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Helo Just joined this group. Empty Helo Just joined this group.

Post by brooksie1965 Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:46 pm

As a young teenager, I was able to ask my mother questions about life after death, and used to read many books from the library. I moved away from this interest for a long time, and due to losing my dear friend this
March and it has catapulted me back into reading books about life after death.

I am writing in this catagory, as I am not quite sure what category to use..so hope this will be ok.

I have a down to earth mind , but have always been interested in the unexplained, and I like as much sound
evidence as possible. I am hoping to get contact with my loved one, but I know the medium cannot promise that we will get contact from our loved one.

I find confusing that there is not always total consensus in the books I read about what the reality of the spirit world is about.

it seems to me, that our mind creates our reality over there, and so it may not be possible to give a one size fits all explanation:)

I always read that they are learning, but they never say what!!! I also am not sure if they are a blob of energy, or they have a body that resembles the phsyical with arms and legs etc.

I wonder does anyone have any book titles that they feel are a worthwhile read on the topic of life after death?

I am also interested in people's own experiences of contact with their loved ones, if they care to either point me to their stories, or care to write about them?

Its seems so final when our loved one goes, we cannot talk to them anymore, well not in the way we are used to, and if its a sudden passing, it's hard to deal with.

I have supposedly had a few short messages through, but it seems to me they are coloured by the personality of the one who relays the message, so not fullproof.

Lastly is there a UK medium that is able to do telephone readings, that has a good reputation for genuine and accurage mesages?

I look forward to your thoughts.

thank you. Very Happy


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Helo Just joined this group. Empty Re: Helo Just joined this group.

Post by zerdini Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:25 pm

Have you seen the physical mediumship thread?

If not, I suggest you do so.


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Helo Just joined this group. Empty Re: Helo Just joined this group.

Post by hiorta Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:08 pm

If 100 (or more) folk came to Earth unexpectedly and relayed info about arriving OK, then went on to describe their life and surroundings, flora and fauna, dwellings, etc., how likely is it that even two descriptions would be remotely similar?

"On the Edge of the Etheric' is a very descriptive account of an educated man's searching for reliable evidence. Arthur Findlay is the name.

Welcome and Good Luck on your journey. Seek and you shall find!

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Helo Just joined this group. Empty Re: Helo Just joined this group.

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