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Seeking Happiness

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Seeking Happiness Empty Seeking Happiness

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:11 am

We are all in the pursuit of happiness. Look around, everybody wants success, money, power, fame, sex, relationships. So what? Everybody is looking for all these things because it is these they think that can give them happiness. Of course, a movie creates entertainment, which may probably lead to happiness. But while we are seeking happiness and while we all want happiness, we forget one important perspective of life that we are in essence, happiness our self. Our original personality, that of our spirit, our soul, our atman is peace, aananda, bliss. But unfortunately we have formed habits, assumed personalities – samaskaras, as they call it, and we have become a complex personality, carrying a lot of burden with us. Therefore, we get angry, we get irritated, we get upset, we become negative, we hate, we are jealous. Our ego creates so many of these negative emotions and it takes charge of our life, making us forget that we are not this ego, but we are this essence -satchit anand - the truth of consciousness. We are bliss our self. We are aanand. We are peace our self and it’s strange that happiness is seeking happiness. That’s why the journey continues with so many complications because we do not realize the essence, the core truth. We don’t need to search and seek happiness. We need to realize the truth that we are happiness. The essential quality of our essence, of our soul – the real self, not this body but the real self inside, the spirit, the atman, the essence of that essence is happiness, peace and bliss. Therefore, instead of seeking happiness outside, if we go back to this essence, the core, the basis of who we are, we shall find happiness within.



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