After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

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After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:04 am

The August PN carried this story sound like so many past efforts by the SNU. Without mention at their annual convention the SNU are seeking to sell this place to developers.
The story so far †(or )

Now this is so reminiscent of past stories about the death of churches. Maybe nothing changed, after all the costs of the PN issue were never disclosed to members †

plus Áa change, plus c'est la mÍme chose

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Re: After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

Post by mac on Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:56 pm

I wrote the following elsewhere - what do you think?

"After mentioning special-interest Facebook Pages and the SNU's website I realised I needed to get up to date about the latter. While wandering around the SNU website I stumbled on a 'Spiritualism Q&A' which I just had to inspect.

One question was 'How Do I Become A Spiritualist' to which part of the answer was: "Once you have decided that you wish to be a Spiritualist, you will be taking on or changing to a new religion." Is that what others see as becoming a Spiritualist? It's certainly not the way mac became a Spiritualist and I sure as hell didn't take on a new religion or change from another!

Being a Spiritualist - I double-dare anyone to suggest I'm not! - does not involve me with religion or the SNU. Now if I wanted to become a union member I would expect to conform to union rules as with any other union I might join - but being a Spiritualist does not need anyone to adopt or reject a religion or join a union! very happy

The SNU presents things somewhat more prescriptively than I do when I speak to folk....".

Later in the thread I wrote:

"As we've had a wet day and I'm stuck indoors I've taken the opportunity to look at the SNU website and have been suprised to see what a bias towards healing there is.

One menu tab was titled 'Healing and Mediumship' but contained nothing about mediumship.

A website page heading is for approved healers but I was unable to find anything equivalent for approved mediums. There was even a searchable page with push pins on a Google map showing the location of ministers and healers but again no mention of mediums unless somehow I've simply missed seeing it.

I'm not a member hence can not query any of the officials but it's left me wondering what the SNU is about....."
Rolling Eyes


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Re: After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:52 pm

Good post Mac, like you I never saw it as joining a religion or leaving one (I had my own personal idea of an amorphous Humanitarian Agnosticism). What I saw in Spiritualism, as a philosophy of life (not a religion) kinda fitted my ideas so I accepted the philosophy together with the reality of mediumship to communicate with our loved one's in Spirit and of spiritual healing.

I noticed the absence of medium lists, on the SNU web site a while ago and was surprised by that. I am not surprised at the Minister Lists, since Bruton took over ther has been a huge push here even to try and insist that each centre had to have minister, or be associated to one (I believe that has stopped now).

It appears to me that the SNU is all about becoming recognised as a conventional religion with a council of ministers guiding philosophy (under Judith Seaman one supposes). So instead of a philosophy we become a religion; which then creates its own theology. Like you I can't see what that really achieves.

To borrow from Stainton Moses Spirit Teachings the words of Imperator
SM: This New Revelation of which you speak: is it contrary to the Old?Many are exercised on
that point.
Reply to SM (Stainton Moses)
Revelation is from God: and that which He has revealed at one time cannot contradict that which He has
revealed at another, seeing that each is, in its kind, a revealing of truth, but of truth revealed in proportion
to manís necessities, and in accordance with his capacities. That which seems contradictory is not in the
Word of God, but in the mind of man. Man was not content with the simple message. He has
adulterated it with his glosses, overlaid it with his deductions and speculations. And so, as years go by, it
comes to pass that what came from God is in no sense what it was. It has become contradictory,
impure, and earthy. When a further revelation comes, instead of fitting it reasonably, it becomes
necessary to clear away much of the superstition that has been built on the old foundations; and the work
of destruction must precede the work of addition. The revelations are not contradictory; but it is
necessary to destroy manís rubbish before Godís truth can be revealed. Man must judge according to
the light of reason that is in him. That is the ultimate standard, and the progressive soul will receive what
the ignorant or prejudiced will reject. Godís truth is forced on none. So for a time, during the previous
processes, this must be a special revelation to a special people. It has ever been so. Did Moses obtain
universal acceptance even amongst his own people? Did any of the seers? Did Jesus even? Did Paul?
Did any reformer in any age, amongst any people? He offers, and they who are prepared receive the
message. The ignorant and unfit reject it. It must be so; and the dissensions and differences which you
deplore are but for the sifting of the false fromt he true.

I think the wish to appoint Arch Ministers or First Spiritualist Pope Bruton overrides the need to remember that Spiritualism was meant to eschew the man made creation of Theology. All to frequently delivered through the sub concious mind of humankind. If we defend the theology by saying they are inspired through trance teachings then its best to remember that trance is an unreliable source of communication because, even in the work of those we rate highest, like Silver Birch and Barbanell, there are passages which look more reflective of the mediums world view. As the quality of trance declines then it will become affected by the mediums mind or subconcious to the point it all may be self created (for a variety of reasons).


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Re: After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

Post by mac Yesterday at 12:14 am

Speaking of so-called ministers (!?) I entered my post code in the search box for ministers and there was a whole bunch of them around where I live. Quite how there can be so many baffles me when you consider what a tiny organisation the SNU is. But there are several churches close by our town so I guess there's one per church as you've suggested. I'm not attracted by church anyway but I'm even more resistant if the Spiritualism structure has been manipulated in that way.

I think I found Modern Spiritualism at the tail end of its former existence and I'm pleased I caught it when I did. Fings ain't wot they used to be!


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Re: After The PN episode is it possible the SNU has not changed

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