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VIctor Zammit in June PW

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Post by LeroyC Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:53 pm

I have had this discussion with Herr Muegge, who has assured me that they have had 'survival evidence'. I remain unimpressed. Yhe Germans like the 'phenomena'. Strange that to me, as I have spent a lot of time in Germany, and I have always thought them very thorough in their undertakings and scientific method.

I would have thought they would be highly critical of mediums who DID NOT provide survival evidence. Lots of bluster and claims from this group, but I ask them WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ????. I do not wish to be too critical as I have not sat with them and cannot give a full objective view.

As for Mr Zammit, then while I support his enthusiasm for survival evidence he nedds to examine in more detail these circles claims. If the evidence is not there, then I remain I am afraid very sceptical of the same.

Leroy C


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VIctor Zammit in June PW - Page 2 Empty Re: VIctor Zammit in June PW

Post by KatyKing Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:59 pm

He is a bit strident old VZ isn't he?
Put me in mind of a sort of survival Bill Graham.
So unSpiritualistic all that certainty he's dead right and others are all wrong.

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