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Circle Experience re French Jet Crash June 2009

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Circle Experience re French Jet Crash June 2009 Empty Circle Experience re French Jet Crash June 2009

Post by Admin Thu Jun 04, 2009 12:03 am

Hi All,

Last night in our Platform mediums development group we did an exercise of connecting in the silence. Although much of the connection was personal and private, involving my family members, several parts were unusual. Before making the link with them I found myself in an "airport" waiting room with a line of people, at the same time I had a dapper pilot trying, in French, to communicate with me. It became clear that I was seeing the way Spirit were helping with the transition of those who had died for some reason.

I then continued with the exercise but, as my link with loved ones finished, the pilot was back urgently trying to share that he had had no time to do anything, wanting to get in touch and help. At that time I realised that another Spirit was close by who was showing me an experience he had when his plane crashed into another and exploded. The message I had was the French Airliner had blown up, imagine my shock when I looked at the news today and this information was confirmed.

The other relevant thing was that Lis dropped into light trance with her Uncle Jack coming through in a very real communication but Jack had died in World War 2 when his Spitfire collided with another on a training exercise and exploded. He had been the Spirit assisting me in the communication with the pilot by illustrating to me his own experience.

I wish I had more experience of trance, better French and we had recording equipment (but the trance and the phenomena this group obtains is not the reason for it, as the key emphasisi is platform training) I suspect much could have been received.


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