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Rules for Table Tipping Stainton Moses

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Rules for Table Tipping Stainton Moses Empty Rules for Table Tipping Stainton Moses

Post by Admin Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:12 pm

Hi All,

Astonishing that looking back at this which comes from Stainton Moses Mediumship but scanned from Sir William Barratt's "On The threshold of the unseen" 1920

"324 .
. Perhaps the best rules for the conduct of circles sitting· for spiritistic phenomena are those long ago published by" M.A. (Oxon) "-the Rev. Stainton Moses. After instructing sitters to place their hands flat on the upper surface of the table round which they sit, he goes on to say:-
•• Do not concentrate attention too fixedly on the expected manifestation. Engage in cheerful but not frivolous con­versation. Avoid dispute or argument. Scepticism has no deterrent effect, but a bitter spirit of opposition in a persen of determined will may totally stop or decidedly impede manifestations. If conversation flags, music is a great help if it be agreeable to all, and not of a kind to irritate the sensitive ear. Patience is essential, and it may be necessary to meet ten or twelve times at short intervals, before anything occurs. If after such a trial you still fail, form a fresh circle. An hour should be the limit of an unsuccessful seance.
" If the table moves, let your pressure be so gentle on its surface that you are sure you are not aiding its motions. After some time you will probably find that the movement will continue if your hands are held over, but not in contact with, it. Do not, however, try this until the movement is assured, and be in no hurry to get messages,
"When you think that the time has ccme, let someone take command of the circle and act as spokesman. Explain to the unseen Intelligence that an agreed code of signals is desirable, and ask that a tilt may be given as the alphabet is slowly repeated, at the several letters which form the word that the Intelligence wishes to spell. It is convenient to use a single tilt for No, three for Yes, and two to express doubt or uncertainty.
" When a satisfactory Communication has been established, ask if you are rightly placed, and if not, what order you should take. After this ask who the Intelligence purports to be, which of the company is the medium, and such relevant questions. If you only satisfy yourself at first that it is possible to speak with an intelligence separate from that of any person present, you will have gained much.
" The signals may take the form of raps. If so, use the same code of signals, and ask as the raps become clear that they may be made on the table, or in a part of the room where they are demonstrably not produced by any natural means, but avoid any vexatious imposition of restrictions on free communication. Let the Intelligence use its own means. It rests greatly with the sitters to make the manifestations elevating· or frivolous and even tricky.
" Should an attempt be made to errtrance the medium, or to manifest by any violeut methods, ask that the attempt may be deferred till you can secure the presence of some experienced Spiritualist. If this request is not heeded, discontinue the sitting. The process of developing a trance-medinm is one that might disconcert an inexperienced inquirer.
"Lastly, try the results you get by the light of Reason. Maintain a level head and a clear judgment. Do not believe everything you are told, for though the great unseen world contains many a wise and discerning spirit, it also has in it the accumulation of human folly, vanity, and error; and this lies nearer to the surface than that which is wise and good. Distrust the free use of great names. Never for a moment abandon the use of your reason. Do not enter into a serious investigation in a spirit of idle curiosity or frivolity. Cultivate a reverent desire for what is pure, good, and true. You will be repaid if you gain only a well-grounded conviction that there is a life after death, for which a pure and good life before death is the best and wisest preparation,." "

An awful lot of good information to think about.



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Rules for Table Tipping Stainton Moses Empty Re: Rules for Table Tipping Stainton Moses

Post by zerdini Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:48 pm

Very sound advice.



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