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Nearly Thirty Years of the Banner of Light

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Nearly Thirty Years of the Banner of Light Empty Nearly Thirty Years of the Banner of Light

Post by Admin Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:47 am

Please read this and help out if you can, search any libraries that may be near you and have copies these works either on film or capable of transfer to film, these people are doing is of the greatest importance to regain the real history of the Modern Spiritualist Movement.

Nearly Thirty Years of the Banner of Light

from 1857 - 1884, is now available from IAPSOP (here, specifically). http://www.iapsop.com/archive/materials/banner_of_light/

Nothing after December of 1859 is parted out into weekly issues yet -- that mind-numbing work will progress slowly. Therefore, 1860-1887 are available only in single-year PDFs, of some size (around 250 MB per year). All PDFs are indexed and searchable.

Additionally, IAPSOP now has:

•The Spiritual Magazine, from 1860-1870
•Three volumes of The Psychological Review covering 1881 and 1882
•The first year of The Spirit Messenger
•The British Spiritual Telegraph for 1857-59

To date, we've spent about $12,000 on film and digitization of materials not online, not to mention the value of the contributed time spent cleaning up those periodicals that are online in some form or fashion, tracking down missing issues from various runs, etc.
And we don't have that much to show for it, unfortunately.

We really need film (or paper originals, or even bad photocopies) of Light, The Harbinger of Light, The Medium and Daybreak, and The Carrier Dove -- just to name a few obviously missing periodicals -- and I'm hoping someone out there has them, and is willing to let us borrow the film for digitization. And volunteers. Any and all contributions welcome, folks.

Posted Yesterday by Marc Demarest

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