with that of the poor who are always with us?
Then again, how do you account for the fact that very often in a poor family a genius is born? How do you account for genius at all? When you listen to a great musician enthralled as the liquid notes pour forth from his instrument you say, "He is a genius," and leave it at that. You never think as you listen that they are creating beauty, expressing creation, which you can express.
You do not attribute the glorious voice, the wondrous painting and the liquid notes to the inward desire for expressing creation, and that these "gifts" as you call them are only reflections in the crudity of matter. You do not think of the beauty behind the mind of the individual. You do not realise that the beauty which the artist creates does not lie in what he shows the world, but in the finished the mind or soul lies the first creation and the first picture of the artist is but a daub compared with the impression he had in his mind. That great and glorious impression as it first enters his mind can never fully be expressed in material things. For, although everything comes from the earth yet nothing is created through the earth, everything is created by the mind or soul mind. You can build a musical instrument, but the creation of music comes from the mind or soul, for mind and soul are one.
All these examples are set before you here on the earth; you see, you hear them, but it creates no lasting impression on your minds. You listen to a great musician and for the time being you are lifted up into the seventh heaven, but does that exaltation stay with you? Does the memory of those moments of exaltation linger in your mind and make you question yourself, "What can I do; what can I be?"

I know many of you will think: "Surely Red Cloud does not mean I can do these things." No, perhaps in this day of life you cannot be a great artist, a great violinist, or a great singer, but you can always be a great soul.
You see we know that the beauty you create in physical matter is the lower end of the vibration, is a reflection of the real beauty which lies beyond in the spheres; but we also know that the beauty in matter has its purpose and that is to call forth from man's materialistic mind the desire to create, to express beauty in some shape or form. There are many forms of beauty and grace, the crudities of earthly beauties teach you of man's infinite possibilities. Is there not beauty in the faithfulness of a dog? Does not your soul respond for a moment when you hear the song of the nightingale?
And yet you soon lose these glimpses of beauty; they are but drops in the ocean of materialism. Sometimes when we look upon you from the world of spirit and see you straining after the goods of the earth we almost despair, and yet we know your possibilities, we know that the Force which creates an impression in the mind of the artist can create an impression of beauty in another form in you.
The last Master to enter matter was Jesus of Nazareth, 2,000 years ago. Go back over His earthly life and you will find that He mastered the elements. He walked the waters, He turned water into wine; He appeared and disappeared; He fed the multitude with a few loaves and fishes. Read, and realise the story of His transfiguration on the Mount. Realise the story of His appearance three days after His death; and after reading all these things try to realise man's infinite possibilities. You will probably think I am profane in telling you that you can do what the Nazarene did, but remember, I am not telling you anything that He did not tell you. You remember He said "greater things than this shall ye do when I go unto my Father."
And what are you doing? If that great stream of creative thought is still in the world of matter to-day, how is it being expressed? Are you responding to the law of vibration, of creation?
How well your Christian teacher understood you all when He gave you the parable of the lily of the field which "toils not, neither doth it spin, yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." Why? Because creation finds expression from within. As the Nazarene said, with all man's knowledge, "can you add one inch to your stature?" You see the Nazarene knew that man was standing at the very beginning of the creative vibration.
He who did all these "miracles" said unto you,
"Greater things than this shall ye do," and in that teaching there was no fable, He taught you the law of creation. I want you to realise that when He said those words He realised He knew your possibilities, even as we know them.
He gave you a wonderful example of them when He told you the story of the seed which grew to a giant tree. Man is the essence of the Divine God, he is the breath of God, the soul body has the breath of that creative beauty within itself, and man can expand his soul force sufficiently to be able to create not only the crudities of matter, but the real beauty of spirit. Not the illusion in matter, for all beauty created in matter comes and goes, just as the beauty created by man in the past is passing away, becoming crumbling bricks and mortar.
The whole power of that creative Force which man, so far, has only expended in the illusion of matter, is within himself, and though to-day that Force is encrusted with matter it is still there. The laws which governed the Nazarene govern you, govern all Teachers and all peoples of the Universe, for God is no respecter of persons, we all come under the same laws and the laws are the same to-day as they were yesterday. If you abide by them automatically your possibilities grow, if you disregard them you remain as matter because you are outside the law. You have to obey the laws of your earth world - you know what happens if you disobey the laws of eating, sleeping, and drinking, then why not learn how to obey the real laws of the spirit? Until you do you cannot realise your infinite possibilities.
Many of you here encased in matter, are not aware of the laws which you come to fulfil, are not awakened to the possibilities of what you can accomplish. Some of you just wish to remain as you are, dead to understanding. Is it easier? Perhaps, for a while as you count time, but eventually everyone remembers the law, you cannot evade it always, and at some time you will remember those words: "I have left undone those things I ought to have done, and I have done those things I ought not to have done."
Your Master told you 2,000 years ago, when questioned as to what was the first law that "upon love hangs the whole law of the Universe, and the prophets." And today I tell you that in order to readjust yourselves to the laws of spirit you will first have to learn the law of love. This law has been taught all through the ages; at the birth of the Nazarene when the angels appeared to the shepherds and cried "Peace upon earth, goodwill towards your fellow men" - and many thousands of years before He was born.
Only by adjusting his soul to the law of love can man directly contact the Source of all creation, not in the crudity of matter, but the divinity. The Nazarene taught you "Love thy neighbour as thyself," but He did not mean that you had to take the man next door and fold him in your arms. That is not love in the fuller understanding, your motive alone counts, your desire to do good for your fellow men is the only love we know. We do not call it love when we see a woman put her arms round her child and forget the soul of that child; we do not call it love when a man looks upon a woman. The love we know is the love which expresses itself in humility, forgets self and gives service, even though it means self-sacrifice.
Few can remember to forget themselves, to be humble, gentle and kind. Jesus taught you, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Yes; that teaching is quite true; directly you become tolerant, realising your fellow man's possibilities, you are at oneness with the whole power of God, you see God in your fellow men, in tolerance you can "love your neighbour as yourself" because you can see God in him as well as yourself. Once you reach that stage nothing is impossible.

AND so in obedience to the laws of God I come amongst you to teach you of the laws of spirit, the laws of cause and effect, and yet, though my love and desire goes out to you, and I would give my all to help you, I cannot alter the laws in your favour one jot or tittle.
"Heaven is within you" - the world is reaching out knocking at the door, but it knows not that the handle of the door is within the soul. The door must be opened from within and not without. Thus it is I make my appeal to you to try to understand that for which you call so often, and which after 2,000 years still remains not understood "the Comforter the Spirit of truth."
If only you will realise that the Great White Spirit, whom you term God, sends His messengers to this earth as "Comforters and Spirits of truth" to help you realise your possibilities. Why, oh why, when we come to you do you shut the door of consciousness through which alone you can pass to God?
My appeal to you my children is that you shall not wait to realise your possibilities until you reach this world from whence I come. That door can be open in your soul now, in this day of life.
I not only appeal to you to open the door of your own soul, but I want you to go unto all peoples on the earth and tell them of the door which has to be opened from within. There are many boulders in the stream of life. I appeal to you to help us clear them away that the waters of life may flow clearly towards the mighty ocean of spirit.
There is much beauty on the earth which has been hidden under the cloak of materialism. Even in this knowledge called Spiritualism I find you attempting to drag the beauties of spirit down to your own materialistic levels.
To those of you who believe in this knowledge called Spiritualism I appeal that these things shall not be. I ask you to go as "lambs amongst the wolves" unto the peoples of the earth. Be not afraid. If this man scorns remember He was scorned. If they understand you not be tolerant with them, they have not reached your stage of evolution yet, then are you to blame them when once you, yourself, were on that self-same rung of the ladder of evolution?
The Nazarene suffered every torture and degradation that the cruelty of man could inflict upon Him, yet He taught you to bear only goodwill towards your fellow men. The message of the angels at His birth was: "Peace on earth, goodwill to all men." If you could only feel that tolerance and goodwill towards your fellow men the other half of the message would be easy to fulfill.
Peace upon earth! Sometimes we almost despair when we see you preparing your implements of war; preparing to tear each other limb from limb, and yet such a little while has elapsed since the horrors of war stood naked in your midst. In a lesser degree we have the agony in our souls which He suffered, and we realise what He must have suffered with His intensified mind when He stood upon that hill-top looking down at Jerusalem, and He cried in His great love: "Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, would that I could have died for thee."
To those of you who doubt my message I say sit in the silence and commune with your own soul, bring your common sense to bear on all that I have said. In giving you evidence of survival I always ask you to "judge me by my works," but I realise in my philosophy you will have to take me on trust for there is no way of proving it. No guide or master would ask you to believe blindly; you were given reasoning powers to use, and no one has the right to dictate to you what you shall believe.
I only ask you to think. Not to wait until you leave matter before you begin to wonder about your everlasting life, for tomorrow never comes, you live always in the eternal now.
And to you all, ere I depart.
Be peace and comfort in each heart,
With knowledge death is not the end.
A corner only on a bend.
As weary hands, and tired heads,
Sorrowing hearts from restless beds,
Pass with the darkness of the night,
So shall the dawn bring radiant light.

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by zerdini Fri Nov 20, 2009 7:28 am

Thanks Jim.

I first came across "The teachings of Red Cloud" and "My Mission" when I was helping to sort out the books in the library at Stansted Hall many years ago. The booklet's foreword was written by Estelle Roberts' daughter.

I hope the extracts you published and the booklet have answered the questions raised by some of the members of this forum.

Thank you for putting them on this site.


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by Admin Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:00 am

Hi Z,

I knew I had it but it was in a dusty corner of my computer and over here you have to watch them for red back spiders. It was hidden behind hundreds of old ebooks, magazine articles and newspaper articles.

Jim Very Happy

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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:01 am

Interesting pieces, guys.

Is Red Cloud to be seen as 'important' as Silver Birch in teaching about survival et al, in your view?


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Red Cloud on Direct Voice Empty Re: Red Cloud on Direct Voice

Post by mac Fri Nov 20, 2009 8:03 am

Admin wrote:Hi Z,

I knew I had it but it was in a dusty corner of my computer and over here you have to watch them for red back spiders. It was hidden behind hundreds of old ebooks, magazine articles and newspaper articles.

Jim Very Happy

Our 'nature' TV programmes from the BBC often have featured the nasty spiders you have down there, Jim.

I guess you constantly have to watch where you put your hands... Smile

Thankfully, we don't have any such problems.


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