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A parallel view

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A parallel view Empty A parallel view

Post by hiorta Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:11 pm

The Invisible Journey                             January 3rd 2016.
Wisdom of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche (1920 - 1996) ~ considered one of the greatest Buddhist masters ever.
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Nyingma Masters
 Many people rarely question the commonly accepted version of reality and conform to the standard postures of subduing enemies and cherishing friends and family.
Materialism, ambition and mundane achievements are the worldly hallmarks of success - we experience both the phenomenal world and our minds as being solid and truly existent.
Very few people doubt these assertions or question their validity.
Yet, the process of disbelief is the first step on the spiritual path.
~ Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche

I am not a Buddhist, yet instinctively can subscribe to many aspects of the Buddhist understanding of the nature of Life. Life that cannot die is a central pillar of the structure, the aim being to endeavor to achieve enlightenment – a state of becoming informed, unprejudiced and instructed – as we pass through many non-material life experiences in a series of incarnations.
In the West, the focus is firmly on the inevitable ultimate doom-laden death and its ominous, spectral shadow casting continually before captive minds.
My own searching for truth in life had subsequently brought me to an identical conclusion as Buddhism via the quite different route of Spiritualism.
Buddhism avers that, in parallel with Life’s experiences, we are our own teachers. At different points in the journey we will meet perplexing situations and has a maxim, well worthy of attention: “When the pupil is ready the Teacher will appear.”
Spiritualism takes a similar approach - it is only the physical body that ‘dies’ – its former inhabitant continuing to live on, steadily expanding their range of knowledge and abilities. From the vast numbers of people who have trod this Earth in earlier times, some will opt to remain, others to return to offer conscious guidance to the toiling pilgrims of their present day. This can take many forms, most by means of telepathic impression, guiding the seeker to existing information, or directly by clairaudience. This latter ability is rare and requires many years of dedicated practice, building a link with a proven, trusted ephemeral source.
It is logical to arrive at the natural understanding that, having left this earth through death, the departed individual in their new environment, aware of their loved ones suffering the sting of bereavement, would try to reach out to comfort and reassure them that they are still around, more alive than ever. Their own sorrow at being unable to register their presence on their mourning loved ones must also be terrible to bear. Telepathic contact is a great comfort, but conscious mutual telepathy is an unsurpassable joy – as I can gladly attest to.
Either way must surely be preferred to a pious hope that an unverifiable Deity will lovingly shield and guide loved ones safely through the brimstone-laden furnaces of theology.
Information which provides even a tenuous glimpse ‘ahead’ via competent mediumship, must be comforting in a way that stark belief never could be, especially if someone totally unknown to, or by you - can speak of individuals whom you know to be ‘dead’ and giving accurate details of names, or occupations, ages, causes of death, descriptions and relationships etc.
Mediumship is not an exact science with the experience and ability of the medium, their current health, etc., being a variable factor, but if the information from ‘beyond the grave’ should strike a vital note with you, you will enter a ‘new earth’, a new realisation of a fuller and more colourful understanding of LIFE.
Should any information forthcoming as to evidence of an individual surviving bodily death include details of events occurring subsequent to the communicator’s own death, might this then carry a powerful impact?
The underlying purpose of Mediumship is simply to ‘dry the tears of the mourner’ while firmly pointing to Life eternal, irrespective of any religion or philosophy favoured by the ‘deceased’.
The means preferred are the seekers choice.

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