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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by Slatewriter Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:46 pm

August 2018 - Two friends attended a weekend workshop and then a seance, both conducted by Mychael Shane from the USA,
at The Parsonage Side Retreat in Bridgewater, Somerset UK on 11th and 12th August 2018. Below is an edited version of the full report, as written in good faith by the witness, who chooses anonymity at present.

Witness: “We went to see what would happen…having an interest in physical mediumship for some time. We certainly had no agenda to discredit Mychael.”

“We arrived on Friday around 5pm. The workshop was supposed to start on Saturday morning. [In the evening] Mychael and Christiana spoke about Saint Germain, Lady Nada, Shamballa. [Mychael said] his real name was Keith and that he used to be a lead singer in a rock band.

Billet Readings
Mychael said he would do some billet readings and explained we are to write a question on a card whilst he is blindfolded. He would hold the card and give an answer to the question which St. Germain would tell him. Christiana told us the questions should not be of a personal nature and we should write larger than our usual handwriting. A couple of silver dollars were put on some tape and stuck on [Mychael’s] eyes, then a blindfold, followed by a bandana on top.
Some of the answers seemed to fit the questions but they were not evidential. I guess he may have a psychic or ESP ability, if he could not see through the blindfold.

Table Session
In the evening the four of us on the course and Dawn and Steve from the centre had a ‘table session’ with letters of the alphabet, numbers and yes and no. It was more like ouija. The glass did move to spell things out like names of spirits communicating etc. Mychael did not sit at the table but sat on an armchair with his eyes closed. He appeared to be asleep the whole time. He replied that he had been out of his body [visiting] Shamballa.

The weekend workshop was £100 with accommodation on top. I couldn’t sleep very well [Friday night] as Mychael was talking very loudly until 4.30am at least. He was on the floor below near the stairs. I was above with door next to top of stairs. He has a particularly loud American voice.
Mychael did not appear from his bedroom until 12pm and we had to wait for him to have a cooked breakfast so [we] did not go into our first lesson until 1pm.

First Lesson - 1PM
Mychael and Christiana talked about ascended masters. Christiana mentioned she saw Jesus in the bedroom last night and Mychael went on to say “Yes she said to me I just saw a spirit walk by and I said to her that was Jesus.” Mychael [told us about things] apported in his mediumship [including] a sapphire that was 1600 carats. He told us that one time he had a huge ruby apported through his chest which left a gaping hole in his chest which took some time to close up.
The four of us on the course [had] a handout that [Mychael] had prepared with help from the ascended masters. The part [we read] about trance channeling I will copy here word for word;
“Once this occurs, it is necessary to bring the medium back as soon as possible, because the longer it takes to bring the medium back the less chance the medium will come back; the connection becomes too weak and in the process the medium could lose their life.”
And the other;
“A conscious connection to the phenomena without the guidance of spirit will most likely kill the medium, because their very essence is being ripped apart both internally and externally.”
I was very puzzled and felt that [this] may frighten anyone enough for them to never try trance.
[We had] 10 minutes each practicing psychometry, then Mychael continued about his apports in the past. [He told us that] once he was screaming out in pain whilst a large crystal came through his back. Mychael said “I told them don’t you ever do that to me again…it took months to heal up properly.”
After some time, three of us took turns in the cabinet, with the curtain shut and lights off. Mychael told each of us to put our hand in the cabinet “to see if we could feel any ectoplasm.”
After about 10 minutes [practice] each, Mychael ‘called’ us all back by getting everyone to sing our name followed by Halleluja repeatedly, in the tune of the song ‘Michael row your boat ashore’.
The only advice we were given prior to going into the cabinet [was] the text about trance I have already mentioned above, and he told us to breathe short sharp quick breaths.
The last lady had not been in a cabinet before and seemed really very nervous. We weren’t asked if we had ever been in a cabinet before or trance. She was particularly scared after reading Mychael’s text relating to trance and death [but] Mychael actually fell asleep the whole time.
By 5pm Mychael said we should finish for the day. My friend and one of the other ladies were all disappointed.

The Seance - 7PM
People were continuing to arrive for the public séance. Some, including Mychael ordered a Chinese takeaway and Mychael started to eat the first of two large platefuls just after 6.30pm.
At 7pm people walked straight into the séance room. [We were not] stopped, checked or searched before entering. There wasn’t anyone telling people where to sit.
There were two chairs either side of the cabinet. The chair to the left had various belongings placed around it. This was Christiana’s chair. Next to her was a small fold up table. On the table was a foil tray with some clear liquid in it. Next to the other chair was a small table with a radio.
There were three rows of chairs in a semi-circle facing the cabinet. There were 26 people attending the séance. When all the people were sat down, Mychael told us about previous séances and what we should experience.
He told us he'd had so much scientific testing and had passed it all. He told us he had adapted his mediumship a lot to comply with wishes of others. He mentioned apports including diamonds, sapphires and rubies, then told us that Lady Nada would come and speak to us through the trumpet and that a ‘pseudopod’ would form [inside it - which was] a replica of his voice box.
He said we would see full materialisations and the ascended masters would walk around us giving us healing. He warned us not to reach out and touch them, but if they touched us first we could touch them back. He said that in one of his séances Jesus and St.Germain fully materialised and someone in the audience ran over to them and rugby tackled them to the ground. He told us that we would be able to see and smell ectoplasm.
We were told Mychael would have water in his mouth with duct tape over his mouth and a pen mark put around it. He spoke about the restraints he uses - police issue handcuffs brought with him from USA. He did not pass them round for the sitters to inspect. He said he had two keys to them which he would give to members of the audience.
Christiana interrupted him saying hurry up talking, because the paraffin wax [in the foil tray] was setting. Mychael said that St.Germain would try to put his hand print on it to show he had materialised.
Mychael asked if everyone was ready for the light to go off. Someone asked if we needed to take our jewellery off. Mychael said it was fine to keep all jewellery on. They were about to start the séance [but] no-one was searched.

Checking the medium
Dawn, one of the owners of Parsonage Side Retreat was immediately in front of me. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked “Is no-one checking the medium or anyone?” She asked one of the other owners if they should get the medium checked. He then asked the other male owner who was waiting to turn the light off. One of them said “Mmm… well does anyone want us to check the medium.”
Dawn stood facing the rest of the audience and said “Does anyone want us to check the medium?” I was waiting for someone to speak up but they didn’t. So I timidly said “Well yes I do, but I feel a little bit awkward being the only person to say so.” So Dawn then asked Mychael if he would mind being checked and a man from the audience came and patted him down. Christiana also had a quick pat down by a member of the audience and then said she needed the bathroom and rushed out of the room. At no point were any of hosts or public searched. I did see someone look into the cabinet.

The handcuffs were placed on the medium. The one around his left hand was put around the arm of the chair. There was a chain linking to the other handcuff which was placed around his right wrist. This did not reach the other arm of the chair and moved freely which he rested on his tummy. So his right hand was not secured to his chair, neither were his feet.
I saw someone look in his mouth. He took a gulp of water and then someone put duct tape across his mouth and shut the cabinet curtain. The two handcuff keys were given to two members of the public. I spoke up and said “…are you not putting the pen marks around the tape?” Christiana said, “We’re not doing that anymore because it didn’t prove anything as Mychael often coughed while in trance and some of the water leaked out making the tape move anyway.”
The lights were turned off and Christiana asked us to repeat after her, “I command the white fire and violet flame to surround and protect this building now!” We all had to repeat that 3 times and then the music was put on.

After the music had started I heard the sound of the handcuffs and chain jingling about. When that sound had finished I heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off of a surface. I whispered to my friend next to me that I heard the sound of the handcuffs and the tape and she nodded and said “Yes, me too.”
Then a high pitched voice started to speak to us…as though it was someone talking through a tube…and sounded American like the mediums voice. This voice said loudly “Do you want to know what to invest in?” …and the voice continued to tell us to buy gold, invest in gold, and kept repeating and to buy gold dollars.
The voice went on to say that our poles on the earth are shifting and there will be a lot of earthquakes and volcanoes, then in a childish voice said don’t worry, followed by a high pitched girly type giggle.
[The voice] said food will be contaminated except organic vegetables because the earth is dying and there are not enough nutrients in the soil. A lady in the audience answered a question about organic vegetables that someone had asked the spirit voice. Someone told me afterwards the lady was Sandy Ingham. She seemed more knowledgeable than the so called ascended master.
Nothing this voice said was evidential, enlightening or even helpful in my opinion.
The voice said goodbye and Christiana asked us to all sing the song ‘Michael row your boat ashore’ over and over until Mychael came back. Christiana sang it pretty loud, so we sang it out pretty loud and again I heard the sound of the jingling of the handcuffs.

At the end of the seance the light went on [Michael still had the tape over his mouth]. I asked Dawn in front of me if I could use the [toilet]. She said it was fine, so off I went. On returning Christiana and Mychael were talking about a hand print made in the paraffin wax.
Mychael was going to demonstrate the apport part of the séance next and said that we could take photos at the end.
Mychael held up the tray of paraffin wax saying “Look it's St. Germain, his hands are much larger than mine.” I remember thinking the top part looks like someone’s fingertips and the bottom part looks [like] a hand had dug into the wax. There was massive gap between the two parts [where the wax] hadn’t been imprinted with anything.

I [was] asked by Mychael to be one of two people to hold a sheet [to catch the apports] he spits out of his mouth. Then Mychael had more tape put across his mouth and the cabinet [curtain was] closed. The lights were still on. Christiana suggested everyone chant ‘OM’ over and over. I hear lots of noise coming from the cabinet with that distinct sound of the duct tape being ripped. It was definitely coming from the cabinet because I was right next to it. I stooped down towards the edge of cabinet for a closer listen and very clearly heard the sound of crystals chinking together.
Then Mychael opens the cabinet and takes the tape off and quite a lot of crystals along with saliva were spat out of his mouth into the sheet. The stones or crystals were all quite small and there weren’t any diamonds or sapphires or rubies.
Mychael put the crystals on a table and gave one person at a time a crystal, stating which ascended master it was from and what their brief message was. I think there were approximately 40 [crystals] in total. The rest were split among a couple of people. Mychael said that the liquid that came out with them was from where the stones are solidifying from liquid.
Everyone was gathering around taking photographs when Christiana said to Mychael “Ok well we need to get you back in your body, you’re still out of your body.” Then we all left the séance room.

Prior to the séance, Steve one of the owners said to us, “Please if you have a problem with anything about the séance then you should tell us. Don’t wait until you get home and plaster it all over the internet.”
As we were about to leave [Steve] asked us what we thought about the séance. My friend then said “Well I wasn’t entirely convinced.” I said to him, “I heard the sound of the tape being ripped off.” Steve seemed to be rather agitated with us and said, “Look he can’t be a fraud he’s going to be out of pocket on this trip.”
Steve said that he thought it had been a successful séance and didn’t really want to listen to our comments or any form of negative feedback.
He said, “I tell you what, look, don’t put it on facebook or the internet or anything and I’ll give you your money back and you can come and see him when he comes back again.”
He went on to say “Look, in my opinion you have to give a medium three chances, go to see them three times before making up your mind about them.”
On leaving the séance room, a lovely man I had been talking to before the séance [Ryan Matthews] left so quickly that he already was reversing his car. I asked him why he was leaving so quickly and he said I’m not hanging around, as that was something beginning with B and S.

What's Next?
The other two ladies on our course asked if we knew what was happening tomorrow. They had heard people had booked readings during the day so they wondered how Mychael could do both the workshop and readings.
They weren’t very happy [because] Saturday’s workshop didn’t start until 1pm. They said we could have all [arrived] Saturday morning and driven home at the end of the séance, [instead] of having to pay to stay over the Friday and Saturday night.
We all asked Steve what was happening about our workshop tomorrow. One of the ladies said she heard that Mychael was now doing readings during the day at £70 for half an hour, [but] we had paid for a two day workshop. No one had told us that the Sunday workshop was now cancelled. Steve said, “it’s up to Mychael and Christiana what they do. You’ll have to ask them.”
Steve called Christiana her over. She said “Well Mychael’s doing some readings, there is no workshop.” I said [this] was advertised as a weekend workshop and technically we had paid £100 for a four hour workshop. She said “Oh I’ll speak to Mychael about it and let you know.”

We tried speaking to her about our concerns. I asked her why I heard the sound of the tape and handcuffs being removed and she said we had no understanding of ascended masters and that we should read a book about them.
I asked how could I have distinctly heard the sound of crystals being moved about and tape being removed and Christiana interrupted very aggressively saying “Look, I’ve been working with Mychael for 8 years and I wouldn’t do that if he was a fraud” and “as we had had doubts and concerns about Mychaels mediumship then that type of energy would not be beneficial to anyone.”
Steve caught me again and said, “OK then who’s works with you?” I asked him what he meant and he said “Come on then who works with you? Tell me who your guides are.” This was said in a confrontational, aggressive and goading manner. Shortly after he came up to me, apologising to me for being aggressive.

The next morning my friend overheard Mychael say the ascended masters told him there would be two people present who were doubtful and negative and that this was why it didn’t go as well as it could have done. He said ‘these two people ruined it for everyone else.’ He didn’t seem to care that my friend was in earshot.
Shortly after Steve spoke to us again. He said to me, “There were two mistakes at that séance, the first was your mistake because you needed the toilet at the end and it would have affected the energy. The second was ours, as an establishment we didn’t follow normal protocol and make sure everyone and everything [was] checked.” He then said, “Well I’ll give you both £40 refund and as I said earlier, when Mychael returns you can come back for free.”
I said, “I don’t think that’s going to happen do you?”

The full and unedited report can be found here



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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by Admin Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:37 am

Thanks for that Slatewriter; just terrible and infact it appears quite deliberately manipulative..

Mention Shamballa, ascended mastres and glass "jewels" and I immediately go Bulls roar. A Kai look alike indeed worse than that.

What scares me is the fact people attend these things despite the information available about the problems of teh purported ascended master movement, non existent shamballa, supposed special glass items from Shamballa (which independently test as glass) etc etc.

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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by mac Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:33 pm

oh dear  Sad Shocked Mad

I'm relieved all that now doesn't matter to me but I feel so sorry for those it does matter to.... Are things worse now or is it just that we may hear more about these events?


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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by Mic Thu Sep 27, 2018 9:12 pm

Thanks a lot Slatewriter, and many thanks indeed to the anonymous writer.
Extensive reports like these are very valuable and important. Only the many side aspects and small details described make it possible to form a well-founded opinion regarding what is really happening during sittings like these...


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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by obiwan Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:11 pm

Great review.


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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by Admin Thu Mar 12, 2020 1:17 am

This report is also on another website http://discerningmediumship.com/mychaelshane/

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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

Post by obiwan Thu Mar 12, 2020 9:21 pm

Admin wrote:This report is also on another website http://discerningmediumship.com/mychaelshane/

Pretty disgusting.


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Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018 Empty Re: Report on Mychael Shane workshop in UK - Aug 2018

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