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Beliefs can be dangerous

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Beliefs can be dangerous   Empty Beliefs can be dangerous

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:00 am

We all have so many beliefs and these beliefs are based on what we have been taught. Maybe, somebody told us something and we believed it. We read a book, we heard something, we experienced something or just a random thought came to us in a flash and we believed it to be true.

Now, what is true and what is not true? How can we differentiate a belief that is true from a belief that is not true? There may be some beliefs that are true and there may be some beliefs which are absolutely false.

Well, principally to know whether a belief is true or false, we must use our vivek or our intellect to realize what we are believing in, whether it has grounds for belief or not. First of all, we must be very level headed to not let any belief take root in our mind without endorsing the logicality, practicality and truth of such a belief. Just because we heard something does not make it true, and though we may have read something, it may be absolutely false. Even the information available on any given subject on the internet contradicts itself - we simply cannot believe blindly. Therefore, people go to sites which can be trusted and are authentic.

Now does it mean that we cannot believe in God? Even the presence of a God is a logical conclusion. We have deducted that there must be something who made this universe and that something must be God, but to believe that God looks like this, talks like this and has such personal attributes is misleading for all this originates from mythological stories, which we must learn to disbelieve. Only when we learn to disbelieve what is wrong, will we have the opportunity of believing what is right.



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