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Force greater than gravity

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Force greater than gravity Empty Force greater than gravity

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:02 am

In this world, gravity is a very strong force. The gravitational force pulls everything down, keeps it on Earth, but if you look at it, there is a force that is stronger than the force of gravity and that is the pull of samsara. The pull of gravity only pulls the body, but the pull of samsara pulls the body, the mind, the heart, the soul, everything down and this force, that is, the force of samsara, the force of the world destroys us. It distracts us from the purpose of life, for the purpose of life is to realize God and this force keeps pulling us down. The force of Nirvana, mukti, liberation, enlightenment is to go up onward, forward, upward, God-ward, but instead of going upward, God-ward, we are pulled down;  we are pulled into samsara by this force of samsara which is stronger than gravity. What exactly happens is that we try to be in Yoga – union with God, in a constant connection with God, but even as we try to be in constant connection with God, the mind is distracted, the senses are attracted to sense pleasures. The mind and the senses together create this samsaric force which pulls us drastically, drags us down to earth. Instead of us going upwards to heaven, we are pulled downwards, towards earth and the sad part is that we will continue to be on earth forever and ever, cycle after cycle, birth after death for there is no way to get out of this world except through nirvana, Moksh, mukti, enlightenment, self realization. Self realization and God realization are the paths of true wisdom, but the force called samsaar, the greater form, the greater force of gravity is trying to defeat us, prevent us from going upwards to heaven. The challenge in front of us is - are we going to let the force of samsaar pull us down or are we going to allow the pull of nirvana to take us up?



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