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Strange Sounds heard Around the World

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Strange Sounds heard Around the World Empty Strange Sounds heard Around the World

Post by Admin Fri Feb 10, 2012 3:58 am

There have been a whole series of stories about this event, from the whackiest to the most normal. here is just one such

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Strange Sounds heard Around the World Empty Re: Strange Sounds heard Around the World

Post by Left Behind Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:50 pm

Being Spiritualists, we of course know that they are the deceased, not extraterrestrials. Wink

There exists a huge number of such "anomalous voice" recordings, as Anabela Cardoso, a Portugese diplomat and EVP researcher, calls them. Some have identified themselves as specific deceased people, provided evidence of same, and conducted conversations with experimenters.

There's a fellow named Bacci in Italy who has been doing this for decades, and holds regular seances, if you will, with bereaved sitters trying to reached their deceased. He's had amazing results! He used an old Nordmende vacuum tube (as we say in the US) or valve radio, which has produved the same results with the tubes removed from the radio.

No one else seems to get results with his radios, though. Bacci seems to be an anomaly himself: a medium, whose point of contact with spirit is through the radios.

It's said that mediumistic ability has little or nothing to do with most EVP contacts, though.

All this is just what I've heard from what little reading I've done on the subject.


Left Behind

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