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woo woo is bad for your health delusion or fraud

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woo woo is bad for your health delusion or fraud  Empty woo woo is bad for your health delusion or fraud

Post by Admin Wed Dec 12, 2012 12:01 am

Ok this Advertiser article is by a Lady who is a committed and convinced Sceptic
However we see far too many articles of bad" psychics and Mediums" to be other than concerned about the damage that is caused by the charlatans or those who are deluded that they have great powers and believe they are doing good. Just a couple of examples here
http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/147976/singer_jenni_rivera_believed_alive here's the message http://instagram.com/p/TDQF1NgTLc/

Then of course we have the peddlers of the great 2012 apocalypse or ascension...take your choice. I notice Dianna Cooper, one of the original instigators has moved on to a Golden Age of 2030 but many of them are still going. I remember 1/11/98 when at 11am in each country people gathered, having taken all their metal objects off, to be lifted off by the spacecraft leaving those who were not choosing to join the new consciousness to a ruinous future. I believe one US park had 10,0000 believers (Of course that's ignoring all the earlier examples some since the 1940's are here https://www.spiritualismlink.com/t121-ascended-masters-and-ascension-by-roger-brown and of course the first one https://www.spiritualismlink.com/t335-the-earliest-ascension )

Oh well however well meaning or money seeking the motive the result of this type of nutty woo woo can be chaos and distress http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/9730618/Mayan-apocalypse-panic-spreads-as-December-21-nears.html

Every one of these makes the job of genuine psychics and mediums harder. It also creates an issue in convincing people Spiritualism should be treated seriously because we become smeared by perceived (sadly too often actual) association.


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woo woo is bad for your health delusion or fraud  Empty Re: woo woo is bad for your health delusion or fraud

Post by hiorta Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:38 am

There is just the one entrance and one exit from here, regardless of prophecies or inspired revelation.
This method works for all physical Life in more or less the same way.
The Law is Perfect.
It might be more rewarding to examine place of our future, rather than fret over illusory transport to reach it.

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