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Choo Chow Trance Address

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Choo Chow Trance Address Empty Choo Chow Trance Address

Post by Azur Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:40 pm

Choo Chow trance address through the mediumship of Gordon M Higginson, recorded at Stansted Hall, October 1988. Taken from www.gordonhigginson.co.uk

I come from the great world of the so-called dead and bring to you the power and the blessings of our world. A great host of souls are gathered here to be with you, those who are your family, your friends, those who have drawn to you from our world because of the bond of great love.

Today we play a part in the world with you. The flow of power and godliness will be upon the earth. Our world is very close to this world. The power that brought you here upon this earth has brought the many people before you and many to follow. The great mind of this world is linked with the great minds of worlds and planets throughout this universe.

So we ask that you will put aside all things that may come between us and to remember that, as we gain life from the same Father, we are one. We have the same opportunities and destinies. We have the same loving guidance from the most high.

You have come together through the grace and the power of the one God, that you may be filled with that power that links together the souls of men and women. You have come from places far away to meet together, to draw in to you the same power that will link you with our world, that you will be filled to overflowing with the power of pure life. When you go from here, that power will go with you. When you move in your life to the experiences of living, you will be in contact with the same mind, the same power, the same force that links you all together into the mighty whole of life. There is but one great power that links the worlds together.

Across the firmament and the heavens, the great life has moved into worlds. Man on this planet of yours is reaching out to the heavens to reach the worlds to find life, and they too are reaching for you. This earth has been visited from those other worlds many times. There has to be that spiritual link that will awaken all to understand each others thoughts and powers.

This wonderful earth in which you live is the earth that is yours. The great mind of the creative force of the universe set in motion the thoughts of life so that you can experience, through your soul, that living light. Many friends from our world draw close to this earth to guide you, to be able to bring to you those thoughts that will help to unite the nations of the world.

During these few years to come, there will be many hardships and pains to bear. The clouds of uncertainty will smother the earth. There will come the great souls to this earth. Around this earth, there are mighty minds waiting to link together so that the whole can be as one. And you must play your part. You have been bought to the great seat of knowledge in your towns, in your cities, that you may play this part of togetherness. That your light together will find its way into the dark places of this earth and the minds of souls of those who have charge concerning you will find its way to you. So we ask that you together link with those minds who visit you.

Seek deep for the heaven within you and let its light fill your being. Clasp the hand of friends; those who are of you. And throw out from your consciousness and extend it to the plains of love. That along those lines of love, will come the thoughts of our world until this whole earth in which you live will find the sun shining in all parts of the earth and the young who are now the souls waiting to come to this earth with that spirit to change the earth. But you will have provided the power, that the mighty power of the Almighty will be felt and understood.

It is good to meet you, to meet people who you may think for the first time. But is that so? In the great pools of life in our world, we see the many tomorrows. The pools of light in our world but mirror the consciousness of people. Before we come to you, we know of your coming here and there is love for you. When you meet in the name of the Spirit, it is known. The preparation for its powers have already been laid for you. We meet in this way this time that we have met many times before.

We come with a message of hope. That the seed of hope will find its place within your deeper being. That when the light of love shines upon it, it springs forth to your consciousness that guides you and helps you and unites you.

I come to you with the message of love and ask for you not to be afraid, but to know linking the universe of planets and stars and beings is the great mastermind of the whole. Seek first that power within your own being and let wisdom be your guide. It is good to be with you. (Audience: Bless You)

I leave with you the understanding of service. Many of you have passed through darkened times In your loneliness, in the moments of despair when the hidden tear has fallen to your heart, there has been a light in our world and a comforter has drawn close to you to give you the word of your being “keep going.” The way to the Almighty is moving forward and service is found along the steps of life. Let your eyes but see the light of God. Let your ears but catch those waves when God must speak to you. Let your voice but speak words of goodness. It has been good to be with you. (Audience: Thank you.)

And may I give to you the many blessings with you (Audience: Thank you Choo Chow). To say how good it is to meet those in other dimensions of life who we have met before and to know that our love and friendship covers a great distance. And we together, when you move across and our work has been completed here, to go to a new horizon of life. Then we ask that you think, and think only, where love is.

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Choo Chow Trance Address Empty Re: Choo Chow Trance Address

Post by zerdini Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:41 pm

This is taken from Martin Twycross's website:



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Choo Chow Trance Address Empty Re: Choo Chow Trance Address

Post by Azur Mon Nov 14, 2011 1:14 am

It is indeed and what a great site it is.

Hopefully more will be uploaded in the near future.



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