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Post by scorpio53 Sun May 04, 2008 7:37 am

Wind Walker

All people walk the path. Some blindly go from one place to another,
never really knowing what they are looking for. Some think they are not
looking at all and some are looking so hard that they can't see. This
path of life is unique to each person, one person's path may take many
twists and turns, whereas another's may seem true and straight .

Do not judge your progress along your
path by the lofty path of another's. The path you are following is the
path you need at this time. As you approach a branch in the path, you
will follow the one you need to be able to grow. It may, at times, seem
that because of the earthly struggles, the branch you followed was the
wrong one. But Trust in your spirit. Your spirit will never lie to you,
will never lead you the wrong way, will never betray you.

Learn from all experiences, those which seem good and also those that
seem bad. From those which seem like a success and those that seem like
a failure. From those which seem difficult and those which seem simple.
From those which seem uplifting and those which seem disheartening.
From those that seem immaterial and those that seem important. From
those which seem to bring harmony and from those which seem to bring
chaos. From those which seem to bring satisfaction and those which seem
to leave you wanting. From those which seem to bring you happiness and
those which seem to bring you sadness. From those which seem to be
righteous and those which seem unfair.

All are just lessons to be learned. Embrace them all. Take them into
your spirit, hold them tight, the good, the bad, and the indifferent.
Remember, not all lessons are understood at the time you are blessed
with them, but that understanding will raise up when the time for you
to understand is right. All things have purpose! All things are truth
and there is truth in all things.

What we all are seeking
along the path is simply TRUTH. I ask you to remember this. We do not
fail, we only find truth. We do not succeed, we only find truth. We are
not reborn, we only find truth. We shall not die, we will only find

Truth is the Light of the ONE's Wisdom. Live in the
Light, Love in the Light, Trust in the Light and you shall find what
you seek.

...SCPRPIO53XX sunny


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