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Psychic Devastates Dead Students Family

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Psychic Devastates Dead Students Family Empty Psychic Devastates Dead Students Family

Post by Admin Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:37 am

Here is another example of the reasons so many people mistrust Psychics, sadly when this occurs no one draws distinctions between Mediums and Psychics. It scares me if it is true that apparently John Edwards is going to try and link to the Spirit of a missing person, presumed dead, to help find the body. Now I could imagine this may happen to a medium accidentally when connecting to a Spirit during a reading but to do this for a specific person presumed dead is worrying.


Sometimes events like this even cause me to question the wisdom of trying to help people with psychic development as a way to establish those who have genuine mediumistic capacity. Even when you ensure that people have a full understanding of the ethics, morality, risks, limitations and shortcomings of a psychic transaction there is no guarantee that this will be followed.


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