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What is the True Purpose of Life?

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What is the True Purpose of Life? Empty What is the True Purpose of Life?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:19 am

Do we truly take time to ponder about one of the most important questions about life: What is the true purpose of life?

Is most of humanity busy living, enjoying, seeking happiness, or are they actually introspecting and trying to find out the meaning of life? What is the true purpose of life? Why are we here? Who brought us here? What is the purpose of coming here? What should we do before we end this journey?

People go to a supermarket to buy stuff. It is very common. They may actually go to buy bread, but when they enter the supermarket, all the displayed new merchandise overwhelms them. They buy their chocolates, beer, wine and fruits. But at the end of the shopping trip, when they leave and reach home, alas! They have forgotten to buy bread. It happens! It happens very often because we get distracted.

How can we truly find the meaning of life if we don’t take time to ponder, contemplate, and introspect? Some people say that the purpose of life is to be happy – very easily answered – but is it so easy to be happy? People may have all the wealth and all the pleasures in the world, but they are still miserable and unhappy. Do they take time to think and find out what truly makes them happy? Do you think seeking happiness and finding the true purpose of life are two different goals? Or are they one? Is it that when we seek happiness and get happiness, we have achieved the true goal of life, or is it when we find out the true goal of life that we get all the happiness in the world, in fact, do we “become” happiness?

It is a very interesting thought to ponder on: What is the true purpose of life? It requires one to sit silently and think – not browse or read  – just go deep within think… And the answers will surely come!



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