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How can one truly enjoy life?

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How can one truly enjoy life? Empty How can one truly enjoy life?

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Sat May 07, 2016 5:58 am

Shouldn’t we enjoy ‘life’ - the show called ‘life’?  How can one truly enjoy life?

If one imagines this world to be a theatre, and if whatever happens here is considered to be a show, a production directed by God, then what is there to worry, to fret and to be stressed about?  Should not one just enjoy the show?  When I think about it, I ask myself: Am I going to be here forever?  No!  Just like an actor who comes on the stage, performs his part and then bows out at the appropriate time, I enter this theatre called earth and at the designated time, leave because my role is over.  It is time for somebody else to come on stage and make an appearance. So, what should I do?  Should I worry about the entire theatre, the drama or should I simply enjoy the show?  That is the question that comes to me.  What use is it to be stressed all the time?  Problems, difficulties – they are all part of the show and everything happens as per the production and direction of the master creator, the one who has created it all.  Otherwise, why would things happen the way they happened?  Why would you and me be born at all?  Once born, why would you and me be educated the way we are educated?  Why would you and me have the genes or the health the way we have?  All this is predestined and we can do nothing about it. It is a part of the show.  I believe that He sets the cast, He gives the roles, He creates this theatre.  So the big question is: Why should we worry?  Should we not enjoy this show called ‘life’?



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