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Post by Admin Mon Dec 29, 2008 11:17 pm

This is an interesting article on the nature and types of light with side links to optics.

I put it here because we often talk about energy, aura colours and spirit photography. I have long had an interest but not the necesaary academic background to revisit the early work on may scientific and psychological areas of what we do. My own experience as a Medium and in using natural Psychic skills indicates that they are real. If they are we should be able to use science and an understanding of human physiology to explain it. Unfortunately it seems Spiritualism as it is often seen in the Churches and circles has not engaged the modern peers of such as Sir William Crookes etc. The more it loses touch with its history, philosophy and quality mediumship becoming another all purpose New Age "thing" with poor psychic messages the less likely we are to ever re engage those we most need (even proper mediums who quite often can come from a more normal background and would certainly walk away too).

So lets get our thinking caps on and look backwards and sideways at some of the latest scientific findings.

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