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On Death and Love - Red Cloud

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On Death and Love - Red Cloud  Empty On Death and Love - Red Cloud

Post by Admin Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:52 am

On Death and Love - Red Cloud
In the 1930's a little lady named Estelle Roberts used to hold thousands of people spellbound in The Royal Albert Hall in London. Why? Because she was the trance medium through whom the spirit of Red Cloud spoke. Once under the control of Red Cloud, this tiny lady filled the vast spaces of the Albert Hall with the deep, masculine voice of this wonderful native American Guide. Here are some of his thoughts on death and love:

Death is not such a bad thing after all. Is it not a blessing in disguise to some? When you look around at humanity suffering in its ignorance, would you not rather think that those you love had passed from a body of suffering into a world of fullness? Or is your love too selfish? With true love it is greater to give than to receive; it is greater to love than to be loved; and it is greater to give a cup of cold water to one who is suffering. That is to know the glory of God.

If you love with an unselfish love, then you have set out to learn the way past death. From whence I come it is not a place of airy clouds. It is not a place of vapour. It is solid, practical and full of common-sense people. If you would only stop for a little while to think of the great plan of the universe, the great plan of the earth, with its beauty and sunsets, and flood of blossom and then realise what Jesus meant when he said, "Eye has not seen nor vision beheld the glories that God has prepared for man."

Do you think the Law that brings you from childhood to full manhood would drop you from a state of manhood to nothing? Is it logical? Of course not. Man does not die. He is indestructible.


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On Death and Love - Red Cloud  Empty Re: On Death and Love - Red Cloud

Post by Admin Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:53 am

Fifty Years a Medium Estelle Roberts186
Red Cloud on God
God is not a being but a force of good which permeates the
universe and is infinite. Evil is not force, but an error in thought
which has arisen in the world because of the misuse of free will. It
is finite and can be overcome by concentration on good and on
As God dwells within each one of us, every individual is part of
the Whole which is God. And because we are all part of the Infinite
Spirit of God, we cannot die.
The gradual unfolding of the consciousness of the Mind of God
within us is the process of evolution of our souls. In order to find
God we must be "born again" into the realization that we are
spiritual beings, and into the acceptance of our personal
responsibility for every action we commit. Thus the extent of our
evolution depends entirely upon ourselves. As we desire, so we
shall receive.
The universe is ordered by divine law. If we follow this law, it will
lead to perfect harmony; if we go against it, the result is chaos. The
first law is that of love. Love is the ability to see only latent
perfection in our fellowmen. Love is the attribute of the Divine
mind, whereas fear stems from the material mind. Love and fear
are the two incompatible opposites, the one forever striving to cast

out the other. Love is the complete negation of self; self-interest is
the father of fear. The natural expression of love is service to
others, not so much in the performance of great works as in doing
that which lies nearest to hand.
To dwell within the kingdom of heaven is to dwell within the
Mind of God which lies within ourselves. All must first seek this
kingdom from which, once found, all else will flow. Prayer for
ourselves is purposeless, for we already have all we can ever need.
The only true prayer is the unceasing communion with the divine
spirit within us. Never must we forget that God is within us, not
outside us, that we are all individual parts of God, which is the

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On Death and Love - Red Cloud  Empty Re: On Death and Love - Red Cloud

Post by Mark74 Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:04 pm

Great Jim, thanks for this, Must go through my forty years a medium again as its been sometime now.


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On Death and Love - Red Cloud  Empty Re: On Death and Love - Red Cloud

Post by obiwan Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:21 am

Thanks Jim. Very interesting.


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On Death and Love - Red Cloud  Empty Re: On Death and Love - Red Cloud

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