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The journey starts....

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The journey starts.... Empty The journey starts....

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:32 am

How does the journey of self-realization, God realization and salvation start?

The journey starts with a very simple learning: we are not the body. It starts with a negation of the reality that we are the body. But how does one negate this belief that we are the body? All through life we say that we are this body - but what happens at death? At death we come to know that the body dies and the person in the body moves on, passes on. At least now, when we see a body that’s dying or dead, we should realize that this body is not the person that we knew. This body is only a vehicle of the divine soul, the spirit, the atman. When we realize that we are not this body, it marks the beginning of our journey of realization.

Without realizing that we are not the body, we cannot realize the true self. We are so attached to what we think is the true self and our ego is in complete command of who we think we are that we are unwilling to believe that we are ‘not this, not this’. That is why the first thing we must bring our self to believe is that I am not the body. The body dies, but I don’t die. This is my hand, this is my head, but where am I? What am I? I am not the body. I am something else. I am a power that resides in the body. I am the life power. I am the spirit. I am the energy. I am the breath. I am the life. I am not the body - this starts the realization journey.



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