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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by zerdini Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:31 pm

We have been able to restore the material that Zerdini removed.

Reports of Alec Harris's Materialisation mediumship

The following is taken from the booklet, "Materialisation", by Harry Dawson:

"One or two supremely interesting examples standout in my memory from the many s'eances it has been my privilege to attend over the years. At one memorable sitting with Alec Harris there were with me Ernest Oaten, John Stewart and Ernest Thompson. During the proceedings a little stocky figure came out of the cabinet, and stood by Ernest Thompson who was a heavy man, fourteen stone. This little stocky figure proceeded to lift Ernest right off the floor. I myself was so fascinated I went down on my knees in order to watch the play of the muscles in the calves of his legs. As a physiotherapist I know something about muscles. At the same time the Austrian scientist in charge of the proceedings invited another member of the group to reach out and ascertain that the medium was still in his chair."

Mr. Dawson continues, saying: "The more I learn of these matters, the more vital it seems that a greater knowledge of the subject should be acquired and then we shall not be too hasty in our judgment. I do feel that it is dangerous to take the ignorant and uninitiated into the s'eance room. . ..

"On one occasion at Whitchurch, Cardiff, South Wales, sitting with the well-known medium. Alee Harris (who now resides in Johannesburg, South Africa), I witnessed a remarkable phase of this type of phenomena, and this was under the most stringent conditions imposed by the examining panel of observers. The curtains of the medium's cabinet suddenly swung wide open and we observed the medium slumped in his chair in deep-trance-indicated by certain signs known to the trained symptomatologist, one of whom was present.

The ectoplasmic form of the guide (Austrian scientist in Earth life) was visible to all of us. (Three red lights of 75 wattage.)

As we watched we saw the ectoplasm begin to emerge slowly from the medium's mouth, nose and ears, it rolled down his body on to the floor where it coiled itself into a sizeable mass and from the centre of this mass, it began to rise, just as if someone was pushing it upwards, it took the form of a little black boy (here I should mention that the mass as it first emerged was black in colour with white streaks in it). The figure finally presented itself perfectly, above the waist line, the eyes, squat nose and teeth when it smiled was perfect. After a short space of time it began to dissolve before our eyes, and slowly like a thick black snake it climbed back over the body of the medium and was absorbed through the same orifices of the body. There was a kind of phosphorescent light during the whole time, which rose and fell in intensity. This was indeed a most amazing night."

Here is another most interesting account, also by Mr. Dawson:

"Another example of the evidential return of a Spirit friend was recorded at one of Harris's s'ances at which certain members of the National Council were present; amongst them was Mr. Wilfrid Ely, B.Sc., M.S.N.U., a Minister of the Union.

During the s'eance, many figures appeared and one gave outstanding evidence to Mr. Ely. The Spirit who appeared and walked up to Mr. Ely gave him the Sioux Indian salute and spoke to him. Then taking Mr. Ely's hand and placing it upon the nose of the spirit-form, smiled.

Mr Ely immediately recognised his brother who passed as a result of wounds received in the 1914-18 war, for his brother had received an injury earlier in life which had disfigured the nose.

Mr Ely was profoundly moved, and was full of joy and emotion: and then confided to his colleagues on the Council the striking information that his father was a full-blooded Sioux Indian. This was a remarkable piece of evidence, as Mr. Ely had not disclosed his father's nationality. The name of the brother who appeared was John Henry Ely."

By Norman Blunsdon, Psychic News, January 31, 1959:

"C. K. Shaw, well-known Two Worlds contributor, left his "Corner" temporarily last week to enter the witness box and be grilled by the "counsel" Eric W. Stuart at the Marylebone Spiritualist Association. (now the SAGB)

"Asked the best form of mediumship for proving Survival he was most emphatic. "Materialisation," he replied. He recounted details of an Alee Harris seance.

" 'I was unknown to all present and had not expected anyone to materialise for me. My sister appeared. I looked into her face and eyes. It was my sister. I said, "Hallo Maud, what are you doing here?'

" 'I am making ectoplasmic rods.'

" 'You don't know anything about ectoplasm,' he said. 'If it is true, bring me one rod.'

"His sister disappeared and then returned with a large ectoplasmic rod.

" 'Can I hold it?' Shaw asked.

'Yes,' she said.

2 'It was solid to the touch,' Shaw stated. 'I tapped the fireplace and wall; it made a rapping noise. I examined the texture; it was like fine muslin!' "

Psychic News, November 24, 1962, gives the following account:

"When a fortnight ago, we referred to anti-Spiritualist comments made by Sir Shane Leslie in The Tablet, a Roman Catholic journal, we stated that there seemed good ground for a debate between father and son.

The son, Desmond Leslie, of flying-saucers fame, we added, had been to s'eances where he had communications from the "dead". This has brought the following letter from him.

" 'It is true that I have been to a number of s'eances, good and bad. Perhaps the most impressive were those given by the Alee Harris circle in Cardiff where full materialisations took place, sometimes two at once. The materialised beings could talk, sing and answer questions.

" 'They might for all the world have been a group of actors draped in cheesecloth except that (when we were allowed to touch them) their flesh was cold like the furniture in the room, and one of them dematerialised before our eyes.'

" 'Only one question remained unanswered' were they the actual spirits of departed men and women or were they manufactured by the fantastic power of the subconscious utilising a principle we know nothing about?"

" 'There seems no sure way of determining which. The evidence they gave was very impressive. One of them knew details of my life to which no one in the room could have had access, but it was still possible that these details originated in my own sub-conscious mind. . . .' "

Mr Leslie goes on to tell us: " 'Possibly the most valuable thing that happened during the Harris demonstrations was the dematerialisation of the medium himself. For about twenty minutes, he existed somewhere without a physical body, thus proving for the first time the existence of a soul. Had he been only a body he would surely have been dead when he was put together again. That, I think, was the most important demonstration of

Here is the account of an outstanding s'eance written by a friend of mine, Reg Britten, for Psychic News, June 27, 1964

"It was in 1945 that I had the honour of meeting Alee Harris, whom I found to be a gifted amateur materialisation medium. His ordinary occupation was a painter-foreman employed by the Ministry of Works in Cardiff.
"During the period when I was stationed locally in the R.A.F. I attended six of his s'ances. We were able to increase the power of the usual red light considerably, until it was sufficiently bright to enable us to see quite clearly.
Also we were able to see the medium clearly in his cabinet if the curtains were drawn back.

"The materialisations were every bit as solid as were the sitters.

In one instance, when I was kissed on the lips by my mother's materialised form, I could distinctly feel her warm breath on my face. On other occasions I had the opportunity of shaking hands with the forms. Their hands were warm and life-like. They gave as firm a grip as anyone in the room would have done.

"Solid and life-like as were these materialisations, they were frequently seen to dematerialise when the power was exhausted.
This process often took place in the middle of the room and quite a distance from the cabinet.

"On these occasions the form was seen to sink into the floor. The features would seem to melt and run as if they were wax before a fire. Quite often nothing of the form would remain except a small piece of white ectoplasm on the floor. It would then either be whisked into the cabinet along the floor or vanish as one watched.

"On one memorable occasion a form actually built up out of the floor within a couple of feet of where I was seated. I was able to watch the whole process of materialisation. My attention was drawn to what appeared to be a dazzling white handkerchief on the floor in front of me.

"Within seconds this piece of ectoplasm rose quickly from the floor as if there was a stick under it pushing it up, although the whole time the material seemed to grow in height, so that the edge of the ectoplasm was always touching the floor. When it reached about four feet it could be seen to have a head on top of it, but a "dead" face with eyes closed and very pale.

"Within the next couple of seconds it ceased to increase in height. The face took on the appearance of a bronzed skin with an aquiline nose and high cheek bones. The eyes opened to reveal a Red Indian with two black pigtails, a band round his hair with a single feather, another band above the elbow, and wearing grey trousers.

"He did not speak, but walked round the room and showed his features to all present, even stepping over the sitters" feet as he passed into the second row so that all might have a closer view of him.
"On another occasion a materialisation left the cabinet curtains drawn apart. We were patiently awaiting the next form to build up and were watching the medium sitting slumped in his chair, so that we would not miss seeing a form build up in the cabinet.

"Our surprise was intense when we all realised that the medium's chair was empty. Nobody actually saw him vanish, as we established when we discussed it after the sitting. One moment we all saw him, and the next his chair was empty.

"We sat and watched for about four or five minutes without anything happening. Then we all saw what appeared to be a grey cloud form at the top of the cabinet. This cloud sank slowly downwards until it almost reached the chair, when it seemed to swirl around the chair. And there was Alee Harris sitting in his chair head sunk on his chest, and breathing heavily.

"We were all a little dumbfounded at the end of the s'eance, but the medium's wife seemed to take it as a matter of course.
Her only remark when we discussed it was: "Now you know why we don't talk about this outside. They would say we were mad!' "

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Admin Thu Jan 03, 2008 10:52 pm

Hi Z,

Thanks for posting that it is terrific stuff.

Jim Very Happy

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by zerdini Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:47 pm

Professor Haarhoff, who is mentioned in the above report ,was a Professor of Classics at Witwatersrand University and one of a handful of scholars at the time who spoke ancient Greek.

When he came to Cape Town to sit with Mona van der Watt I had the opportunity to question him about his experiences with Alec Harris and he confirmed to me that he did converse with a spirit in ancient Greek and then continued his conversation through Mona's trance mediumship.


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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Guest Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:39 pm


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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by zerdini Mon Jan 07, 2008 5:10 pm

Gary wrote:What great evidence of survival the daughter got Very Happy Hopefully it won't be too long before another Alec Harris develops

I think that the reason we had such wonderful mediumship from Alec Harris was that it was a joint mediumship between him and his wife. He had the gift of materialisation and she had the gift of direct voice. They were told that they had to sit together or nothing would happen. Divorce, therefore, was out of the question.
Louie told me this herself while we were having tea and sandwiches after the seance.

To have the support of one's life partner when developing must have been a great asset.



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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Miranda Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:53 pm

Hi Z

Thank you, as always, for those remarkable and inspiring posts about materialisation.



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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Spectre Tue May 05, 2015 12:49 am

Great article I have Alec harris book, some top books through this website:- www.snppbooks.com/alec-harris.html


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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Bev Davey Tue May 05, 2015 7:46 pm

I've probably got the same book -ALEC HARRIS by Louie Harris. Well worth reading!

Bev Davey

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by Left Behind Sat May 23, 2015 11:30 pm

I read it a few years ago: loved it, and plan to re-read it.

Left Behind

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

Post by normy Mon May 25, 2015 9:08 am

Excellent stuff, thanks for reposting it. I still read his book occasionally.

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Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris Empty Re: Materialisation mediumship of Alec Harris

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