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Ascended masters and ascension by Roger Brown

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Ascended masters and ascension  by Roger Brown Empty Ascended masters and ascension by Roger Brown

Post by Admin Tue Jul 15, 2008 5:27 am

Roger Brown was the founder of Fountain International Adelaide a group meditation project focussing uopn community healing. Details about Fountain International can be found at http://www.fountain-international.org/ The organisation is very interesting and by definition non denominational. Roger was a retired lecture with a masters in the area of geology and a master dowser. A good friend of both Lis and I who taught me how to dowse, Lis was also a committee member of Fountain Adelaide. Roger always approached matter using the considerable intellect he had been blessed with and wrote many articles which were meticulously researched. Unfortunately he passed quickly and rapidly from cancer about 6 to 7 years ago.

Herewith with acknowledgement of his work I attach research he did upon the Ascension movement which may lead people to look more discerningly upon many of the movements claiming some special or miraculous change to our life circumstances. Remember that this was 1996 before the believers were reconvinced that the spacecraft were again coming on I believe 1/11/1998 at 11.11am

(reprinted from Adelaide Fountain Group Newsletter #94, February 1996, by Roger Brown)

Many people are expressing concerns about the widening divisions within the Network of Light that can reduce its effectiveness and can be largely attributed to the cruder versions of the Ascension scenario. We in Adelaide Fountain have expressed the view for years that much of the New Age has got caught up in astral glamour. We would dispute the validity of most of the 'channellings' from so-called Ascended Masters, Space Brothers and members of the Great White Brotherhood, however 'nice' they sound. We have doubts about many of the Earth healing missions which scores of Ascension devotees around the world are drawn or urged to do. For example, people arrive here regularly from the U.S. or U.K. or elsewhere to 'activate' or 'align' or 'heal' Uluru. Apart from the fact that there is usually no real understanding of the complex energies involved, or permission requested from the custodians, there seems to be a tacit admission that none of the previous 'healings' have been effective.

The New Age is full of people of goodwill and loving intent. We are all on our individual spiritual pathways, yet collectively we accept that "we are all one" and so we look to evaluate the broad directions being followed by humanity in general and the New Age in particular. Many of us would suggest that there are no rights or wrongs here because so-called 'wrongs' merely reflect lessons in comprehension and discernment that have to await our evolving wisdom. We all like to think that we understand more than we did 5 or 10 years ago! So it is easy to approach the topic of New Age direction with compassion rather than 'judgment', but the fact remains that some very real concerns are being expressed about what is happening.

Nayano Taylor-Neumann wrote last year in 'The Adelaide Ray' that, "I have a love/cringe relationship with the New Age. The New Age is where I find my metaphysical home, and yet I cringe to name it as my address." She goes on to say that this is because of widespread uncritical acceptance of irrational ideas. "If you can't understand it, it must be true. If what 'they' tell you comes from a 'higher consciousness' you must embrace it whole. If not you are 'creating bad karma' or 'spreading negativity'. There is a subtle game that goes on here. ... It takes unusual courage to own your own misgivings."
Lots of people these days seem to be writing and talking about the need for discernment on the spiritual path. Clearly this is a positive move, though the results seem to have been very varied. Clear spiritual wisdom is at one end of a spectrum. Towards the other end, much of the New Age has been caught up in the trappings of lower psychism that feature prominently in what Chris James aptly calls the 'Mind, Body and Wallet Festivals'.
So perhaps it is time to take a closer look at the Ascension Movement and related ideas. Not everyone will know its history and its long-term association with the Ashtar Command, or realise the fact that 'Lord Ashtar' will shortly celebrate the 50th anniversary of his re-appearance as a Space Commander. It is interesting to examine how the misinformation content has subtly changed over the years to strengthen its influence over potential followers and their changing values.

We deliberately offer much of this material without significant comment, to allow the 'channellings' and promotional messages of the time to speak for themselves.

Introducing Commander Ashtar
Allen-Michael Noonan was sticking notices on a billboard in California back in 1947 when he was "transported into another dimension", where the enthroned figure of Ashtar appointed him "Saviour of the World". In his subsequent role as Messiah, Noonan wrote a substantial reinterpretation of the Bible called 'The Everlasting Gospel'. He founded the 'One World Family' which, he said, with the help of the Ashtar Command, would 'eliminate' all professing Christians and then take over the governments of both the U.S.A. and the United Nations.

By the time that Ashtar gave George Van Tassel a ride in a spaceship in 1952, he was giving warnings to humanity about the dangers of materialism and a forthcoming cleansing through a 'frequency shift'. George responded by holding annual 'space conventions' from 1954-70 at his Yucca Valley property in California.

More interesting is the case of George King and the Aetherius Society. As Ashtar and Jesus were both reported as coming from Venus and were part of the same fleet, there was a broadening of the source of information to include Cosmic Masters (particularly Jesus, Aetherius and Goo-ling). In May 1954, taxi driver George King was told that he was to become the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament. In keeping with his new status, George subsequently awarded himself many titles, including a knighthood and the rank of Metropolitan Archbishop of the Aetherius Churches. Not surprisingly, some people couldn't understand why 'higher energies' would choose to work through such a flawed personality, and the Society's magazine 'Cosmic Voice' was hoaxed into printing 'supportive' letters from supposed scientists Dr Huizenass and Dr L. Puller.

However, things had improved by 1959 and the Aetherius Society was directed to take an active role, that of making pilgrimages to re-vitalise energy power points (then called 'psychic centres'). Those of you with long memories may possibly remember successive Operations Starlight, Sunbeam, Bluewater and Prayer Power. This sort of work has escalated in recent decades.

Meanwhile by August 1954 the Master Jesus was supposedly referring to himself as 'Lord Sananda from the planet Clarion', heading a group of communicators called the Guardians. Sananda gave messages to a group in Salt Lake City that their city would be destroyed by flood just before dawn on 21st December 1954, but that the group would be lifted to safety. Kevin McClure (1980) tells us that, "Members of the group gave up jobs, possessions and relationships and some took up unusual diets. One condition of escape required by the Guardians was that all metal should be removed from the participants' persons. This led to some interesting arrangement for trousers and brassieres, and a lively discussion about dental fillings. The last few days before 21st December were traumatic for the group members, as their hopes were first raised and then dashed by increasingly strange messages and predictions, all proving to be inaccurate. The greatest shock came on the day itself when no flood arrived, nor any spacecraft to save them from it. The group fell prey to disillusion and in due course dispersed."

Ashtar joined in the same joke, communicating in that same year with DR Charles Laughead, a medical doctor from Michigan State University, but tossing in a bigger bombshell than Sananda. The world was going to end on the same day, 21st December 1954, but North America would split into two and the Atlantic coast sink under the sea, as also would much of Western Europe. However, as researcher John Keel (1973) tells us, "A few chosen people would be rescued by spaceships. Naturally, DR Laughead and his friends were among that select group. He and a group of fellow believers clustered together in a garden to await rescue. They had been instructed to wear no metal, and they therefore discarded belt buckles, pens, clasps, cigarette lighters and shoes with metal eyelets. Then they waited. And waited. And waited."

Similar communications were 'brought through' in the 60s and 70s, with new names appearing, like 4th dimensional Orlon from the Intergalactic Command, and various entities from the Pleiades. The Ashtar Command, having been "in orbit for millennia", continued to predict an imminent shift in the Earth's axis, and the levitation of selected people up to the mother ships. In those days you just got rescued, with no real suggestion that you had to work on your own energy frequencies. One of the commonest predictions of doom from Ashtar in the 60s was that the world would end on Christmas Eve 1967. Needless to say, none of the predicted cataclysms occurred.

Project: World Evacuation
Activity stepped up a few notches when Tuella, a woman in New Mexico, channelled a 67-page description of impending planetary catastrophe and the rescue of spiritually evolved souls. ("Project: World Evacuation", by the Ashtar Command, Guardian Action Publications, 1982). For much of the next decade this booklet was widely disseminated around the world, and in the early days of Adelaide Fountain we were taken to task by several people for saying we didn't believe a word of it!

Commander Ashtar was described as having blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. He was said to be in charge of 10 million men in the Alliance for Peace in the Intergalactic Council, and was "Commander of the Starship upon which our Beloved Lord and Great Commander, Jesus Sananda, spent so much of His time."

The message was the age-old one of salvation from beyond at a difficult time, yet the implanting of fear in people's minds was still a significant component. It was said that most inhabitants of Earth wouldn't be able to endure the vibrations by December 1982. At the same time, more emphasis was placed on working co-operatively with those people who are spiritually inclined. The "chosen ones shall be personally removed from Earth, to be temporarily placed in a higher frequency, within our domain, and there be prepared spiritually for the mission to be completed.....We are attempting to create a conscious network of Light Beings in embodiment, that will be consciously entered into and co-operated with". Within a few years this idea was to evolve into the Starseed, and the scenario progressively altered to emphasise more and more "New Age truths".
However, much of the 1982 material makes quaint reading today. "Many will be lifted up rather suddenly from the midst of their affairs, creating some internal anxiety." (You bet!) However, we are assured by 'Kuthumi' that "if you're sleeping nude when lifted out, you'll be given a white garment to wear." Lady Athena, Ashtar's 'Twin Flame', said that the temperature on the spaceships was a comfortable 65-70° degrees F (18 - 21° C). She said that suits and light jackets would be suitable for the evacuation, though we should be " planning perhaps for one formal attire for dinner". She added that "you are encouraged to have your tape recorder and camera with you".

It would all be quite funny were it not for the fact that the messages somehow found a mass of uncritical believers who poured their thoughtforms out onto the astral planes. Commander Korton assured us that, our of love for our planet, the Ashtar Command were fighting the dark forces that were trying to bring chaos, nuclear war and economic collapse to our Earth. They were alert to the "master diabolic hand of the beast". Monka from the Saturnian Council made our indebtedness to the Command very clear when he said "We have been preventing your Earth from going into a flip on the axis.....Such a displacement cataclysm would practically wipe out most of the life on Planet Earth; and if we needed to do this, we would just withdraw the help we have been giving, to hold your world in its orbit.. Should it become necessary to withdraw our help...your planet would go into the flip on its axis...and begin its purification.

Being thoroughly decent chaps, the Commander had 13 million spaceships on hand to rescue "those of you who would be proper to populate the Earth in the New Age, when you will have Heaven on Earth." We were told this would only take "an hour at the most"; in which case, we might be sweating a bit after 50 minutes of axial shift, trying to cling on to our cameras in the unprecedented hurricane winds or swimming heroically against the inundating waters, while hoping that the fleet can see us.

Clearly, some sort of catastrophe had to be on the cards, or Ashtar wouldn't be offering to help. Commander Soltec (in the spacecraft Phoenix, monitoring the Earth for the Ashtar Command under the authority of Jesus-Sananda) said that the whole Atlantic seabord of the United States would be inundated during the winter of 1982-3, in addition to a polar shift of 14° and 3 days of darkness. But "the sky will be filled with ships extending an invitation to rescue whosoever is without fear and whose vibratory frequency is sufficient to bear the levitation beams". There would also be some landings where people could just walk onto the ships before transferring to their 4th dimensional bodies. "Women will have 18 year old bodies and men 24 to 25." No-one would return to Earth with "less that a perfect body".

No doubt some psychologists have had a great time examining this example of modern myth making. It clearly fills a need in the psyche of many people and, indeed, there are parallels with the 'rapture' awaited by fundamentalist Christians during the apocalyptic 'end times'.

Ashtar continued to be popular in the 80s and new centres for his channelling and publication appeared on the scene. One of these was the Cloverleaf Connection in Saskatchewan, Canada - a centre which promotes its location as a safe area away from potential cataclysms, where people of like mind can gather together to await lift-off. Since the late 80s a recurring message has been that "Ashtar and Sananda have been saying 'Now is the time of fulfillment of prophecy'".

part 2 to follow

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Ascended masters and ascension  by Roger Brown Empty Re: Ascended masters and ascension by Roger Brown

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Part 2
The Ascension Tapes
Another method of promoting the Ashtar story came with the five 'Ascension Class' tapes channelled by Eric Klein of Santa Cruz, which were widely circulated around Australia from late 1991 onwards. It was basically the same old message about liftoff, with the first wave imminent. Richard Giles wrote a discerning piece in 1992, commenting on how little critical discussion the tapes had engendered in many New Age circles. He dismissed the scenario as "just another manifestation of the 'external saviour' phenomenon", and added "That's a cop out. The world will be truly changed only when we, the human race, take responsibility for ourselves". Later on, it was claimed that the tapes contained both audible ("Come with us, initiate") and subliminal messages, and they became less vigorously promoted.
Information from the subconscious

John White wrote in 1990 that metaphysical bookshops are filled with channelled works that "are generally a mixture of delusional fantasy and subconsciously recycled material from other sources which may or may not be genuine. Both drinking water and sewage flow in channels". To illustrate the range, Ashtar channellings by 1992 were recommending Louise Hay affirmations as well as taking credit for the Star Seed programme. Through the Cloverleaf Centre, Ashtar claimed that his Command had worked for billions of years on the project of population many planets with Star Seed and bringing those planets through evolution. "It was myself amongst others who brought life to Earth in the very beginning. Now I come to assist her into the fifth dimension...Ashtar means 'Shepherd'. I wish to bring to your awareness another Shepherd. His name is Jesus... know to those of the Light as Sananda. We are working with you as partners, to bring the Earth into a higher dimension."

Another source announced that the Ashtar Command had begun a 'monitoring function' at the start of 1992, under Commander Korton, to record feelings and thought patterns "from your auric fields, in our great computer", enabling immediate analysis of areas needing healing. "We are able to scan your auric field and four lower bodies at length to see where the balance needs restoring and the chakras need aligning". The complementary part of this operation is then a 'transmitting function'. We are asked to "rest assured that all is done always by permission from the Higher Self of each individual", as well as to speak out and educate people about the Ashtar Command.

It has been interesting to observe how Ascension literature in the 90s has incorporated all sorts of concepts that had become sufficiently investigated and published to enter the general consciousness. These concept include the hologrammatic mind, cellular restructuring, geometrical patterns underlying all creation, the function and evolution of DNA coding, higher dimensional energy blueprints, planetary grid systems at different dimensional levels, the nature and role of Ascended Masters and karmic dispensation. Of course, these ideas in themselves are fire, indeed exciting; it is the garbled or misleading use of them that has become a problem.

Commonly, information has been promoted that cannot be verified, or alternatively is not readily checkable by most people, and which appeals to the faith and trust of the ready follower. Thus Commander Korton from the Starship Rainbow ("In the service of Lord Ashtar") announced in 1995 that a new molecular structure had been given to rainwater to assist the energising of the crystalline grid, to help the ascension process. ('On Eagles Wings', 3/3).

Apart from the updating of concepts, and despite that example, another significant change is that the name of Ashtar is kept more in the background these days, and most of the channelling is supposedly from Ascended Masters. Thus it was 'Kuthumi' who (in 'On Eagles Wings', 3/6, 1995) put out a call to the Star Seeds and Lightworkers to "raise the consciousness of the mass by leading the way through example and through teaching and imparting information in your own areas of expertise as you come into your knowledge and power. It is time to stand in your power.....Do not rely on others for answers....Do not allow them to sway you in your decisions. Take control of your life! This is a call to action!"
Lord Sananda's comments have evolved a lot since the fear-provoking days of the 1950s, reflecting not only the quality of different channels, but also the progressive projection of an association (in believers' minds) with 'Christ consciousness'. Part of Sananda's Easter message for 1995 was that many have been crucified on Terra (Earth) "through judgment in the name of religion, power and greed. ..Now is the time of the Resurrection, for humanity is beginning to tune into inner Light. This inner Light will then trigger individual transfiguration and Ascension."
Who are we dealing with?
The energies representing 'Sananda', 'Ashtar' and the rest, have come to mean widely different things to different people. As far as we know, Sananda is not a name associated with esoteric tradition, and has its origin in the 1950s Ascension Movement, over time becoming associated with the 'Risen Christ'. It is a thoughtform on the astral plane that has been highly energised by different sources and which can interact with people at different levels from the beguilingly seductive and loving holder of what seems to be Christ consciousness to an altogether sinister and possessive energy.

Colin Wilson has written of hostile forces which emanated originally from the human mind but which have taken on an independent existence. John Keel has written of entities playing out their programmed lives while feeding off the energies and minds of mediums and contactees. There are a great many entities on the astral planes who love nothing better than a willing channel to relay their ideas through, and all too many sincere people who are open to being misled as to the nature of these contacts.

Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard gave a public lecture in London in 1969 in which he said "The astral world of illusion is well-known for its multifarious imaginative activities and exhortations. Seemingly some of its denizens are eager to exemplify principalities and powers. Others pronounce upon morality, spirituality, Deity etc. Many of these these may be framed to propagate some special phantasm....or simply to astonish and disturb the gullible for the devil of it."

In other words, as John Keel suggested in 1970, there exists the possibility of "a staggering cosmic joke; a joke perpetuated by invisible entities who have always delighted in frightening, confusing and misleading the human race. The activities of these entities have been carefully recorded throughout history." Anthony Roberts (1980) wrote of "Multidimensional entities, spanning the centuries and always interfering in human affairs, albeit heavily disguised in the belief-systems of differing social patterns" and different ages.

Stephen Jenkins (1977) asked "What clues are there to help us in understanding the natures of these entities, telling us of their immense powers and their exalted ranks?....Are they masquerading as a long-neglected spiritual power?"

John Keel (1970) said that "Ashtar represents himself as a leader in the great intergalactic councils....But Ashtar is not a new arrival. Variations of this name, such as Ashtaroth, Ashar, Asharoth etc, appear in demonological literature throughout history, both in the Orient and the Occident. Mr Ashtar has been around for a very long time, posing as assorted gods and demons and now, in the modern phase, as another glorious spaceman."

Philip Simpfendorfer wrote in 1993: "Recently I heard of an acquaintance who waited and waited for Ashtar's spaceships to lift her off, and died of cancer instead. I know people who have been freed from possessing entities associated with Ashtar, and others weakened and deluded, I suspect from giving their unique individuality to one or another of Ashtar's lieutenants."

One of the golden rules of discernment is never to trust any energy that says "Trust me".
Jacques Vallee (1988) wrote "Shouldn't we know something more about the helpful stranger before we jump on board? Shouldn't we make sure that the chasm is real, and that we cannot bridge it with our own resources? ....When we are asked to suspend all our rational thoughts, to forget our 'obsolete' critical faculties, to throw control overboard, then the time has come to take all the data and go away with it to a quiet place to think."
Philip Simpfendorfer has added: "I would not give my will to any entity in the universe, because I know that in a subtle body of which I am not yet fully aware, I am the Universe. To know that oneself exists as a totality creates a great responsibility. What we do in our physical person affects all our subtle bodies and hence the universe! Hopefully we will all ascend into these greater aspects of self, through self-knowledge. Space ships won't take us."

In April 1992 the 'Sedona Journal of Emergence' included a channelling from 'Sanat Kumara'. While we cannot accept that as the source, some of it makes interesting reading: "Be not fooled by those who come here to say they are here to help you. You are not here to be rescued, and the help which is offered is....the temptation to remain confused. Whether they be from the so-called outer sources and galaxies or whether they be from this physical plane, ....they are certain to be questionable....You do not need the councils and brotherhoods. You do not need all the Ascended Masters. I ask you to learn your discernment of truth (so) that you are not clouded by a promise...if anyone tries to give you something too complex because it titillates your mind, because it creates for you an ego...be cautious...These things....come out of the manufacture of the mind. Look for your truth. Do not fear these things or judge them, but love them, and they will find an opportunity to let go of what they think they possess."

One thing is certain: Ashtar and his cronies are not of the true light. Yet they have indeed served a higher purpose by leading many people ultimately to question the world of illusion.
Part 3

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Ascended masters and ascension  by Roger Brown Empty Re: Ascended masters and ascension by Roger Brown

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Part 3
Astral glamour.....continued

Another golden rule, therefore is to be wary of material that encourages glamour and illusion. Thus we can accept most but by no means all of Sandy Stevenson's widely distributed article of January 1995 on 'Discernment: The Key Word on the Planet'. We acknowledge that belief systems are a matter of choice, but, siding with the esoteric tradition, we cannot accept that you can just 'be' a Master. It involves a long and difficult pathway of spiritual growth. Just because someone is a Lightworker simply means they are on the pathway, and to suggest to all Lightworkers that "When requesting assistance from the higher realms, keep in mind that you are a Master" is not helpful. Neither should we trust everything that 'feels right': DK through Alice Bailey wrote that the greatest gift we can give to the world is to raise our consciousness from the astral to the mental planes.
There are vast numbers of emotionally-charged thoughtforms of variable qualities on the astral planes. They include all the conscious and subconscious fears and expectations of global catastrophes that have been recycled as astral channellings and presented to the world as predictions. Also most of the 'teachings' channelled today seem to come from the 5th astral plane, which explains why so much illusion is woven around the seeds of truth that are embedded in the teachings. Most people in the world are still astrally-polarised, with a tendency to believe that everything they feel is real.

Benjamin Creme (1993) has suggested that "On the astral planes there are 'facsimiles' of various Masters - the Masters DK, Morya, Koot Humi, Serapis, Jesus, Hilarion and various others, created as astral thoughtforms by humanity. 'Sananda' does not exist (except as) another of the many products of astral imagination which today muddy the waters of new age understanding. There are many mediumistic, astrally-sensitive individuals who 'receive' from these 'facsimiles' so-called 'teachings from the Masters'. This is glamour and illusion."

Another golden rule is therefore to start from a position of caution concerning all channelled sources, and in relation to all ideas and information 'brought through' in that way that cannot be corroborated by other evidence and does not sit comfortably with current knowledge and experience.

Global New Age events
What are we to make of all the specific events or 'happenings' that have been celebrated over the past decade, many of which have involved channelled information? The first things to say is that they are commendable in bringing together so many people of goodwill in various activities designed to invoke light. Less commendable are the meanings given to some of the events, which become uncritically accepted by a mass of followers. Fortunately those participants who are heart-centred in service will ensure that some good comes out of these events however they are promoted.

If the global meditation dates were thought to be so significant for humanity, it's strange that not one of them has produced any change in the prevailing base factor of Adelaide's energies (though a change was reported in parts of Europe at Harmonic Convergence). However, we did observe changes to our geometrical energy patterns after Adelaide Fountain had been involved in large gatherings to celebrate World Healing Day in December, 1986, Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 and Earth Link in February 1988. There were no changes in pattern associated with any of the specific dates widely promoted in relation to later events like 11:11 and 12:12, presumably because as a group we chose not to get involved with these events. Our energy field seems to relate to local rather than to global energetics.

Each event will have encapsulated some truths that were unfolding within the spiritual growth and consciousness of humanity, and these will have been variously refined within the mindset of each participant. But of course, many people chose not to accept the promotional blurb. We were told that the 8:8 in 1991 activated the Giza Stargate as a result of a decision made by Isis 12,000 years ago. The opening of the doorway of the 11:11 on 11 January 1992 awakened a critical mass of 'Star' people and set the Earth on a new spiral path to 'Octave 7'; unless we passed through the doorway by the end of 2011 there would be no mass ascension of the Earth to a new dimension and new position in relation to the solar system. Solara 1 crossed paths with Solara 2 in Australia, which confused and disillusioned a lot of people.

We had the Time Warp in 1989, which 'intensified the effectiveness of healing by 1000%', and the Time Shift of 1992, which Lord Sananda said was a complete break with the past so that the old ways wouldn't work any more. During a short period of transition we were urged to have a spare torch, candles and emergency cooking equipment on hand.
Shirley Kemp's 1981 article on the Photon Belt was resurrected in 1991 and uncritically accepted as telling of the spiritual light into which the Earth was about to pass. Whatever the metaphysical truth of that, and we would accept that the light has increased in intensity, none of the purported scientific evidence has been corroborated. A Melbourne man wrote an article saying that between mid-1992 and 1993 there would be 5 days of continuous darkness (if the Sun entered the Photon Belt before the Earth) or 5 days of continuous light (if the Earth went first). We were told "Don't embark on overseas air flights once you suspect the light is dimming", and that with the pumps not working, sewage could back up so we should plug our toilets with towels or a large map. We saw people interviewed on television who were taking this seriously and were stocking up with food and other provisions.

Widely differing interpretations were publicised concerning the 12:12 events on 12 December 1992 and 1994, though there was agreement that they represented a step forward in consciousness to new levels of freedom. Why this should be seen as related to specific trigger dates rather than as a continued influx and growth of spiritual energy is not clear and reflects a particular belief system.

We could do without the contribution of the World Ascension Network: "The essence of 12:12 (1994) is our return to original innocence. Your sexuality is your power. Adam and Eve were meant to be very tantric beings. Had the story been told correctly they would have been making love all the time". Somehow this was linked to the opening of Stargate #43, the 'temple' of the Great Pyramid. Princess Sharula, an ascended master and physical immortalist in her 270’s, ran a 2-week trip from the USA for $3000 to be in at the action. Those lightworkers who feel drawn to be involved on such occasions and can discern the wheat from the chaff must despair of such promotions.

Welshman David Cousins focuses on the streams of energy reaching the planet and helping our evolution. In 'A Handbook for Light Workers' (1993 pp.78-9) he says that since the 60s there has been "a series of key notes coming into the planet to activate the circuitry within the genetics of our bodies. As these different key notes of harmony continue to come in, they help to build up our vibrations until we go through....various thresholds...A lot of Light workers are being genetically encoded. This is done through the focus of meditation when a frequency vibration allows unconditional love to come in, and their genetic encodement to be breached. In this way Light particles trigger off a form of cellular structural alignment." This is seen as the way in which our bodies progressively become 5th dimensional.

Be that as it may, one thing that Colin Bloy has brought clearly to our attention has been a change for many people in the etheric blueprint of the genetic code. When you call up the archetype of the code on a mental screen you can see or feel four ellipses which carry the old code of 64 or the new code of 80. During a healing, you can't just change the code to the new form; it is something that is done at Elohimic discretion, for some people, according to their needs and pathway. But it is a matter of observation that people born since the 60s tend to have the new code. There is broad agreement here that some sort of change is taking place.

David Cousins (p.80) goes on to claim that "On 14th February 1992 a new star gateway opened...Its impact for Light workers is important as this was the trigger date when the karmic pattern within the planet changed. A new opportunity is now offered to all of us to release personal karma through meditation, inner work, and through the right activation of the will, rather than having to 'live out' the experiences normally required to clear and release karma in a physical manner....It is now the time when personal karma has got to go! You can then move on to work with your friends on group and planetary karma." He added that the impact of this change was fully effective by August 1993.
We don't know what evidence there is to support this 'received' information, or the validity of these dates, but our recent experience with archetypal healing would support the idea that it is now possible to clear the karmic blueprint for someone so that they have the potential to clear their personal karma in this lifetime. Work in this manner has been done since at least 1989 (see AF#53, February, 1990).
Ascension as a process

The term 'ascension' covers a wide spectrum of ideas. It is sad to think that there are so many New Age and Christian groups awaiting lift-off. For others, ascension implies an evolutionary process on the spiritual pathway, with the end product producing an ascended master. In the esoteric traditions this is a long and difficult procedure over many lifetimes, but in much New Age thinking, the process is held to be astonishingly rapid, analogous to getting a Master's Degree without passing all the initiatory coursework.
Different things are read into the term 'master', as a master of matter, operating in different dimensions. The same is true of the word 'ascend': using the word in its everyday sense, you can ascend a latter by moving up from any of its rungs.

A changing interpretation of the word 'ascension' in the 1990s has brought a welcome shift away from most of the doom and gloom scenarios of planetary cleansing and rescue by intergalactic saviors, although it appears that there are still large numbers of predictors and believers of imminent cataclysm. Joanna Cherry (of Ascension Mastery International, Mt. Shasta) wrote in 1990 that "An important part of my understanding about ascension is that it has nothing to do with leaving earth. Ascension is about being fully masterful, able to transcend apparent limits of time and space, right here on earth".

Despite that, the World Ascension Network of Santa Fe still announced in the middle of 1991 that a "poll of the Ascended Masters reveals that there is agreement on the dematerialising or 'beam me up' theory". They explained that you could opt for a slower ascent to more fully appreciate its sacredness. You would be welcomed into the 5th dimension by a party " attended by the beings you used to pray to". And after training and choosing your path of highest service, you would return to Earth with conscious memory and as a radiant being functioning like a "human night light".

However, with a change of mind in 1992, the World Ascension Network announced that "Since we are no longer on a planetary plan of cataclysm very few of us will be 'beamed up'. Instead the Spiritual Hierarchy wants us to take responsibility for our home planet which is now in a healing crisis. To truly save the planet and bring it into the Golden Age it will take all of us doing the work as Ascended Masters." It was explained that the 'new energies' brought ascended masters in one incarnation. "If 144,000 commit to this then it will have a 'trickle down' effect to the rest of humanity. Think about it! A whole planet of Ascended Masters!"

Despite the glamour of its Mother Matrix advisory panel (founder Mary Clarice McChrist, editor-in-chief Lord Mary, advisor DK) 'Mary's Sun Letters', Vol 1 (2), April-June 1994, took a more credible line in suggesting that ascension now means "perfecting the self, raising one's vibratory rate into the 5th dimension, while remaining in body to serve in the Earth's transformation". Many Light workers are consciously working to expand their awareness and align with their soul.

Adelaide's Susan Roberts explains that "We are not so much witnessing as experiencing, here and now, in our own bodies and energy fields, a continuing process of evolution, which might be called Ascension. All evolution is evolution of energy. Evolution is the purpose of life. It happens exceedingly slowly when initiated on the grossest level (as a result of physical stimulus). It occurs more quickly when initiated on emotional or mental levels. When evolution is triggered at the level of consciousness or spirit, and this can be a conscious choice, it can be incredibly rapid. Right now we are evolving from human beings into Light beings. As we consciously choose this we invite Divine Light to enter us and to clear, rebalance and heighten all that we are."

Susan continues: "What is all this Light and energy doing? It is making subtle adjustments to the functioning of cells, organs and systems in the physical body, and likewise to the make-up of the subtle bodies. The levels of Self come into greater harmony with each other and the Divine."

John White in "The Meeting of Science and Spirit" (1990) says that "There is a type of knowledge beyond science....which is democratically available to every one of us. It is the core truth, the eternal message of all of the world's scared traditions. It is knowledge anyone can obtain directly from the cosmos, without intermediaries...Call it God-knowledge, mystical union, attaining yoga, finding the Tao, or achieving enlightenment...This is the knowledge which gives purpose, direction and fulfillment to our lives by answering the ultimate questions spiritual traditions and science alike have tried to answer."

"That is not to deprecate the value of whatever wise counsel or technical information humanity may be offered....in the matter of evolving to higher states of being. But in the last analysis, it is up to us to take responsibility for our own growth into higher consciousness."

Part 4 next

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Part 4

Higher spiritual wisdom

John White continues: "Channelled communications have a long and honourable history in human affairs. Of course, like anything else noble and elevated, they have their sleazy imitators and questionable claimants...Perhaps nine out of ten channels are 'bringing through' nothing more than a fabricated subpersonality of their own creation....The unwary can fall prey to deceptive messages and messengers. Low-level entities lurk in metaphysical realms, ready to rush in. But spiritual counterfeits aside, the human race has been uplifted by words of wisdom originating, it seems, from levels of existence beyond the human which are inhabited by more highly evolved beings, who are compassionately concerned for us....The entities and their native realms inter-penetrate our own three-dimensional framework, creating a spiritual hierarchy, a great chain of being leading up to the source of creation, 'Godhead'.
"Whatever their name or form, the existence of these more highly evolved intelligences is on a scale enormously beyond the human, and from their level of reality they influence human affairs in a non-compulsory manner...They can see with overarching vision the possibilities ahead for us and can gently guide us towards desirable ends....Higher consciousness reaches down to humanity...while, in turn, humanity reaches up to higher consciousness. Thus evolution proceeds."
"From the cosmic perspective the human situation is a kind of sleepwalking from which we awaken by grace and no small effort of our own.....You realise you are nobody special because, beneath outward form and name, everyone else is also you as expressions of the One Great Being. Thus, the true response to self-realisation is humility. The true response is also selfless service - the behavioural reflection of unconditional love. When you realise your true Self, you automatically respond to the call of humanity. Thus, the enlightened are more involved in human society than any other group is." (pp. 65-6, 173-9, 209-10).Not sitting around waiting for lift off.

Jo Buchanan has written about how awakening to our soul leads us to make a decision to be of service to others in some form or other, whether it be projecting peace and healing in groups, visiting patients in hospitals, working for Greenpeace, the dolphins or with street kids, or simply doing your elderly neighbour's shopping." Palden Jenkins added that "There's a kind of magic which works when one is clearly in service. For ....we are integrating into the larger flow of the Universe and becoming an unresisting part of the creative process."
Fountain work in Adelaide
The concern of Adelaide Fountain Group is to be of service through exploring the theory and practice of community healing that uses energy directed in an altered meditative state. We aim to keep refining and evaluating our methodology and to share our findings with other groups. Ultimately all that matters is that some level of healing should be brought to our whole community through an ambient energy field, as well as to a range of specific places, situations and issues that have revealed themselves to be in disharmony. Ultimately our goal is the evolution of Adelaide into a City of Light, populated by heart-centred people practising right human relations.
Latterly we have work with, and obtained information from, a telepathic source referred to as as the Keepers of the Gate. Of course some people could suggest that Adelaide Fountain is also deluded by astral glamour. We can only answer that we are aware of potential problems, and are vigilant.
The Keepers never tell us what we should do though they are happy to make recommendations in response to our request for clarity. And they insist that we should test their words against our knowledge and experience. Much of the information that we have received has been demonstrably checkable, either in terms of energy patterns or human situations. Sometimes, the Keepers seem to be a step ahead of an unfolding situation. For instance, they told us on 6th January that they were putting a symbol in place for us to work with in the context of Government House on North Terrace, as it "will play a particular and significant role in the politics of your city in the coming 12 months and you will see changes occurring there in office and in a number of significant meetings of constitutional importance". Since we received that message, the role of a State Governor has been called into question around Australia.
As with all other developments, we will continue to observe and to exercise our discernment.

The final piece followers a piece of trance mediumship

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The final piece is a transcription of a trance address from a medium who I have implicit trust in. the opening remarks are by a Lady called Alanna Moore who then headed the NSW dowsers. She and I have been trying on her occasional visits to Adelaide to catch up regarding my Beacons of Light project

"Keepers of the Gate: Discernment in relation to channelling"
I'm not a great channelling fan(not channeling genuine trance) - but this received from "The Keepers of The Gate" received through Adelaide Fountain Group, of which Roger was a prominent member, struck a chord with me as it carries on my cherished theme of discernment – (NSW Dowsers)

"Whether any information obtained is of value depends on the source of the information; its clarity; its content; its intent; the use to which the information can be put; the 'tone' or 'feel' of the information; and its impact on the receiver and other people.
A fundamental indicator is contained in the sentiment of the information. Is it positive and uplifting? Is it factual? Is it negative and filled with dire consequence? Is it fatalistic and 'inevitable' in impact? Does it offer hope? Can the information be used to help, heal, resolve and move forward the recipient? Does it convey gentleness and love or forceful directives? Does it encourage and support or suggest directives and compulsion?
In examining information received in the light of these factors, it is possible to discern the nature and motivation and therefore the usefulness of that which is obtained.
In short, information which is lacking in clarity, is ambiguous or verbose, will tend to be lacking in useful content. Lack of clarity may result from the information being inaccurately or incompletely received by the receiver. Ambiguity always comes about as a result of distortion of the primary message at the subconscious level of the receiver. At the subliminal level of 'pick up' the basic information received is confused with, or by, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and previously held convictions or knowledge, that 'intrude' on the information obtained.
To some extent distortion of this kind is almost inevitable until the receiver (the one who is 'channelling the information) has learned to still the mind and consciousness and can remain in a passive but alert and mentally aware state during the time information is being transmitted. To acknowledge distortion is a strength, not a criticism. Whilst it is in the dimension of the human form the 'mind' must transmit through the 'matter' of the personality. It is only by overcoming the conscious limitations of personality that pure unadulterated information can be transmitted and received into the consciousness.
We would focus now on some more disturbing kinds of distortion. Any information obtained which suggests absolutes, or emphatically insists on certain courses of action, or dictates that a person must do something or believe something, must be viewed as suspect. Any information that purports to come from 'evolved' or 'advanced' spiritual beings or 'ascended teachers or masters' of world-wide repute in the past must be subjected to the greatest scrutiny and suspicion, until such sources have established that their 'contact' and information fulfills those positive, loving and healing attributes which convince the receiver that the greatest and highest possible good is intended by these communications.
Messages from 'beings', whether they call themselves 'beings of light', 'advanced teachers', 'archangels', 'ascended masters', 'Mary', 'Jesus', 'Josephus', 'Pythagoras' or 'Keepers of the Gate', must be assessed and evaluated according to the criteria outlined at the beginning of this communication.
An entity is not necessarily an 'Ascended Master' just because it says it is. An entity is not necessarily motivated by love and the highest possible good just because it says it is. Many a being in the physical and in the non-physical realms has preached 'love', and very convincingly too, in order to gain power and dominion over another or others. Too often these messages of love, purporting to come from 'significant' beings of a 'higher order or dimension' contain within their words and 'guidance' an attitude of manipulation and control.
They may contain absolutes and dire predictions of disaster and destruction which will come about unless their words of 'wisdom' and 'knowing' are followed. Hidden within the content of the verbiage (and there is often much verbiage of a dramatic and pompous nature) are implicit warnings that those who do not follow the 'advice' given will be 'lost', or suffer grave consequences, or fail to be part of some great, new or wondrous opportunity or life.
Often the promised goal is nothing less than 'perfection', achievable by those who follow the 'word' of the 'Master' and forever unavailable to those who fail to heed the word. The message is essentially divisive, segregational and elitist, and relies on fear (be it fear of exclusion or fear of a world destroyed) to bring the receiver 'into the fold', and keep them there, doing the 'Master's will'. And all in the name of love!
Ask yourself these questions: Would God give up on anyone? Would God threaten hell and damnation to non-believers? Would God destroy his creation arbitrarily and in childish petulance? Would God exclude some but give perfections to others? Can perfection be bought by belief? Would God ask you to discriminate against others? Would God tell you to destroy or negate his creation? The list is endless. The word 'God' which might offend some could be changed and still the questions would remain.
If a message says 'believe', 'trust', 'obey' or offers elaborate but uncheckable theories, hierarchies, systems and personalities, then be wary. Apply the criteria. Jesus himself said 'You may know me by my works'.
Know these 'messengers' by their works. What does their work suggest to you? Divisiveness, gullibility, open channelling without sensible checks and balances? Too many call upon the followed (and in this we include the Ascensionists) to suspend judgment, to believe because they are told to believe: 'Trust me' - don't question, don't challenge, don't use your own discernment. It would seem that the more outrageous are the claims made, the more willing some people are to believe them without thinking and using their own mind and common sense.
Those who say they are evolved beings but tell you humans what to do, are taking over, limiting the expression of free will, free choice, free growth. Anything that limits your own individual growth by supplanting it with absolutes and certainties must be viewed as suspicious in the extreme. Spiritual growth and evolution is just that. It is a natural progression and development of awareness. It is not forced or 'brought on' like a seedling in a hothouse, and is not to be dictated or determined by beings in the world of spirit, regardless of the dimension or level they suggest they belong on.
If one is to rely on dimensional realities and believe that beings from the 5th or the 11th have greater knowledge, wisdom and power, then rely also on this one fact. If evolution, dimensionally, means spiritual evolution and light, let the messages be assessed according to the light. Just how much 'light' is found in messages of doom? Just how much light is found in the bearers of the messages? How much light does shine in the light of those who follow such messages? Do their lives become filled with light and happiness? Do they do good works? Do they sing the praises of the creator or do they speak of doom and gloom and disasters and super beings who will 'take over' and impose change on all you 'ignorant', 'foolish', 'lost', or 'bad', human beings?
Our message is a simple one. Be still. Know the truth within. Love belongs to all - it is the very essence of your being. All will discover this in their time. We need not force this upon your world. We need not destroy in order to build the 'brave new world'.
The world is. You are. We are. It is as it should be. Go forth in your lives as beings of light. Strive, if you will, to reflect your light out into the world. Force no-one to see the light. Offer your light freely, unconditionally and without judgment Worry not about beings from other worlds or outer space or 5th dimensions or 11th or 20th. Follow only a pathway of love and compassion. Seek guidance if you will in the higher reaches of your consciousness, tap into the realms of spiritual knowledge and energy, but as you do so, assess all that you receive or perceive in the light of love. If it is full of love let it guide you; if not, place it to one side, love it and leave it alone. Judge it not, destroy it not, but neither give it credence. Do not try to defeat that which would seem to lack love. Simply fill it with love and know that all will be well.
The Keepers have spoken. Now question us as we would have you question all things. Put us in the context of love and see if we reflect it or not. Peace be with you all at this time."
"Keepers of the Gate: Discernment in relation to channelling". Reprinted from Adelaide Fountain Group Newsletter #94, February 1996.

© Roger Brown/Adelaide Fountain Group/Fountain International 2001. All rights reserved

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