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An address I gave in November written by my guide

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An address I gave in November written by my guide Empty An address I gave in November written by my guide

Post by Admin Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:19 am

Back in November I was due to do the address and demonstration at the Mission I am involved with. I was wrestling with what to talk about, the talk being one of the few opportunities we get to pass on our philosophy. Remember that many of the attendees of our centres have little knowledge of the Philosophy behind Spirutualism. In this case I decided to entrely place matters in my guides hand and sat down with a notebook and pen. In 30 minutes I had 6 pages which typed out to the following talk. I typed it because I was well aware that my thoughts had interfered at times and so I wanted to remove obvious jimisms. There were many interesting aspects to the experience and I intend to allow this very important guide and friend more opportunities from now on.

Probably the most interesting variation to me was the importance of Spiritualism as a religion. Well I hope this piece makes sense to all of you. There is an amusing tale about the guide at the end of the piece,

Philosophy from my Guide

Why do we do Mediumship? What is the Purpose?

To use mediumship is to prove to mankind that the end of physical life does not mean death. It means the release of the spiritual body to continue its journey of learning back in the realms of Spirit.

Mediumship is a natural communication that occurs between those who are in the Spirit World and their loved one’s still remaining in the physical world. The communications first reached the attention of mankind in Hydesville in 1848. This was a new form of communication, not revelations by God or his messengers as prophecy, but simple words between those in Spirit and mankind.

The messages bring the news that there is no death that everyone who passes to the other side continues to live.

This was to be the cornerstone of a new revelation about the meaning of our life and a new relationship with our God. By revealing that everyone returns to Spirit, regardless of race, tribe, sex or their religious views Spiritualism is a unique philosophy. Its ideas can encompass and amend all religions whilst its own views can be shaped by the wisdom that may be discerned in any philosophy.

Indeed at its core Spiritualism is all religion. You may think that this is a big thing to claim but think about it. Whatever version of religious belief you follow, whatever your views upon a future life, heaven, hell or nonexistence, what will you find happens at the moment of death?

Everyone will find themselves in a new life back in the Spirit world. At first you may be in a place that appears to correlate to your own expectations, with people who had a like mind to you. However, little by little you will realise that you are not alone with the group of people who followed your religion.

In time you will become aware that, in Spirit, every one resides, no matter their former belief. In Spirit you will find a rainbow of nations and people coexisting together in a way it was unable to do on the physical plane.

To Spirit it does not matter what you believe in the physical life. You will all return to Spirit with the opportunity for eternal progression whatever you did in life. Spirit is always more interested in how you lived your life and what this means to the levels of development that you have attained. The message has always been clear; that to Spirit all are equal, no one is more special than another, although the attainments in the physical life may help in the transition to the new life.

With the advent of communication with mediums some special communications have been made from those in our realms to give you a better understanding of your physical life.
Spirit has ever tried to give those in the physical plane this information. In the time that mankind has been present on this earth Spirit has made many efforts to communicate, through many special teachers who have lived physical lives.

Sadly the attempts to bring about a general consciousness, throughout your world, have been unsuccessful to this day. There is an innate weakness of the Spirit in a Physical Body which means that the physical life transcends the Spiritual. The basic animal instinct to survive encoded into your DNA, your freedom of will and the need to explain everything in relation to your physical life form barriers to clear communication with Spirit.

Sadly this means that mankind is always in dispute with itself for a variety of reasons. Wealth, God, Race, Power, Politics, there are so many things you create problems from. Points of difference between people, compounded by unwillingness to work together, creating a fractured separateness.

Within religion you manage to create problems, not just between nominated deities but between factions within each belief. Muslim, Jew and Christian nominally follow the same God but they fight each other. Worse still, for example, Christians fight Christians over theological differences, as do Muslims and Jews. After the 30 year war between Catholics and Lutherans large swathes of Northern Europe were vastly depopulated because whole villages had been destroyed. In the First World War both sides claimed their Christian God was on their side throughout the horrendous killing that went on.

Yet the Golden Rule, to behave to others as you would do to yourself, is one of the oldest philosophies known to man. The Nazarene added to this with the Story of the Good Samaritan, to indicate this rule should include all people not just our own tribe. It is recorded he left simple commandments to follow which were not the Old Testament but included a variation of the Golden Rule. It is impossible to follow his words and invoke the Old Testament with its punitive rules for life.

We watch how often mankind has been taught this Golden rule. By the very behaviour of humanity, if it has listened to the rule, it must wish to be treated badly; because that is the way it treats others, especially those who are different.

So once again through this new revelation, Spiritualism, we have tried to bring you the news that life is never ending. That you may believe in what you like but in the end you will return to Spirit, we are all as one both in this physical life and in Spirit.

This is essential to remember because although there is no hell, or heaven for that matter, you will have to review the events of your life. You will be helped in this process but know that this may not be one you find easy, as you face the actions or inactions in your life which caused good or bad results. The better you live your life, for example, to a simple code such as the Principles of Spiritualism then the better prepared you will be and this transition will be easier for you.

Now having shown you the realities you face, understand just how important mediumship is. Proof of the survival beyond death underpins the entire message we give you. Once we have proved this it becomes possible to transmit wisdom to you, through the work of advanced Spirits communicating with gifted mediums.

This is a simple transaction but sadly it is becoming undermined because it does require dedication from sensitive’s to develop the right level of mediumship to achieve the quality of communication required. It also seems that the simplicity of the work we wish to do also becomes affected by mankind’s willingness to either exercise their free will or to organise into a rigid Religion. Neither of these traits helps to give the support needed to develop skills to the highest level.

Spiritualism is above the psychic level, please remember this as it is critically important. Those psychic gifts are inherent in all of you but they need development and care to ensure they are used wisely to help other people. Mediumship, the bedrock of Spiritualism, is separate and only about providing evidence which needs to be shown to the world as proof of our continued existence.

Remember when we prove survival we have the chance to convince people of the reality of a future life for all. When we do this we encourage others to adopt that view. If they then take this within their own religious belief maybe this truth will gain acceptance there. Once any religion does realise this truth it has to adapt itself to accommodate the new realities.

Spirit would remind you that we work with you as friends, we do not need your worship but we need your involvement with us to bring the news to the World. We never sought the formation of formal Churches writing theology and preaching the might of God, that was man’s own doing. You all, like those of us in Spirit, have a portion of the Divine within you. Remember this and let it shine to the World. Just approach your learning and engagement with Spirit as one of a respectful but happy exchange.

The ability to change is within each of you and by your own actions. Each step forward, taken by one person, helps to change the world by degree. It is important that you know change in your World is the personal responsibility of mankind collectively. Know that Spirit will never take direct action to change the conditions of the earth plane. To do so would be a denial of Natural Law and the free will of so many people who may not wish such a change. The physical life you live is part of the way your Spirit grows and a physical life on your world is an essential phase of your soul growth. It is the enlightenment or non-enlightenment of the World’s population that brings about change.

Look around you at the tribes of your world, the inequality, the friction and the over concentration on self-worth. You have a big challenge ahead that starts within.
Take heart Spirit is always with you, Go in peace, Go in Love, be love and shine that feeling out to others and to your world to give healing.

Tao Seng
The story of the guide is interesting, I first became involved with Spiritualismwhen I met Lis and this pitched me head first into development and took me into a circle where she was the trance medium. At a very early stage two people who I had come to trust identified a Chinese Guide with me which corresponded with what I personally sensed. They both informed me they thought it was Confucious. I was having none of this celebrity guide stuff so spent time communicating with them to establish a name to work with. Finally, around 1984, I managed to establish that he was called Tao Seng. A nice neutral name to work with, which as far as I knew had no real connotations to a living person from the past.

Then after I had received this latest piece I was nudged to look up the name on the internet to discover that it appeared the name belonged to a real figure despite all my efforts to avoid this 27 years ago.

"After Hui-yuan, one of his disciples, Tao-seng ( -434) with his disciple, Tao-you, developed the doctrine of "Sudden Awakening", that thereafter entered into Chinese Buddhism. By this teaching the old conception of the gradual attainment of Buddhahood was challenged and in its place was offered, through the right concentration of dhyana, the possibility of sudden and perfect enlightenment."

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