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Post by scorpio53 Sun May 04, 2008 7:34 am


Those who are seeking the light are blessed indeed. The physical binds
of the human physicality make it very difficult at times to see through
the trappings of the illusion. But HEY! If it was easy to begin, and to
just step into the light, what of the lessons we came here to learn?
For some spirits the path may be a very simple and straight road to
enlightenment, but for by far the majority, the path is always just
slightly out of focus.How then do we find our way ? Perhaps if we could
remember that the God within us all will help. All we have to do is to
be honest with ourselves, truely be willing to follow the path no
matter how difficult it may seem, and simply trust in our inner
spirit.Probably the first step is to be able to unconditionally love
yourself. You must not be angry with yourself for your failings and
mistakes, but rather embrace them, and learn from them. For everything
that we do and say has a purpose. Many times understanding what that
purpose is and why it happened is a difficult undertaking. When you
decide that you are indeed worthy of being loved by yourself, only then
can you truely love and be loved by others to the fullest degree.I,
myself, have recently gone through a 'cleansing' process of some, but
not all of my life's events. It is, and again, it isn't, a simple
process. During my 'quiet time', I have brought back into focus some of
the events that I haven't liked about myself from the past. I try to
examine them from the 'side'. I looked at the reasons, the results, the
actions, the word, the reprecussions, the total view of the incident,
and not try to judge it as being a 'good' thing or a 'bad' thing, but
just realize that it indeed it occurred. Then, after looking at it from
all sides, simply release it. LET IT GO ! It sounds easier than it is.
If an event happened to be one that I have felt guilty about, it is
very difficult to view all of the sides without getting 'involved' with
the event again. On the other hand, if the event was one in which I was
'proud' of, I find it difficult to release because of ego or pride or
whatever. Some people that I have talked to use different
visiualizations to release them, some wrap them in colored paper, some
put them in garbage bags, and other set them on fire. Try whatever may
work for you. There is no one or right way to do it. While you are
releasing an event, remember this if nothing else, "TRUTH HAS NO RIGHTS
OR WRONGS, IT IS SIMPLY TRUTH."In going through this process, I have
just begun to discover that with each of those events that I have
examined and released, I feel more balanced within and that with each
cleansing, I feel more "whole", more "total", and stronger in the
spirit. God can forgive us anything, if only we can forgive ourselves.I
have not forgotten the events I have cleansed from my mind, they are
still there, but all of the worry about them is gone. They were only a
part of the "ME" I'm working on. They were only lessons to be learned
in this school called "LIFE". I have let many of them go, I have still
many to release, and I try to go onward on my path each day.


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