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This World is a Jail

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This World is a Jail Empty This World is a Jail

Post by AiR_Ravimelwani Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:05 am

This world is a Jail, but we think it’s a garden with all the roses and the pleasures it offers us. Unfortunately, we don’t realize that we are jailed in this world. The prison bars stop us from achieving our Aananda - unending bliss, a super joy that we’ve never experienced before. We have lost our way and come to this world from our real home. Our real home is a place of true joy, of ecstasy, but we come to a world of sorrows; a world of pain and misery, not realizing that death can’t be escaped here and thus, we grow, we age, we suffer, we die. We don’t realize that in this prison, we are born again and again only to be jailed. Our mind and our senses self imprison us and we have to continue living in this prison forever. It’s time to escape, it’s time to be free, it’s time to realize the truth of who we are, what we are and what our true goal of life is; it’s time to realize that we are not this body, we are the divine sprit, the soul, the atman. And the atman is essentially supposed to be free to be able to merge; the soul is supposed to merge with the soul, the atman to merge with the paramatman. But unfortunately, because we are in this jail we are imprisoned and are unable to achieve the true purpose of our life. It’s time for us to think about it and to escape from this jail.



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This World is a Jail Empty Re: This World is a Jail

Post by Admin Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:38 am

Sorry Air not sure where to put this but this forum is about Modern Spiritualism the movement not your thoughts on Spirituality

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