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1930 Recording of Conan Doyle talking about spiritualism

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1930 Recording of Conan Doyle talking about spiritualism Empty 1930 Recording of Conan Doyle talking about spiritualism

Post by Admin Sun May 11, 2014 12:43 am

The words are
« People ask :- "What do you get from spiritualism ?" The First thing you get is that it absolutely removes all fear of death. Secondly, it bridges death for those dear ones whom we may lose. We need have no fear that we are calling them back for all what we do is to make such conditions, as experience has taught us, we'll enable them to come if they wish. And the initiative lies always with them. They have many times told us that they could not come back if there were not god's will. And it did makes them intensely happy to be able to help and to comfort us. To tell us about their happy life and that world to which we are in our turn destined to come. People say that only triviality has come through, in effecting recognition this has some truth. If for example some dear one return to me, he could not prove his identity to me by discussing high matters. But he could do so by reminding me of past private experiences known only to himself and to me. I did contact with higher spirit people, who do get lofty religious teaching and most inspiring knowledge. The press unfortunately usually only notices spiritualism when fraud or foley is in question. Fraud and foley do exist, as in everything. But the press does not mention, as a rule, that thousands of cases where consolation and proof have been brought to suffering hearts. We bring important facts, new facts, which will revolutionize the all thought of the human race, both in religion and in science. It is the great question of the future, and it will end by making religion a real living thing so that all doubt of god's goodness or of the destiny of mankind will be forever banished. Since we shall each be in actual touch with what is higher than ourselves. And the communion of Saints will at last be an established fact. »

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