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Evidential Proof Required

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Evidential Proof Required Empty Evidential Proof Required

Post by zerdini Sun Mar 15, 2009 12:37 pm

I came across this interesting article on the web.

Evidential Proof Required
by Gary Whitney

We have found within the New Age movement many laugh at the request for proof and evidence regarding spiritual phenomenon. It seems there exists a general sentiment within our present day culture that there is no need to provide proof and evidence of claimed spiritual gifts or phenomena. We are
uncertain as to why, but suspect it is because of celebrated miracles and siddhi demonstrations by various Eastern and Western Masters over the years.

With the general acceptance of supernatural feats it has become esoterically incorrect to demand evidence. But it has been our training in the mystery school of Aquarian Foundation which was founded on the principles of Higher Spiritualism that extraordinary spiritual claims demand extraordinary evidence.

If we fail to insist on these criteria of our religious leaders and communities we set the stage for honest truth seekers to be duped and fleeced. Throughout history there have been outrageous frauds foist upon an unsuspecting humanity. Numerous mediums and supposed holy men have on occasion been found to be fraudulent. Even some who were genuine crossed the line when their gifts failed. With this said we shouldn’t allow those misguided to diminish the truths of genuine mediumship. Insisting on proof and evidence for all eliminates blind faith and zealous claims.

Keith Milton Rhinehart founder of Aquarian Foundation set a standard in the last half of the 20th century proving once and for all that genuine mediumship exists. In Osaka Japan he sat before Japanese scientists ina foolproof chair enduring the most rigorous tests ever performed on a medium. He passed every test. Even after having passed such a test he insisted that every time he held a public séance that he perform only under test conditions.

You might ask why? Many of those seeking wisdom and truth already believe in a spirit world and the acclaimed experiences of mystics - what’s the big deal? But every person truly seeking greater understanding of themselves and the nature of God confronts doubts and is challenged somewhere along the path.

The reasons are three fold. First, genuine proof and evidence allows those who could never otherwise believe in something more than the physical take the first steps of having faith in a spiritual reality.
Eventually, over time this evidence provides them with the confidence to base their life on new religious revelations or spiritualistic claims leading to theevolution of their hearts and minds to new understanding.

Secondly, each seeker meets a point of resistance, a point where they selectively choose what to believe or not believe based on their mental, emotional, or karmic prejudices. These choices often are not in line with the wisdom of revelation. Possessing scientific evidence of the genuine nature of revelation helps a truth seeker avoid this trap and eliminate the weasel clause from their quest.

And finally the ones who seek truth above all else, owe it to themselves first and then to those who follow to demand scientific proof and evidence of the people making extraordinary claims. Life can be short, why entertain false claims. True and genuine claims can be upheld through honest scientific inquiry, all other claims must fall by the wayside.

One must note though that for some there is no evidence that will fulfill their need of proof, because they are living completely in a mental world where through the crafty manipulation of logic one can prove or
disprove any mental construct based on the conviction of their existing beliefs.

Two of the most boisterous critics of paranormal phenomenon who fit into this category are the acclaimed magicians James Randi and the late Harry Houdini. It is our opinion that they refuse to believe in a power that draws on a supernatural world because if true it supersedes the greatness of their own magic where all accolades are ascribed to their powers rather than to the mystery and magic of a Universal Spirit.

Many past scientists like Carl Sagan are also unwilling to acknowledge there is a supernatural phenomenon at play in the universe, believing we evolve strictly from the genius of the mind.

But presently, scientists like David Bohm, Karl Pribram, and Steven Hawking have been exploring the revolutionary fields of the unified field theory, quantum mechanics, and the universe’s holographic nature where it appears sometime in our near future science will better explain the scientific principles at work in the mysteries of genuine mediumship.

Although the mind is one of our greatest gifts as a human being it has its limitations and to grasp the true nature of the universe or the nature of God it would seem those who have gained an awareness of all the
dimensions of being human, not just the mental dimension, have the best opportunity to succeed.


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Evidential Proof Required Empty Re: Evidential Proof Required

Post by Admin Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:01 pm

Very interesting and very true Z should post a copy on pysicalmedium4u

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Evidential Proof Required Empty Re: Evidential Proof Required

Post by zerdini Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:33 am

Admin wrote:Very interesting and very true Z should post a copy on pysicalmedium4u

Good idea, Jim. Wink Smile


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Evidential Proof Required Empty Re: Evidential Proof Required

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