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Post by Admin Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:16 am


With a Commentary and thoughts by Lis

"I often hear these days that the wording of the seven principles is rather old fashioned and even sexist! Some would seek to neutralise (perhaps neuter is the right word) the principles, yet I continue to find value and truths in them, even after over 43 years of involvement in Spiritualism.

1. The Fatherhood of God: This reminds us that there is an Infinite Intelligence behind our creation and existence. It tells us that this Intelligence is benificent. Like a parent with infinite widsom, compassion and understanding, Infinite Intelligence guides us while allowing each and every one to make their own choices, mistakes and, in the process learn and discover who and what they are meant to be as human beings.

Always loving, endlessly compassionate and never unwilling to send to us the support, guidance and understanding we so often need when in doubt, having lost our way, or faced with a difficulty for which we can see no solution.

2. The Brotherhood of Man: Though we may come into the physical world in many colours and races, yet we are one and the same beneath the surface. We are all created from that Infinite Intelligence and hold within us the essence of the creator. Being brothers and sisters in spirit we are reminded to treat each and every person, especially those we find we do not like or who would do us harm, with love and compassion. Understanding that they too are a part of Infinitie Spirit and reflect in their ways things that we can learn from. To hold within our hearts an essential compassion and understanding for the human frailities when spirit within is trying to manifest upon the physical plane can help us to forgive.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels: The third Principle makes clear to us that communication with Spirit is a two-way process. They are there, ever present around us, watching over us on our journey through life but most of the time unless we make the effort to open our hearts and our minds to their presence they will remain silently observing. When we make the effort and reach out to spirit, those who have loved us and cared for us in the past while on earth will once again speak and show their continued interest and presence. Then also will we become aware of other beings of light, advanced spiritual beings who, acting as the 'angels' of Infinite Intelligence can bring to us their wisdom and truths which will guide us in our times of difficulty and confusion. Ever loving, ever understanding. Without judgement and without the need to tell us what to do, spirit waits for our call, ever willing to respond.

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul: Here we are advised of the great truth of our spiritual inheritance. We are spirit beings and that part of us which is divine is also eternal and ever experiencing ang growing in the rality of Infinite Consciousness. Our existence may be in the physical realms; it may be in the realms of spirit, but where ever it is, we will continue to exist and experience and grow toward perfection and Infinite Consciousness.

5. Personal Responsibility: The fifth Principle of Spiritualism hold within its words an important key to how we as spiritual beings should live while inhabiting this school of life on the earth plane. It does not matter what other people do. It does not matter how badly they might treat us. Whatever it is that occurs in our lives, it is we, as individual beings who must accept responsibility for our response to what occurs. We must acknowledge that it is our reaction that determines how we fare. It is our action which strengthens or weakens us. It is our responsibility and no one elses because we always have a choice about how to feel, how to think, how to behave. No one else can spare us that responsibility. No one else can be blamed for how we respond to lifes trials and tribulations. It is always us who must stand up and be counted. For in truth it is only by accepting personal responsibility for who we are, how we behave, that we can begin to reflect into the physical world the spirit within that is our true self.

6. Compensation & Retribution hereafter for all good and evil done: This principle is often likened to the Eastern tradition of Cause and Affect - The Law of Karma. The seeds of what you have sown in life are always reflected in what comes to you in terms of life's trials and pleasures. Yet, there is more to this. When we reach the spirit realms we will stop and reflect upon our physical journey and, in accordance with our personal responsibility, determine the good and ill we have caused in the world. That which we have done well, will no doubt be reflected in the level of consciousness we experience in spirit. What has been less positive, caring, thoughtful or loving, will become clear to us and a deep sense of sadnes, even shame, at our failure to see clearly the nature of our actions, will overwhelm us as we review our lifetime. The urge to make recompense will come upon us and from the realms of spirit we will be driven to do good, either in that world or in the physical.

Understanding our true nature, recognising our brotherhood and sisterhood with all human kind, and all of Infinite Intelligence's creations, accepting personal responsibility, and acknowledging our eternal nature, while still in the physical life, will go a long way towards ensuring that we will do more good in the world than harm. The day of reckoning, when we sit and judge ourselves will then not be too painful an experience.

7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul: What a wonderful seventh principle we have. It tells us that no matter how many mistakes we make, no matter how many times we fail and are less than we should be, less than we could be, there will still be an opportunity for everyone of us to grow and become at one with the Great Spirit. Understanding this also brings to us another responsibility. We must always look at those who have done wrong, have failed to be kind, have been cruel or hateful, and recognise that within them is a spirit seeking to find a way to express a greater level of awareness. We may judge the actions as unworthy, or cruel or wrong, but we cannot judge the spirit within, for we cannot know what is shaping that spirit's journey through the experience of human life. We are wise to always remember that however low a person has sunk, Infinite Intelligence has not forsaken them. They will be given time and endless love until they finally do find a way to reflect the wondrous spiritual nature hidden within."

Thanks Lis

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