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Do What Matters

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani on Thu Oct 29, 2015 7:53 am

If you keep doing things that donít matter to you, then when will you have the time to do the things that really do?

I love this quote because most of us are busy doing things that donít matter and at the end, we do not have any time to do things that truly matter.

What is it that truly matters? What truly matters is who we are and why we are here. What is the purpose of life? What should we do? What should we achieve? The true purpose of life is to find out who we are. But instead of finding out who we are and why we are here and then moving on and ahead, we are so caught in samsaar, in this world, we are so distracted and diffused, that we are unable to contemplate, reflect, introspect and concentrate on God, the Creator, the supreme Power. By not doing so, we continue to do things which are irrelevant, and therefore by doing things which are irrelevant, we are left with no time for relevant things.

We have to reverse this. We have to stop doing things that donít matter, so that we start doing things that matter. What matters is to build a relationship with the power that gave us life; what matters is for us to go back to the source we came from; what matters is for us to realize that we are not this body but the divine spirit within. And what matters is not to just realize that we are the divine spirit within, but to live as the liberated spirit Ė that is what matters. But instead of trying to do what matters, we do things that donít matter.
Of course we all like to be entertained, who doesnít? But we spend so much of our life being entertained that at the end of it all, apart from being entertained we have nothing else. Some people may ask: what is wrong in being entertained? Of course, there is nothing wrong in being entertained. The only problem is that the time that was used in being entertained was not used in understanding and achieving the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to realize God and we must stop doing things that donít matter, so that we can do this one thing that truly matters and that is, to realize God.



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