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God is in Everybody but not Everybody is Good

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God is in Everybody but not Everybody is Good Empty God is in Everybody but not Everybody is Good

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:57 am

God is within every being. But it is not necessary that every being is good. The question that arises is how can every being have God, but not be good?

The answer: every being has God because every being is empowered, is ignited, is energized by the power of God. But every being is not good because this being has got its ego and this ego carries with it a mind, memory, an intellect or karmas of past lives and experiences.. And because a being carries its own karmas, its mind, its intellect, it need not be good.

Why are there so many terrorists? Why are there so many thieves, gangsters and rapists? Because these people are experiencing the result of their karmas. The law of karma, being reformative, is reforming these people as they live and equating their karmas or these people are redeeming their karmas with circumstances, actions, pain, pleasure and all kinds of things.

Therefore, remember that everybody has God, but not everybody is good. Our challenge is not to see the ‘everybody’ who is not good, our challenge is to see beyond, and see the God that is within everybody. By seeing that God, our God will always be manifested.



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