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Man made rules ? Just a thought.

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Man made rules ? Just a thought. Empty Man made rules ? Just a thought.

Post by Guest Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:54 am

Man made rules ? Just a thought.
There seems to be a lot of man made rules concerning sitting in
circles, demonstrating medium-ship in all is forms, healing groups and
sitting for spirit in any way. It appears to me some people do not even
listens to their inspirers' or mentors from the spirit world views on
how to sit. I would have thought their wishes would be paramount and we
should be sitting and working hand in hand with them.It seems the ego
and lust for power has crept in, take healing channels for instance
some seem to think they direct the power however this is not the case
healing power is a intelligent energy and divine power and will apply
healing to where ever it is needed. A healing channel supplies the
physical energy spirit does the rest. Many organisations instruct their
mediums how to give messages and attempt to instruct their
communicators' also. Surly this cannot be, a medium should be able to
work and blend with their inspirers to find the best way forwards after
all we are all individuals' as our inspirers are we are not fodder to
be cloned by any-one.
I feel there should be only one rule and that is common sense. L&L Jock


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Man made rules ? Just a thought. Empty Re: Man made rules ? Just a thought.

Post by Admin Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:40 pm

Hmm Jock an interesting thought, However sometimes making a definitive rule as no rules can be a rule in itself.

At the very least Healing and Mediumship are subject to ethical and common law legal requirements e.g no innappropriate touching. In addition we need to ensure Mediums can do proper Proof of Survival and fully understand the process e.g. when they work with Spirit and when they are working as a psychic. All Mediums require guidance and if you like that means what is appropriate and what isn't i.e. rules of some kind.

I see so much poor so called "mediumship" and dangerous message giving at the moment and most of this is because in the majority of situations training and circles are totally laissez faire to often "give what you get" no thought as to whether it is really spirit or the "mediums" ego (or imagination), the damage the words can do, no checking to ensure that they have any idea of what they are saying is right, the appropriateness of the situation and forcing their messages on recipients etc etc.

I believe that guidance is necessary and a set of basic ethics. As an overall group it is the lack of ability of all of us in the movement to give any guarantee on this that sees legal changes such as have occured in the EEC. Self regulation and training is the key but in a way that allows each individual to reflect their and their guides personality.

Common sense is no substitute for rules but common sense is required in the application of those rules. Mediumship and Spiritualism are at a time to face up to the need to scrub up and stand up to the light of critical scrutiny. As a dedicated Spiritualist I cringe at what we present as "mediumship", how we present it, the lack of any validity in so called addresses and the way some certified healers conduct themselves. Time we put it right so that anyone visiting can sense that we are not a bunch of whacky loonies but something that offers a valuable spiritual path.


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