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New Digital Archives Psycic Observer 1943-1957 Noahs Ark Soc

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New Digital Archives Psycic Observer 1943-1957 Noahs Ark Soc Empty New Digital Archives Psycic Observer 1943-1957 Noahs Ark Soc

Post by Admin Sat Aug 06, 2022 1:41 am

Congratulations to the Spiritual Truth Foundation for both of their freely available digital archives.

Here is the link to the 1943 to 1957 copies of the Psychic Observer, it is a really good production. It was serious and worth reading. Additionally the number of centres in teh USA at that time is hard to believe


They have also published the Noahs Ark Magazines,  now online https://noahsarksocietyarchive.org

As this archive says "However, the greatest NAS legacy must surely be the Journals themselves. For here in the complete set of journals is a potted history of physical mediumship together with practically everything one needs to know in order to develop, or encourage others to develop, the gift of physical mediumship safely. But the knowledge within these journals is just the starting point. Each circle wishing to attempt producing physical phenomena needs to adapt their procedures to suit the uniqueness of the particular form of mediumship that unfolds in their midst."

Whilst I am committed to mediumship in the light, or alternatively using Thermography, noting that I am unconvinved by much that passes for such mediumship because so much of my detailed research finds an excess of fraud in the dark. These journals are the efforts of many motivated people with strong convictions. As a balance it must be remembered that dark seances had been cast out by all the major spiritualist organisations, teh earliest ban ocurring in 1867 after Spirtualists reviewed teh work of the Davenports, teh eddy's and the Fay's. An in depth look at this with links to other stories is here on this frorum https://www.spiritualismlink.com/t2043-light-and-psychological-review-lead-ban-on-dark-seances

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